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(ER.ANY DAY BY DAY. IiN'DElNBURG'S. HOMILY. "HATS OFF TO THE. SOMME HEROES." . : iidenbuirg's X, ar Loan advertise ment interview, published in Berlin on Sunday last and briefly reported by telegraph in this country.: appears in full in GGerman papers which reached Londori last night (writes Frederick Wmin: Wile in: the "Lon don Daily Mail" ofd' September zo).. It provides convincing evidence that the-new Military .Dictatcrship real ises tlhe necessity of ekplanations to excuse to the German people the incessant surrelider of - territory which their "victorious" armies on the western front iare now bompjelled to make. Hindenburg had returnred to* eastern` headquartersi from thl Sommie only a few hour' before re ceiving the special correspondent of the "Berliner Tageblatt," who seems; to: have been the sole' recipient of his' ctnfidences.- The Dictator :began his homily 'witli some unquoted. generalities a"bout "the gravity of our''task in the west and everywhere else" 'and, of what remained ;to be

done to lighten it. - But he "spoke in accents of quiet and compnete confidence," saying: , '!Where There's a Will - ." "Hats off to every single one of our warriors on the ,Somme! One can when one pmust. Where there is a will there is a way. One must only find the way-must decide wn:tc way, and then go ahead in that di rectlon consistently and with ener gy. " The difficultieg are great, but we have a good right to nope that we shall conquer. "When it is raining on -Our siKe] so that we cannot push .cur wag gons through the mud, it is usually raining over on the other "'ide itop. Who says that history always ti a vels: along a straight, uninterrupted line ?. Does it not in nearly every case describe curves which -some times go up and sometimes down? One thinig, of cour',se, we must have, and that, is money. To. wage war costs rmoney:. But I cherish the firm hope that this time, too, our war loan will have a great success and confound the hopes of our enemies, for it goes• well with us in' north and sbith.~east and west. Thosn at home must realise that. they, 'too, are waging war. I -dA not -forget the- poor mothers vwho must stand for hours in the :tret waiting for half a pound ofn meat, while filled with anxiety ,b?out tL .tir children who may. be sitting belh'l closed doors p!aying with matches I' The Rumanian Situation. I All the principaAl German war: cor Ircsponidents were transferred from. !the western front to send home 'lurid accounts of Mackenseri's. "de cisive victory" in the Dobrudja. Tmhe ! week-end papers were filled w,.i't igrandi!bquen't stories of the conm p pleteness of the Germanic-Bulgar ".Turco- sucess over the Rumanian i ussian ?forces. The fo6fllowing pas s sage telegraphed by the represen I tetive of `the "Vossische Zeitung": is tpyical of the bluster "inspired" Sby the General Staff:-? "The new complications which have arisen, in this ttheatre of war have only strengthened the sense of duty aid .high responsibilit.y inspiring our leaders and men, while failing even in the slightest degree to sha.: ter their t'fir and quiet confidence in the triumph of the -German cause. If ouur foes thought that by increas Sing the number of their helpers-they Scouldi smash up the plans of Lthe Gcr I man leadership, or leven d'isarra?z.dr I-them they habve taken refuge :in a i fool's patadise. The vital and e:ias ttic power of -the organisation w'ul , i threads, run, together -here grows with the greatnes.s of the resi'tanc"' which is. offered to it. The even s of the past few weeks will have ! sm

proved this to our enemies p:ainly enough." Literary Reprisals. The semi-official "Cologne Ga zette," in a violent arti~cle entitled "Eng'and as Literary Thief," de clares that Germany and Austria Hungary must take prompt mea sures of reprisal if Great Britain does not forthwith reaffirm her alle giance to the Berne copyright agree. ment in so far as it protects Ger manic authors and publishers. ' The Trading with the Enemy (Copyright) Act, against which this tirade is directed, vests in the Pub lic Trustee the "copyright in wor; first published .or made in an enemy country during the :-war." ' Any money received is to be retainead till thbeaend of -the war. when its dis posal will be decided. Voting in Hun Trenches. A novel experiment in absent vot. ing has just taken place in the :Ger man trenches. The- Bakers' Trade Union wanteid to 'poll its. members on the question of permanent. aboli tion" of night-work iand was allowed to do so. Of 10, 000 vote cast, more& than 'half .were in favour of making night-bak'ng illegal after the va.r.. just as it. now is. ,.Berlin's Cheap Loaf. - It is officially announced by the municipal authorites of Berlin, who regulate the price of bread, that the orice of the 4 lb. loaf will presently be reduced from '.d4. to 8d., and' the 2 lb. loaf from 5ad. to 41d.'These loaves are, of course, made from "war flour," which still consists of a combination of wheat, rye, and potato meal. "To safeguard the 'Army and peo 'ple's .dupply of marmalade and jam" the military authorities have just proclaimed the confiscation of 'a., 'anples, plums and prunes it the hands of tradesmen. They may henceforth be sold only to persons in possessioh of permits. Eggs how cost 4d: each in Ger itany. Volume on English Statesmen. The Ullstein firm of publishers who own the "'Vossische Zeitung" and numerous other daily and week-   ly papers, has just issued a popular- priced volume entitled, "'English Statsmen." "Aunt Voss's" book reviewer sets forth that Germans will probably be "agreeably surpris ed" to discover that there is no sug- gestion of a Hymn of Hate in the work, which (he says) depicts Mr. Asquith, Viscount Grey, Mr Lloyd George, Sir Edward Carson, Mr Bonar Law, Lord Curzon, Lord Rosebery, Mr. John Burns, Mr.   Churchill, and others ''not as enemies, but as men." The author, a literary nonentity named Sil- Vara, appears to have lived in Lon-    

don for a long time and enjoyed "intimate associations" in high po- litical quarters. "Warning to Holland." •. The League of West German 'iro vision Dealers, which inclades the leading representatives of. Dutch herring fisheries, "notes with, deep regret" the agreement recently en tered into with the Pritish G,.verrn. ment. The members 4,i the German League "warnn' I)utc:. herirng firms that the latter's acts ,? will not he forgotten when peace is, restored. -and that they may find themselves deprived of their once riv.-est an, most lucrative market in Gier many. War Loan Fears. "German papers contintie to p; int imposing lists of million pound sub -scriptions to the, new wir I. an by municipalities. provinces. and firms -which are making gigantic war 'ir' - fit. but there are numeroi,s indi cations that the masses na flled with grave doubts abr'nt hanring over their savings to Hindenbulrg. 'The latest rumor which l,"s -had to be "denied?'' is that irermanv may be compelled after th. war to reduce, if not entirely iboli;,., le 5 per cent. interest nowv offerci to investors in th" war lhc.n. Ann ther ,ntmsing "denial" is +hit Ger many "does not dream" *.f releem. inr the rew war loan tie ,"o- inl24. -when it is nominallv ren~'hble!