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Mr. W. H. Groom, M.L.A., and Mr. R. Aland, Al. LA., addressed a large and enthu- siastic meeting of their constituents in the School of Arti, Toowoomba, to-night. Mr. M'Intyre occupied the chair. Both members expressed their intention of opposing tho Transcontinental Railway proposals of the Government. Mr. Groom spoke at some length in explanation of the American and Canadian railways, and quoted several authorities on the subject. A vote of confidence in both members was proposed by Mr. W. Hodgon, ami seconded by Mr. Wal- ton. An amendment lo tho effect that tlio policy of the present members was un- satisfactory to the electors was moved by Air. Stirling, and seconded by Mr. J. Gargett. For the amendment, about a ┬╗lozcn hands were hold up, while quite a forest of hands wero held up against it, and the original motion was declared carried amidst great cheering. On tho platform wero the Hon. W. Miles, and Messrs. W. Brookes, J. Horwitz, J. do Poix Tyrol, and li'. Kates,'s. The two former gentlemen ad- dressed the meeting, and wore well received.


The first portion of the Pastoral Society's show was opened to-day in the School of Arts. There was a very good altcudancc, and the ex- hibits wero moro numerous and of a bettor quality than those of previous years. The dis- play of sugar cane and minerals was especially fine, and Gulliver's collection of Queensland birds was much admired. It Is expected that the show of stock in the society's grounds on Thursday next will be oven moro creditable.

MACKAY, June 5.

The following aro the acceptances declared for the forthcoming races of (ho Mackay Turf

Club :

HOKUM: RACK-.Speculation, Van Tromp, Commodore, Tarwin, Hackwood.

MAIDEN PLATE-Gipsy King, Emerylitc, Express, Fawn, Mnlvcm.

PIONKKH HANDICAP.-Sir William, Mistle- toe, Ace, Haunlorer, Glencoe, Fiddlcstring, Wheel of Fortune, Dickey Dick, May Queen.

Si'.M.iNit STAKES.-Four entries.

MEMHEU-S' Cur.-Wheel of Fortune, Com- modore, Mistletoe.

TuiAi. STAKES.-Vestal, Emorylito, Gipsy King, Cnpitulator, Fawn, Sir Joseph, Fiddle string.

FLYING HANDICAP.- Vestal, Cornucopia, Hippy, Glencoe, Gipsy King, Sangfroid, Maid of Morpeth, Fawn, Malvorn.

DiHTiiKJT PIJATK.-Sauntorcr, Vestal, Cor- nucopia, Wheel of Fortuno, Fiddlcstring, Sangfroid, Maid of Morpeth, May Queen, Recruit, Sir William.

M. T. C. HANDICAP.-Sauntcror, Whcol of Fortune, Hippy, Explorer, Mistlctoo, Ace, Dicky Dick, Sir William, Glencoe

CAIRNS, Juno 5.

Tho most successful and enthusiastic public meeting ever hold in Cairns took place last night. Its object was tho formation of a Progress Association, air. Louis Sovcrin occupied the chair. Over forty members were cnrolleil. From this number an influential nnd thoroughly representative committee of cloven members was formed. Many matters will be considered and dealt with by tho com miltce, including the construction of a railway, a dredge for tho port, the division of the Cook electorate and thus secure additional Parlia- mentary representation, the establishment of a school, a Jury Revision Court for Cairns, isc. Ono of tho first matters lo receive attention will bo the improvement of tho road from

Cairns to Herberton.


The B.I.S.N. Company's supplementary steamer Waroonga arrived here at 5 o'clock this evening. The captain reports the loss of two of the propeller blades between Aden and Colombo, and further, that the high pressure piston rods had been smashed two days after leaving Colombo. The damages were repaired at Batavia, but another propeller blade was lost two days before reaching Booby Island. At one time during the voyage she was for twenty-four hours under canvas.

The Waroonga left Plymouth on 31st March, and Aden 21st April, arriving at Batavia on 10th ultimo. Left that port on 24th ultimo, and Thursday Island on 3rd instant. There are no saloon passengers on board, but she brings Immigrants for the following ports :- Cooktown, 11 ; Townsville, 123 ; Bowen, 13 ; Mackay, 48 ; Rockhampton, 75; and Brisbane, 343. There were three deaths during the voyage, namely, one female and two males.

The Waroonga sails South this evening.

!. The Queensland Steam Shipping Company'┬╗

new steamer, Archer, passed this port at 4.30 this afternoon, bound for Brisbane. ~ "