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SPORTING1L. i FOOTBALL. GOLDFIELDS At'ATl FITZROY. _Yesterday was a ga.] day in the 'istoory: of goldfields- football,. for, a goldfields team succeeded in beating. ak Victorian league team ] (Fitzroy) ; in a. welli contested, game. The visitors, who had been well heralded as:- a team of: giants!,prov- I ed· to be very little bigger than the local men and seemed' to be ese sure' of: themselves than their 1 opponents. The goldfields men. early, established', a lead; andi maintained it until, tihe end; winning, oomfort ably, despite a rally, by. Fitzroy, by 20 points. The game wa.s witnessed by a large crowd, £236 13/6 being the amoun.t of' the gate, and through out a spirit of fairness was shown, good' play by, the visitors being equally well appreciated with that .of the Iooal team. The goldfields team. kicking to wards the Kalgoorlie end;, had the advantage of: the breeze in: the first quarter, but Fitzroy were the first to attack. Lowry. apd Edberg frus trated the attempt, ..and Johnson put the balli welli' down. Tarbottom marked nicely however, and for warded. to Millen, who put Rattray I' in possession-, but Lowry again' proved the stumbling. block. Corn bined: play by Millen, Cockburn, and Keller put Freake in posses sion, and a point resulted. Bailey secured: from. the kick-in, and pass ed'to Lafin. ¶he latter kicked well down the field; and' Brown snap ped' a goal: from: a serum. An attack by the home teaw. resulted in'. a- point from Hickey, and: Laf fin, receiving from Hall; raised: both flags. Prom thle bounce the ball travelled from Brennan to Bennett, and` then. through the behind: posts. Following a nice mark, Daly. passed to Griffiths, who sent the.' lather well' down, where HBickey, gained a minor.. Weilind, to Riseberry put the goldfields a. further six points ahead, and then Fitzroy gained' a point through Rattray, as. the re sult of nice play between him, Ham ilton and Freake. Daly.' frustrated another maroon attack, but Keller to Freake resulted tin a point. Brennan. Hiekey, and: Johnson took I the play to the. other end. where four minors were scored; Brown, Grifliths, Riseberry. and Bailey play ing well. A place kick by the lase mentioned, player was only, hlightly outside the tall timber. Just' as- the bell rang Bickey, transferred to Brown, and a major resulted, mal ing the tally,: Go]dfields--4 goals 7 behi~ndr: (3] poinis). Fitzroy-S points. At the beginning of the second quarter play was very even, Fitz roy: scoring one point. and the gold f'eldi4 three. Receiving from Uren. who had been doing good work,: Griffiths broke the ice with a flying goal, 'and soon. afterwards Freaks. receiving from.McNeil, also found the big opening. The next score came to the home team,. Brown get ting a goal from- an angle' after some good 'play 'by, 'Hall and Bailey. Each ' side got. a point. and, then Freake, receiving from McNeil, got a goal on . the run. Ferguson (goldfields), anMds Tarbottom (Fitz roy) were doing splendid. work in defence, and othere was no score for some time. Eventually Rattray got a point,, and i Merrick securing from Sherry on the point of time, was suciessful in steering a longp kick' through, t the tall sticks. The score at half: time was: GoldfieldEs--6 goahs 12 behinds (48 points). Fitzroy-3 goals 6 behinde (24 poinIs). After: the long interval, the gold fields, with the. wind'hn their favour, made a sustained attack on the Fitzroy goal/ but' Warren and.Bayne were' effective forr some. time' in ieeping the citadel' intact Johnson on the wing however, put in a nice pass to'Riseerry, who' fbrwarded itol Brown, a goal. resulting. Even play for' some time resulted, Halli Paly, Hickey, Brennan. Ferguson, Johnson, Griffiths, Uren. Edherg Gale, Tarbottom, Sherry, Bayne ?and Merrick being: conspicuous Bremnnan and Brown added-points to the goldfields tally, and Riseberry, lit in possession by Brennan, Sined th'e maximum. iiiffitis- to' all: t-. Brennan to Hickey. was- a. ~eoe of fine football which"-: enabled' Bailey, to' get a major. Wigeraeft' ad Galeb bothb had:shots for goail

but were unsuccessful, Daly and Ferguson being the hindrances. As the result, of' ice play between L Uren, Bailey and Hickey, six more: points were added to the goldfields score and. two more points to the 'fields and one- to the visitors left the tally, at "lemons" as follows :- Goldfield. -9 goals a16 behinds (70 points). Fitzroy-3 goals 7 behinds (25 points). Immediately, upon recommencing_ Rattray gainied' a point' and Leth bridge a goal: The play became crowded and for, some time there J was: no score, but: eventually. Leth bridge and MoNtil: enabled' Mer- 1 rick to kick a place goal. During an attack by, Fitzroy: Merrick achieved another major off. the I ground, and'then .the goldfields took a hand and.: rushed a point; Fitzroy; replied withh. aminor, and then Mer rick nicely; marking from Rattray, got. a goal with a 16ng kick. The. rest of. the game consisted' of futile. attacks by. both teame, only a couple. of minors being added. The final i scores were: Goldfield--9 goals 8- behinds. (72 1 points). Fitzroy-7" goals 10 behinds (52' points). Neither side was burdened;with a "passenger," but several men shone out. Keller, Miller, Sherry, and Merrick performed particularly- well in. Fittroy's attacking brigade,, and Warren, Boyne, Elliott;,. and. Tarbot tom. (who markebeautifully) were the star dtfende. Rattray was very good in the last quarter, when Wigeraft also showedi out. Fireake, forward and' wing, handled the ball a. lot, and' Gale,. rover, did` good work. Lethbridge,, Cockram, Don nellan. Hamilton, and: McNeil were all effective, and Jenkin. (goal)' kicked well. For the winners practically every man played well, but special praise, must be given to Johnston, who ' played splendidly, showing pace and judgment,' and kicking remarkably well. Griffiths, in the ruck, playedI one" of the best games on' the' ground, and was ably. seconded by: Hall. Hickey. and Brennan. more than held: their own as rovers, and' Bailey, on.the wing, made few mis -akes. Uren, in the, centre,, played:' sa solid; useful game. The forwards all played: well, Brown being per r haps the pick of the bunch. Rise berry was: splendid,. and; Laffin's only drawback was somie bad kick ing. Bennett was "heady', and' Weilanad executed' some nice passes. The back line wa.:like a rock, Low 1 ry shining on the ground, and Fer V guson in the an. Edberg. came c through with some nice dashes and o a very. fine mark, and:Daly, was very. seldom 'beaten. Mitchell' played' his-.usual solid' game, and Prince in 1 goals, although miskicking twice, came out with good' judgment. Hedger, who officiated. as central] Sumpire, pcrformed' capably.