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Tin Queensland Sti im Shlpi mg Coinpuiy's noss steel steunoi Wnngo, fiom Glasgow, mi? poits, with liumigiants and ii getieiai ungo, cunio up the ^avei by yestctdaj mot nings tide, and anchoied in the atieun oppo site the Botanical Gaidins Tlio luiucis Cadell wont alongside shoitly iifteiwaids, transhipped the immigrants, of whom there sveio 2U, conipiising 21) intuited couples, 10 single men, C2 single ss onion, and li« childi cn, tina landed them at the depot 'I he new

coméis will bo open foi eiigi"ementat 'lo clock this moi nmg

'the Wurogo is a smart and posvciful look ing vessel, measuung 250ft long by 10 25ft beam, and having a depth of hold of 22 b.)ft This gives hera gioss measure nu nt of loTit 87 tons and a net lcgister tonnage of %7 17 tons She has two decks, and is schooner n"gcil Iho Wari ego was limit specially foi the Queensland ti ule, bv Missis W Deeford and Son, of Sundi 1 lim], and is ccit linly a most vain tble addition to thecompiujs fist lncieising fleet She is 111 evei 1 was suited foi ti ide, and 11101 c especially foi pissmgci ti attic in a tioptcal cliinito It is tobo hoped »he ssill lnsc a long and piohtiblc eucci 111 the Queensland ti ade

She is supplied ssith inaclunei v of the most mo li 111 design m inuf act iii < d and littcd by the builder a The engine 1 oom, winch is amid ships, is a neat and compact compai tment 51 8ft 111 length Hie cn'liles me of the compound sin face condensing type having tsvo cylinders fun and 7O111 icspeetivelj 111 diamctei The engines mo of 2)()hoise possei nominii and l'HU ctlcctisc uni ilnsethc vessel it m isciitge late of tlnttcen knots pet hour orr 1 daily con siiinptiou of about tim 1} two tons of fuel Hie Waitigo curies six boats She caines a luit,e quantity of caigo on 1 compaiativcly light di aught of watei

A ¡,1 oat deal of pains and expense has boon devoted to the passcngci ac eoininodation, which is of a highly supenoi ehaiaetei 'lhcie aie SO lust c1 iss bei tits, and 70 second c1 iss while r>0 p isscngci s can be iccoiiiiuoiliited 111 the steel ige The internal liftings mc exceedingly beautiful, the walls of the saloon being p incited with polished in 11 hie, be 11 tug the Queensland coat of 11 ins anti li inclsomely finished oil w ith "lit bi adinc,s It is impossible at present to give 1 just ulij, of the completeness of the intcin ii an in"eineiits owing to the iiiiiuil,i mt fittings- The dining siloon is cntiicly up tit fiom the sleeping boiths and is exceedingly lofty It is enter eil by a Iui^c companion way, at the top of which is a spicious soei ii li ill furnished 111 the latest af j lo, and supplied with a pi mo Theie is an ck gantry fitted smoking 100111 on deck, pti

nelled with mai ble

Hie Wai tego left Giecnoek on the r)lh Si p ttmbei , 111 lived at Malta on the lilli, Poit Saul on the 17th, Sue/ on the 20th Colombo on the 4th Oetobei, lliiustliy Isl md on the 20th, Cooktown on tho 2ml, townsville on the ¿Ith, Bowen on the 2>l\\ Mackay on the 20th, Rock hamilton on the 27th, and nnchoicd iii (lit Biisbane 1 ondsti ntl on Monday aflci noon She bei theil at the Municipal Whai v cs last evening, and as sho Ins only auouf 200 tons of geneial caigo, it is expected she will finish dischaiging tins evening She will be docked foi oscihaul most likely tomorrow^ or Pndaj, and, iftci coming out of dock, will be tin own open foi inspection hythe public