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  • doug.butler 29 May 2011 at 18:57
    Page 7 needs to be re-scanned

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"Port Willunga, May 19, 1877.

"Sir—I have the honor to acknowledge re- ceipt of your letter (No. 1,328) of the 8th instant, and to request that you will report to the Council the subsequent communication I

have had with yon, in order that they may understand the cause of my delay in replying. With respect to the unofficial notes which passed between tte President and myself on the 7th instant, and to which I have his authority to refer, I wish to say that had I supposed my hasty note would be laid before the Council I should have weighed my words more carefully. I have since procured a copy of this note, and I regret to see that some of its expressions are liable to misconstruction, and might be deemed scarcely respectful to the Council.       - "Eevertingtoyour fetter of BthinW?tt.l obEerve.that it contains no "reference to JBie priieipie which I was given to understand -would guide the ConncO in referring eerfain questiona to their private sit*i^[?,*UlK)m?*^iie Council must be aware that tha£ principle to net'the one that has latterly bean. foIlOMd. With regard to the second point raised, fan state that so far as the Council areawaitfall Questions of. any public interest discussed m Ccmrcittee have been subsequently ptblis?ed. I respectfully submit that there may be such wide differences of opionion ttt to what «re 'questions of public interest'.that it is ro&ible to accept tins aiiswer as satisfactory, andae the Council feel they cannot deal fortfrar with the matter unless they know to what cases I referred, I will give them such information as Icaa.' _. . "1. In Deeember or January last a memorial was sent to the Conncfl signed by a?d guardians of many female pupilteachew m tfce Model School, elaborately setting fo??i-ibe severe mental and physical strain to which ihe pupil teachex? were subjected, pointing-oat the

"I have &c, "JNO, HOWARD CLARK,

sfsa* aamad tftamss/ to ns Mans wsMsm ot tka ■Tim ti l.n.'i f £**-■ --■-? t?awMsaw? slm«tonssady tha frhwnaM ssm ?*■ * __? SnV— *- £na wJhasn ■sswsHMsMl fll* XaVV ssawMpnafap •snnn'Vs?wsnVnnV WM MBS sawsawsnanaVawnl Vsawflnw n«f fnwsw annVsawnaawsl aVannwaanT aVs*xWwn*lL «iamHs4 asTHalisji! lajrifj satosfcsractor. wm sawaasaat vat ufartil to a private ■fsJbtot «■* <% v in, fil^mm sast that ana aajknakntvaaMs soasmaan nay tafsraass ir aas asar wto tosshaahal hoaa aaaft'wMu —* ' iJ??T-wL**g I"* .** J* **? w«nn?st awawnV nnnnlwaw* ntnnnnnT awsnVVwsftnt afawknV av-^nfajsnamm?ai awnmaa ««* assa?lsnasatonW QainsM oa thai auMn Mo saafas* at of Masar paabs tatiriw taaa has wm|inwasanaiil i an? shalswiaVayssasial rft I fir > saXaTi m .ill, horm asJld ham «|M^ VsVawMwHssHn* W 41 BBWw?nw flt?ttswCp WPfil m snnMV nwawl tosasdmsra?sahm to it at tha mtalie "^j. Wish Man ia Fobrnory tha do •anMltoassitao asslj aaW sshsotat Ksrth sUsssasle aasaial sjaasoLtaoo?octof wawhl fannnnnnnnw?w?w?w?wi tW nanwawk nSnVna wananm waw^anl nanv nonam avaVGnVwWaanm w? W ?issi« si ay aha poaasfl ami as* by ths ■ssBBaMBMBsBT nn^li-s??wl nWwss?sf?nnanfU XsftW-■MwaWnVnl at oao at wsatssj ariass in^washJUMsoa tmwilisii tan Hi sffcrit aadjaaasttsa of tho MJk MaidaSsait tt iiiiihiithat shjnrlinn Sea ossM-na to stssnaaaar «ah> ssatter ata Knl BmnntVnvmTant flf InnUt O^VssnnnwnnL *_ft WWM aatnnV >aisnm|pnis.asMllfcsdnonni ito it ■nt 4nnnt annnnnnnnnnnnnnt SawsannVfawL *IM?*BBMn mj HisHiftni aVst ssmral •feVsr nanmanna in illm ham has* similarly JnnnftanV snarnVmt snanA Asnaaanm anwamntt awaknam ASra. at* tnTsaraars* Vaaaaa^ nVanV V)BbW ■n?™w wananwsl wBBHB Ml saw ■liussly.sast I asa ana at ?barty to sasntion Ha _-_. V n^Bkawaanwawsa aaaaaaaannaaW' Aaaaa\a^ A^ssa VBsV nnnaw*a? •> snavVVVVKp TmaaW VBD Qojatift «wmsd* asa islliisaHj niMaglHli to tssstnasiiawiwl. I iwspeatfal^saamit,aow «aaaan> aaksaaV 4anwm anaaawam T homaa?i saUsawassCnh^i •>. -a 'Vnn?Cy ws?TawS «aaw "■JanTaar M. HsbvtsT •■■■BaaTSaVHsl aarVsHOOsS ssjssawmc to Jsasjfy-say oaammiat Ukat ths sVawawaat afesaav wanasnnanaAaoskassM?' nam^a^ -t , ||? \ aTsffsW ananV lanaVnw^sKs?nay^ nwsftnml saawnwH H> paVMMtt Mnnaawanam atf nnnaav wanamanknav omaasas. ? - ? W VaVftnVpb dtm ■aaW •mltl?awaW WWWBUmm* WVBP mwMBUOO. X Bnamamant nannrnV bwb> aaaa* a^si^nmannnTaanV?lsaaniVnnnn?nnnnJnnnnenit mwwfln^nnnA m*naaaala aaami twaaattn IslJit fc-aataJJ. Un-LsT^la^uiil TJmroia ho stotas ths* ha has not to his reool sHltiw silahsH aayakhaj fanm ths published marts • anlam aVs Gaaaa?> nMaaisas with tha - - _■■ bl QL _ .. t-fcmas?mo—Jl • T - Vaff???snanaw?* atanW ■CsM sHtV^satM??* X C«>VPOSw- tn?yiiilwn taatamss bash aV? Qmstamsut —A tfcs Oinniil sssy ssmraOy bsromrdedas smsplyli il mr ths swhfic, the antariiinof IkMiinatMliililini iiVawrii if flu iliiuaj nsi naVaantant aanaamflnnnnV naaanl annnaat waanV nnnaaaanawsH EanlnVtiaaaf Strata «sta? ant to ham bsea witahafaL I^laosasiasss?. I ham acsafa revaostthat «01 ha oaaalad to wmort the Jaiiiiassi of the w?oa all asstssn that soms —"*—• osa ■riiiiiriitsaaUsaonldalsssogjadto know— stnatfliwiiT 4? nsa oajast to fanuafc the infiamiHsa an a rnissnaa of oMaJdwrahle smMtts inlsjsjl ujs^princ^ts ftsy willin tntara aa awJsaT in tafirimt amttS oanuag Intiis ta— ton mtiam sjlllai