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SVDNUV, April 20.

A dreadful boiler explosion occurred at Brewer's bone-mills, West Maitland, this morning. A large Cornish boiler exploded with terrille force, completely shuttering the engine-house. A coal carter named Michael O'Brien, ivho was delivering a load of coals at tho time, was terribly scalded, and died half an-hourafterwards. One of tho workmen vins injured, hut six others who wero working at

the mill escaped unhurt. The boiler was. carried bodily ti distance of 70 yards, and fell in tho middle of tho river.

Miss Emily Cornish, who AVIIS shot on Tues- day evening by John Bennett, ivho afterwards committed suicide, is recovering from her


An accident of a horrible naturi', occurred in Cameron's tobacco factory this morning. A youth niuni'd John Ifmhly became entangled in ti belt of the machinery, und before ho could bo extricated was carried with great violence against the roof. His billilli wore dashed out, and he was otherwise mutilated, death being


A fatal fight has taken place near Parra- matta, resulting in tho death of a man iiiuucd Richard Kennies. At the inquest tho jury re- turned a verdict of manslaughter »gainst his assailant, Henry Murdoch.

A daring caso of garroting took placo at Nithsdale this morning. A mun named Greene AVIIS assaulted and robbed of WO by two men, ivho succeeded in making their escape.

Tho Marine Insurance Company has declared a dividend at tho rato of 15 per cent per annum for tho half-year.

Arrived : Katoomba, s., from Brisbane,

Salted : Egmont, «,, for Brisbane ; Potosi, Orient liner, for London.


M K Mio un NE, April 20.

Tho now railway lino to Charlton was opened to-day. Several members of the Ministry woro present at the opening ceremony.

Mr. Anderson, trafile manager of the A'ic torian railways, leaves for Europe shortly on

twelve months' leave of absence.

A movement is on foot in favour of opening the Public Library, Arl Gallery, and Museum on Sundays.

Mr. Berry leaves for Sydney on Tuesday week to attend tho intercolonial postal Con-


The Premier to-day received a telegram from the Colonial Secretary of New South Wales stating that the Government of that colony viewed favourably the annexation of New Guinea. Mr. Servico has not yet received a reply to the telegram sent by lum to the Government of South Australia on the samo subject.


ADKLAIUK, April 20.

Bishop Kennion has received from an anony- mous donor a sum of money to enable bim to purchase a carringa mid horses.

Tho now lighthouse at Corney 1'oint has boon found to bo misleading, and tho Marine Board have tho matter now under considera- tion.

The Gai'ouno leaves for London to-morrow. Mr. C. A, Mann, Crown Solicitor, is among tho passengers.


I'KKTH, April 20.

An oder lins been received by the Govern- ment from Messrs. Bethell mid Co. to run a line of steamers between Fremantle and Batavia and Singapore, milking six passages in the year, and connecting with tho China and European steamers culling at Singapore. Tho subsidy asked is «000 for tho first year, £3000 for the second year, and £2000 for the third

year. The Government have postponed tho consideration of tho subject until the next meeting of the Legislative Council.



The Bunk of New Zealand has declared a dividend of 10 per cent for the past year, with ii bonus of 5 per cent, carrying for« ard £21,000.

TENDERS are invited for additions to tho colonial stores, BiUbanc.

MOUNT Bum ON is g.-uottod u place for the holding of courts of petty sessions.

THE Rev. A. i»l.i*in*Th will preach in Gaelic in the -Ann-sti e-i Presbyterian Church to-

morrow afternoon.

Misa ADA CAMPBELL delivers a lecture in the Albert Hull to-murrow evening, entitled " The

March of the Gods."

MR. S. FRASER, M.L.A., will meet the elec- tors of South Brisbane in the Mechanics' In- stitute on Monday evening.

A REHEARSAL for the St. Andrew's Church

festival will be held in St. Thomas's Church, near the bridge, this evening.

AMENDED regulations for the management of the Toowoomba Grammar School appear ia to-day's Government Gazette.

THE names of gentlemen appointed to tho

marsupial boards in various districts of tho colony appear in to-day's Gazette.

TiCRKrs issued by the present lessees of tho Kangaroo Point and Edward-street férrica will not bo available after the ,'i0th instant.

PiiorESSOR ARMAND will in the Albert Hall on Thursday, Friday, and Satur» day next on mesmerism and kindred subjects.

A SPECIAL general meeting of the Queens« lanel Rifle Association will be held in the Bri- gade Office, this evening at S o'clock, for the adoption of new rules.

Titi: lauds comprised within the Teningering mineral lands district are proclaimed to bo a milling district within the meaning of the Mineral Lands Act of 1SS2.

MEMIH'.KS of the Union Club are requested to attend the Leichhardt match to-day, as a, practice match, in which Ned Sheridan will take part, will he played ¡it its conclusion.

THE following ¡ire the names of the magis- trates on the luster for next week :-Messrs. L. W. Cusack, C. M. Foster, G. W. Gray, W. H. Kent, T. O'shea, S. Pole, J. C. Trundle, and R. J. Cottell.

MARTIN WALSH, of Maytown, storekeeper, was yesterday adjudicated insolvent, on his own petition, by his Honour Mr. Justice Pring, the first meeting of creditors in the estate being fixed for Sth proximo.

A PETITION from freeholders and house- holders II the division of Tiaro, praying that the second and third subdivisions may be constituted a municipality and culled a shire, ia published in to-day's Gazette.

IN conséquence of the Bowen I Tills Cricket Club bavin" given up their match with the Ciirltons, which was to be continued to-day, arrangements have been made for a one day's match between the Stanleys and CarlUns in the Queen's Park this afternoon.

ANNIVERSARY services of the South Bris bane Congregational Church, Grey-street, will

be held to-morrow, the Rev. .1. D. Hennessey

iireiiching in the morning and the Rev. T. «J.

.'clíper lu the evening. The annual tea anel

public meeting will be held on Tuesday next.. .»-.»?

IN accordance with the Divisional Boards Act Amendment Act it is proclaimed that in future elections of members and auditois for the board of Hie division of Glastonbury voting by post shall be discontinued, and a poll taken in lieu thereof, under the provisions of tile Act.

1'jVilLV EVKE, S years old, who arrived hero with her parents by the mail steamer, was accidentally knocked down by hansom nib No. .12 while crossing at the intersection of Queen and Albert streets yes!onlay afternoon. Tho child was picked up and taken to Dr. Tuck, when it was found that beyond ii good fright she bael sustained no injury.

Oun Cooktown correspondent writes, under date Mth instant ¡-"The weather has been unsettled, and there lins been more or le-'s rain every day during the week. Lust night it carno on to blow burel from the south-east with heavy rain squalls, anil as I write it looks as if it was going to continue. I have no stock movements to report. Heading of thermometer ¡it noon for the week-Max. S7 , min. S3", lowest reading 7-1°; rainfall ü'Olím.

THE report of-the state of the Benevolent

Asylum, Dunwich, for the weck ending*14th.í¡»

instant is as follows :-In the house at lui-t rcr>¿*'* port, 27'l males, 51 females; since admitted, C males, 5 females; died, lltli instant, Mary Flynn, aged -I!), of paralysis, born Limerick, Ireland ; remaining, 278 nuiles, ,">S females. The superin- tendent begs to acknowledge with thanks the receipt of a parcel of books from Mr. T. A. Peter- sen, parcd'of III nut rated Sydney N/AOJ, from Mr. A. J. Boyd, Hton; nine vols. "All the

Year Round " from Mr. W. Bonney, and parcel of papers from the John Watson Lodgo of Gooel Templáis.

IN the Supreme Court, in Cliamh'TS, yester- day, before his Honour Air. Justice Pring, in the matter of Buckland v. Crombie, on the application of Mr. Ilellicnr for plainti.1, Mr. Brown for defendant consenting, an onie, was made for the trial of this case at Charters Towers. In the matter of Burns v. The Union Bunk of Australia, on the ¡imdicitiou u.' Mr. Garrick, Q.C., instructed by air. Thynne, Mr. Macpherson consenting for defendants, an order was made for the discovery of documents, the allidavit to be made by the manager of tho bank.

AT the Police Court yesterday, Roheit Filt, charged with stealing ii.') and ¡i watch and chain from Antonio Malvnt, was commuted for trial ¡it the next sittings of the Southern District Court, and Emma Swat kills, chnvgeel with the same oflence, was discharged, there being no evidence against her. William Lyons, Who pleaded guilty to having thiv.itt'in el to split his wife's head open, was bound ov»_r to keep tin» pence for three months. John Light- foot, charged with the larceny of a shaw 1 .md a fur cape from St. John's Home, was remanded for seven days, when evidence ¡is lu his arrest had been taken. Marlu Nullor, charged with keeping a house of ill-famo in Mar fnrel-street, was remanded till Monday, after Hie additional testimony of three witnesses had been Liken.

A i;oiî'«NiiK.Ni' writing from Rosen out! miller yesterday's date complains of the "wretched mimageiucnt of the Railway De- partment." He says: "Having a colino in my house, I had occasion to get n collin, which was taken to the Ipswich railway station by half-past 7 o'clock on Monday morning to bo forwarded by the first train. As ii did not arrive, 1 hud to mako the second journey of twenty-four miles, and to my surprise when I arrived in Ipswich the undertaker informed mo they would not take it by the train, hecnuse thcro wore no passengers, but it would go by the next train, On arriving home at fi o'clock after a hard day's ride, I was horrified to find (although three trains had passed up) no collin had come. I waited at the station for tho fourth train ; still no collin. Not knowing what to do, 1 got ready to go down by thoa o'clock tram, and was thon informed by tho station muster that it ivas gone up the line in mistake, but probably it would conic buck by the next down train, ivhlch, luckily, it did. I managed to get home with it by 10 o'clock at night."

OUR Ipswich correspondent, writing under yesterday's date, says as follows:-"A brunell lodge of the Grand United Onl-r of Odd« follows ivas opened at Fernvale last i>ight. The opening ceremonies wero conducted hy Bro. G. Wyman, D.D.M., ami Bros. H. Wyman mid Thomas White P.G.M.'s. Tho Rising Star Lodge was represented by Uro. Spresser, mid the Western Star Lodge by Bro. White. Some fifteen members of various other lodges were present. Twelve ineuibi-rs wero initiated. After tho lodge had b.i'ii fun ned the following olliccrs were elected :-N.ti., Bro. Heers; V.G., Bro. Donning; sooioinry, Bro, Michel ; treasurer, Bro, Hcer«. Bros. Denning and floors were unaiiimoii-ly elected us trustees. After tho business had been con« eluded tho company sat donn to an excellent repast provided by the newly-elected nu »ibera,

Tho participants onioyed a i'cry ideas mt limo.' ' The now lodge will lie called the llo-c of Fern- vale.-Mr, J. Ferrett was thrown from his

horse to-day, und received some rut lu r MTÍOUS injuries to his hip-bone. He was ¡muted' .tidy convoyed to his residence, ami attended to hy Dr. Lightollcr.- The maize market is the smite as at last report, The farmers have dotib'.loss como to tho conclusion not to prejs their stock of maize into tho market, nnd the ton eqitenco is that there is no declino in tho mico pre- viously quoted-namely, 2s. per l-inlnd.- riio

weather lins been of a threatening nature during the week, but as yet nouhoiurs have fallen. A good downpour would I e very acceptable. ,, , 4 " .

Tin: mania is so great that you can't buy a quart of sand and be sitro that it ia not

half sugar.