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The railway from Brisbane to Sandgate  

was formally opened by his Excellency the Governor. Sir Arthur Kennedy, yesterday.    

Although the contract time for this work will   not expire till August, the contractors-Messrs.   Geo. Bashford and Co.-expected to have had       ii lmc limshcd some time ago, but a muubei if cuises b ivi* combined to delaj Mi Bashfoi d inl picunt his expectations being leabscd a it is tilt hue has been made av niable foi ¡«the n'carh tin ce months bef 01 e it w ould hav c I ii had Vi B ishfoi d t ikon Ins full time, and th ltsiiltvull be eonsidoiablo convenience to ¡j101 ublie

lin îoiite tikcn hythe rail« aj, and the w oik .loi the line hive been pi eviousl} desciibed, inl ue now so well Known that it is mincies

... to 1^1111 dot ni them Bj fai the heaviest ,t,t of the woik is between the Busbane entumís and & cunan Station Bcjond this ti hue nins ovei almost level countiv, the "o 1 beni" little moio than suifice foimition, «ali flood openings, and two considerable bul s ovei Nundah and Cabbage ti te li U bom G cunnii light into S milgate Tluit mc at pi osent m toi mediate stations it bowen Puk the Albion, Geiman, and Aul co the buildings being small wooden tinctures «bile at sev el al othei points along ti lmc phtioims have been elected At sml ate theie is a station, goods shod, and tn mc shed lbe line, although fenced all the di t ince and pei feitly seem o foi ti ifhc, is not i t tinisbed Hie station at piesont is neaily it the ich of the Osborn ne Hotel, but, as i hi- j oition of the buildings in Sandgate ¡no no« situated hi tho neighbom hood of Kate

ti ct ml-shorncliffe thcicis i stiong feeling (lit the nil« ij should bo taken anothei hilf mile oi so with tnothei plvtfoim neu tip month tf Cibbigetico Cicck Theie ii no rtilhculties in the waj of such mc tension md it will piobably be aimed cut io Ion,. The bl ldge at pi cscnt sp inning II ii fist link is a tcmpoi uy one, and lins to 10 i eil iced bj an non stiuctuii which is nein Iel in Mi Bishfoul s conti act The 11 uili to the i iicioiuse, which leaves the i mime ibout a mile oi so on the Bush mo

i le of t ci m in Station, is also not jet quite lui 1 md theie ne sovoial small jobs i! i the main line tint lcquiic attending to Ah 1 i lifoul s conti act puce was £3S Gil, and ti Chief Lupine« expects that the total co t if tlic i ni«a}, whiih is twelve miles and f it n chains in length, including buildings, i ill 1 ibout it )00 pei milo

Ii u i iii"iii,r the ceicinoiucs connected « ith I i nmg the Municipal Council of Sand

i ok the mitiitivc, being assisted bj mt of moiiev fiom the Government ii me pm ate subscnptions Hie Govern

ii o i su d i lnigo numboi of passes, Iii two ti mis each vi ay foi the use of 1 ho « lshtd to be pi cscnt at the opening 1 l t ti lui consisting of ten lal go caniagcs, 1 it I ii me it twentj five minutes to 10

1 ni the moi nmg ciowded with people, I utii cilling at intcimediate stations,

I 1 ?* milgate at 1013, thus doing the i \ m foi rj minutes Anothei tiain left

it i f[iiaitei pist 11 o clock with a con I 11 n um I ci of passengcis, and ai lived

it 1 tuiation it live minutes befoie 12

I flu munbti tu ned bj the two hams I ii out 701 oi SOO His Excelknc} the Governor, accompanied by his private secretary, Captain O'Callaghan; the Premier, the Hon.      

Thos. McIlwraith; the Colonial Treasurer, the     Hon. A. Archer; the Postmaster-General, the       Hon. B. D. Morehead; the Attorney-General    

the Hon. Pope Cooper; the Hon. S. W. Griffith, leader of the Opposition, and several other  

members of the Assembly, as well as of the Upper House, arrived at Sandgate by special train at        

a quarter past 12, the journey having been run

in twenty-seven minutes. Miss Kennedy, Mrs. McIlwraith, Mrs. Pope Cooper, and several    

1 11 his also accompanied his Exccllcnc}

T i eic=al pait} aimed somewhat caibei

! i« is expected and the consequence vins I it m c n his Excellcnc} stopping on to the i tfuim theie vi as no one to officially leccive ? Vftci waiting ibout ten minutes how h the maj oi (Mi Deagon) and aldounon of s m Ij, ate an iv ed, and aftci his wot ship had ' nel his Excellencv, the tovui clerk ( I Al icabstci) icad the followmg addiess - To 11 Lxcellcncv Su Arthur Kennedj K B

j ( Al It Goi trnor of Queensland and its

I ci lencieo

A 5 t please vom rxcellcncy,- AVe tho mavoi

ii lei men of the munieipaht} of Sandgate lo e to e\pi ess om gi ntitudo and satisfaction at ' 1 i euee of vom rxcillcnc> on the occasion of

r -, the rnilwaj line between Brisbane and

1 it

VV i re aw are that your Excellcncj alw ays takes i lee i interest in any public work which benefits

eoiuninitj oi piomotes tho prosperity of tho e Ion ot Queensland and vie feel assuied that vo ir 1- vcellencv vi ill most beni lily unite vi Ith us j coiiLi itulations on tho opening of a railway I o which will prove of gicat benefit to the

0 ti em j onion of tho colon} notonlv for trav ol i" but ultnintclv v\ c hope, for the shipping in ' t oi Aloreton Baj

v I we hcntilv welcome your Excellency 1 o t us on this auspicious occasion

Hi 1 uiuemtv buefly replied, congi*atu latm the people of Sandgate upon the open '» of the i ul« iv, and stated that had he not j it led tht occ ision as a v ery împoi tant one ic shoiill not hive been piesent, as he had *?? n bad attick of asthma, and felt exceed

" l^ un« eil

Vai01'' vioic then given foi the Goveinor ni A¡l5, Kennedj iftei which the}, with the

iei and Mi s M'llviraith, were din cn to 'm<l"tie Hotel, to await luncheon


b, ^...2 (!ln_'t,cl '.35*/o'clock a company nttm I'"'".""'.

0 1 ourne Hotel, m a largo mai quep erected

P'l 1 1C111C Pnillf TI,» mi«m r.t Sni,<l»-nl»

d ,l.'!£L11,c"lll,> --OO ladies and gentlemen sat

l^^'^hmeheoii pi ov ided bj Mi Droit} n, of



icmc Point Hie mnjoi of Sandgate Um lnvm" on his light Ins Excellencv, . I ii the Po tm istoi Genei al the Hon S " liifhth the Hon F H Halt, MLC

f li Ah, Al'Ilwnith and other ladies, and ?,' II left Miss Kenned}, the lion the Y "n i and "Ali s Pope Cooper Amongst

.'° ^ 11 esent w ei c ilso his Honom Mi Justice ii»1 'lie Hon A J Thvnne MLC the "mi J c Hensslei MLC, the Hon C H

, «. tt MLC Messis J B Dickson, i i ton Macfailane, A\ H Gloom, P ",, .',"....> W Kellett, and Jas Foote, . ' > s the mavor of Gvmpio (Mi Fci

.lillie) 'lnd tllG nia>01 0f I11W1CU >Ml

' »cheon being ovei, the toast of the i h l°n T ^m "" .^'l,U1*) ' ?'as P1 oposed, and IvV!nCHvlRMjlN pi oposed the health of "His

i 1 Al îVthe C mpin<". Su Ai thm Kenned}, l ii» t V-.cnnc,''>.' and in doing so said the t ii Queensland had icason to feel pioud

*»o\ had such a Goveinoi-one who took

i ' /"imeiestin the wclfaie of the colonv, chu,* I10' aml IU tue éducation of om ii fn,lni i,ITe mentioned that it had been I i",;!v,th'*ttnc childi eu of Sandgate should \t i"?* nsTxe llcuc}, and sung the National

a li i,r u , c'e Pi evented fiom doing sob}

"r-at imitai c

U, \0&^ « s di unk with enthusiasm

,.. (1 ^ELLEMA in lespondmg, said he was t i," , ,°.Mmgtoindispositioii,licfcltuneqml

.'c task befoie lum He was pleased to sec 1 V,0' Piesent to da} with then husbands,

thev ought to be, and hoped that on all i iii i tllls lancl they would set a good i m ' ,c "i coming amongst them and keeping ? c el," ?ldel He thanked the company 1 i *," " mi the kind niannei in which ho . i «I,» n lccci^ed It was nothing unusual.

ii «oi ever be went hcJound the loyalty of

the people mci casing His race, cithei lieic 01 m the m01 Id, ssas nosv piotty ncaih nin [Ci íes of "Xo "] He did not expect to h\ o foi

os ei He li id now seised the Gi own umnter luptedl) foi hft) four jeais Ho should be with us foi anothei tsselsc months, at the end of which time his temi of olhco cxpned, and sshctlici he then i otu ed into punto life oi isis allowed to lemiini in nctne soi s ice, ho would nei ei folget the kindness he had lecoised hei o J he mdss aj to Sandgate had made that toss n an cn tn c1) diffeicnt place and would pi ose a gi cat blessing to the people of Bnsbane, who would be able noss without difficult) tocóme to Sandgate and get piont) of fiesh m and ficsh fish Ho i etui ned thanks, not oui) foi himself, but also foi Miss kenned) He was sine she felt then kindness as much as he did, and ilthough some thought she did nothing ho could as«iuc them that she did a gie it deal

Although thes f ulcd to do much good, it w as not known how much hann the) did not do (Langhtci and nppl uisc)

Hie Cimrxrw next pioposed the to ist of ' lholslinisti) 'andsaidhewassiucthojieoiile of & ludgate w ould lies ei haï c got then i ailw aj had it not boen foi the jncsent Goieinmcnt The) had been pionnsed i good mimi things, which the) thought then nicmbci would get cal ned out, but thci found the) had hold of the is i ong end of the stick He could sa) that the people of Sandgate would suppoit the Mimstiy if the lattei is ould suppoit thom Hie) had as ict onlj earned out a jiait of their pi ogi amme, and ho hoped he should not die-oi, at am i ite, not die m peace-until the îailwa) was e\tondcd to Gympie (Laughtci).

The toast was dtiiuk with chceis

Mr M'Ilas HAITI! (ss ho on i lsing is as i econ ed suth applause) congratulated the people of Sandgate upon the completion of then line, and also upon Ins nig as then iniijoi a gentle man is ho at aim ate could ex-picss his ideas with enoigs He was satisfied-and he was sine the jieoplc of Sandgate had icison to be satished-ssith the lailwa) as fal as it had gone Tlieie was not so much diihcult) in eui j ing out public woiks as m deciding upon the i lght time to do them He did not claim foi the Goseinmcnt uni gi cat merit foi the Sandgitc Railssa) all he said was tint thci w ore satisfied is lth ii so fin, and th it it is ould no doubt also proie satisfictoi) to Sandgate piopcit) owneis He hoped it ssould induce them to ci cet piont) of i espectable buildings, so ns to encomagc people to st i) at the place

Mi Moitun si) m icsponse to scscial calls, mide a hvppj speech, concluding bj stating that the Mtnisti) was one m whom he had ei er) confidence, and that ho should stick to thom as long ns he could

Mi AArir PuicUiON (ma) oi of G)mpie) pioposed the to ist of "The Paihaincnt of Queensland" and in doing so m god seieial uasonsin f ii oin of the S milgate Railway being continued to Ginipic

The Hon I H H via briefly responded on behalf of the Legislatn c fouucil

Mi Gi if* mi (who ssas leccncil with pi o longed applause), m responding on behalf of the Assembl) said he claimed the cicdit of the construction of the Sandgate Illilwa) foi the Paihaincnt as a whole and not foi one paits moi o th in another On both sides a gi cat deal of niteiesthiid been taken m the woik He, for one, had alssa)s done so, and he most hcai ti) congi audited the people of Sandgate and then mimieipaht) upon the completion of the line Ho hid no doubt it would before ininy jcais woik an ontno change ni the appeal inceofthetoss n in its ss e dth md popula tion He thought w e had not ) et full) i enhscd the adiantages of lailwaj extension in the settled pin ts of the colon) He thought these adi mt iges w ei e at pi csont mulei i ated He behoied the; would be handsome!) pnjing niicstments, and he congi itulated the picsent Goieinment upon being ni olhco when this hue ss is opened, as lie consulcicd it would bo m occasion that ss ould be looked back to ss ith the gi eiltest sati'-fiction Hcwelliemcnibeied

boss the idea of the M in boiough and G)inpio

hnc was scouted when hist mooted, but this w is noss piosingonc of the best pa) ing lines m the colons Ile thought the cn cumstances existing tlieie w cie applicable to tlio Sandgate illilwa), and that the lattei would piy also He isas glad to be piesent, and hoped it would not bo the list occasion on which he would meet tlio people of Bl lsbane and othci pal ts of the colon) at festuo boaids of tins kind (Applause)

Mi M'lLint viTH pioposed "Hie Municipal Council of Sandgate " which was lcsponded to by tlio M t\oil and xUdennen AVsieriiLLD and Cooksl>\ tlic lattei expi cssing Ins i egi ct that the Colonial Tieasmei uni Attoinc) Geneial had been compelled to go lo an hotel foi then lunch, because thci could not lind loom at the t ible ss ith the pi esent conip in)

The CiruuMix next pioposed the health of "Hie Chief Engmeci of l?ailwa)s," and Mi, ni lcsponding, saul that although thcic liad boen no cngmeeimg difiicultics to contend with m the constinction of the Sand gate hue tlieie lind been man) othci difhcnllies lnscpai ible fiom subiub m i miss a) s, ss Inch is ei o i ei ) ti ) ing to the p iticnce of the couti actoi, if not to the engine« Ho estimated the total cost of the line at about £1500 pel mile, and sud it was one of the cheapest subiub in iail

ssa)s let tindo m the colon) In the tcdticed cost of i ailw i) s is e oss ed a gi cat deal to the class of contiactois we now h id m the colony and paul a ti lbute of pi aisc to Mi Bashfoi d as one of the fiist amongst those who lind m ule a mid against the excessise puces that pic nous]) nilcd He was sou) the picsent lino had not pi os ed is piofitablotoMi Bishfoidas might liase been wished, and that gentleman is as desei s ing of gi e it ci edit foi the cnei getie wa) in winch he lind pushed on the woik

Mi AV KLiXErr, MLA, pi oposed the health of flic contiactois Messis Bashfoid. aud Co, and spoke in high tcuns of Mi

G coi go Bashfoul as nu efficient conti actoi, who had woikcd himself up to Ins pi osent position b) haul ss oik

Mi Giorct B ism Olio, in lcsponding, said although the job had not pioicd piohtablc, they must be content to lose as well as win and he had done Ins liest to get the line opened at as eail) a d ile as possible

The toists of "The Ladies" and "The Pi ess" haying been dulj honoured, the com pan) chspei sed The s ice i egal pal t) i etiu ned to Bnsbane b) special ti am leasing Sandgate at 4 p m and the othrr nsitois by trims stai ting at 4 30 p m and C 10 p m i cspee tn c1) Tlieie wete a good many complaints that tile ai rangements connected is ith the coiemonics and luncheon were not so satisfac tory as could base been desned, but on the whole those who visited Sandgate yestciday jiassed an cnjO)able da)