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CUP DAY FROCKS. The dresses were of many and varied hues, the colour mostly in vogue was blue, blue in every shade was womn with brightenings of varied colours, and more than one -colo-r being intermingled on many gowns. Pressure of space will not alow of many-costumes being de scribed, the ad:-absorbing war news filling the columns. Mrs. Aarons: Cinnamon brown .soft corded silk, with touches of tango; black hat. Mrs. Crocker: Black Charmeuse, with Russian embroidery; black hat. Miss D. Marmion: Royal b-lue satin, with white Leghorn hat, with L-arguerite. daisies • Mrs. Epstein: Black crepe de chene. touches of cerise; cerise hat. 'Mrs. A. Irwin (Bunbury): Mush room silk over pink, Russian ribbon trimmings: black hat, with forget mne-nots. -roses and powder blue vel vet. Mrs. W. Connelly: Shot blue taf feta; blue toque, with white roses and ribbon. Mrs. J. James: Black voile em broidered with white; black hat. Miss Blanche James: Saxe blue Charmeuse, with .Russian ribbon trimmings; hat with petunia trim mings. Miss Jenkins: Powder blue silk, with Oriental trimmings ; -Leghorn hat. with blue silk ribbon and roses. Mrs. S, Mathews: Pompadore Iou lard : hat with roses and feathers. Miss Porter: Black satin coat and skirt; black hat, with pink. roses. Mrs. W. Sutherland: White and black striped serge coat: and skirt; navy hat. with flowers. Miss Sutherland: Violet and white ninon costume ;hat with large violet silk bow. - Mrs. J. W. Kirwan: Black crene de chene coatee and skirt; .Dolly Varden hat, with flowers. Mrs. 'W. E.' Eyres: Violet coat and skirt; black velvet hat. Miss Kidman: Navy blue crepe de chene: blaTk hat, with roses. Miss Hey 1(Bullfinch): Green pop. lin coat and skirt, with Oriental embroidery; black hat, with Rus sian ribbon . bow. Mrs. W. Reid: Cinnamon -brown coatee and skirt, hat with pink floral ribbon. SMrs. Fimister: Lime crepe de chene, 'black hat.. Mrs. Whitten : Navy blue Pomrn padour; black hat. Mrs. Hogg: Creme costume; creme hat- with black berries and osprey. Mrs. Ridgway: Pompadour .foun lard with saxe blue; hat with net in same shade. Mrs. Stowell : White floral voile; lace hat with roses -and blue velvet. Mrs. C. .King: Girofla pink

crepe de ehene, floral ninon tainio; black tulle hat. Miss King :, Fawn and blue crepe de obene; black velvet hat.: Mrs. E. Hocking: Powder blue I velour with black finishings; Dolly LVarden hat., with velvet, lade and .roses. Mrs. M. H. Walsh: Saxe blue sponge cloth coatee and skirt; black hat. Mrs. Carr: Floral voile, tagel hat with roses. Mrs. Blackett: Rose pink crepe de chene, blue sash; hat in same shade. Miss Castieau: Blue floral voile; white hat with tiny roses. Mrs. H. D. Pell: Blue taffeta; blue hat with yellow roses. Mrs. S. E. Hocking: Black crepe de' chene; black velvet bat with feathers. Mrs. B. C. Shaw: Navy blue coat and skirt; white chip hat, with .vio lets. Mrs. McLeod (Davyhurst): Blue serge coat and skirt; grey hat with Russian ribbon trimmings. Mrs. Sears: Black crepe de chene; cerise hat with feathers. SMiss Kinnear: Floral blue voile with cerise trimmings. Blue hat with cherries. Miss Epstein: White floral crepe, mulberry sash, black toque. Mrs. Paxton: Grey coat and skirt.. black hat. Miss Borritt: Embroidered white muslin, floral sash; pinkhast. Mrs. Elliott: Black and pink em broidered voile; black sequined hat. Miss Furze: Black and white check voile; black velvet hat. Miss Spencer Davis: Fawn silk; hat in deeper shade. Miss Walton: Embroidered white French robe; blue satin hat. . Mrs. Spenc- : Brown sponge cloth coat and skirt; hat in lighter shade, with white bands. Mrs. Brimage e: Floral ninon; floral hat. Miss K. Griffiths: Hail spot floral muslin ; black hat with roses. 'Mrs. P. Smith: Grey tweed coat and skirt; black hat w'ith blue feathers. Mrs. Vail: Buff poplin coat and skirt, with touches of black; black hat lined with blue. Mrs. Moody: Embroidered white voile; white hat with feathers. Miss Rosslyn: Black cloth, with ;white watered silk trimmings ; san blue" hat. Mrs. Dodge: Black wateredo fin; satin toque, with tiny pink 'roses. J Miss Shaw: Embroidered white muslin; chip hat with flowers. Mrs. Ede: Grey charmeuse; Leg. horn hat. with saxe blue roses. Miss .Murray: Black and white striped coat and skirt; hat with black and blue ribbon. Miss Conquest : Embroidered mus lin; powder blue hat. Mrs. Garde: Navy blue costume; hat with black feather. Miss Sprule: Grey and white striped coat and skirt; hat with orange velvet. *Mrs. Park: Tussore coat and skirt'; hat with feathers and flowers. Mrs. Bricknell: Suimmer tweed coat and skirt; black velvet hat, with white feathers.. Miss Harrison: Bla'ck crepe de chene; black hat with varnished' . ribbon. Miss Davidson: Navy blue-and white striped glace ; cerise hat with oherries. Miss Walsh: White and black striped sponge cloth; white and blsack hat. Miss V. Thompson: Creme seirge coatee and skirt; white hat. Mrs. Coombe: White floral rods with cerise finishings; canard blue - hat with roses. Misa G. Lever: White and brown striped cooatee and skirt;:' hat ea Mrs. rMaywood: BRek crepe d?e chene with Russian trimmings; black hait with saxe blue roses. Miss Mayywood : Saxe blue-erene le chene; white hip hait with satin in same shade. 2ir. Ruse: Peach; black hat. SMiss Peters r Ome floral aninon creme hat. Miss C. Peters:' Pink floral ninon; Leghorn hat. . Mrs. Clarke: Ivory dbamnneuse; hait with green tube. miss. Mooney: Floral crepe.t Flit horn halt with feathers. Mrs. Boyce: Petunia s ,tanng; *balck hat. SMrs. Turner: Vieux reae erepse; white chip hat. 'Miss 'Boyce : .Amertabyst aid wbite. spotted mnon; Leghorn hait with violets and roses. (Continued on Pae 24). :.

(Continued from Page 21). ;. Mrs Steihbhom: xMulberry' pop ii*. with black; Black hat with Mrs. Kaye: Black crepe; floral . ra. O'Deas Powder blue poplin t aiosee and skirt; ....xe blue hait .ii rroses.e Si*Mra Launder:: Base pompadour aunon pompadour hat. M?:rs. Davidson: Royal blue crepe Ade caene, touches of- tango; white ~bat with flowers .. a. Mrs. Newman: Grey linen coatee a~ldskirtk; black silk hat,. !?.Mrs. 4 Wilson.:. Emerald green igured gold gauze; pompadour bat. Mrs. ? J. McAuliffe j(Goomalling): Pale grey crepe de chene; black '-tulle lit. SMrs. Dunne: Black satin coat and skirt; black velvet hat, white eathers.. . Miass Dunne: Champagne floral are de.chene, cerise and blue belt: °ihtb bat. M' r U. Deans: Lemon brocade with I -innn flounces edged .with beads; `lack-toque. 2 cMrs.k Maple: Blue cloth with iyle : sase blue hat with forget n~e-not. " Mrs. Reid: Creme coat and skirt; asrne blue hat. M~ia Hoohey : Grey crepe de mhene; ?at with tangerine roses. Miss McPherson ", Black and iwhite checked sponge cloth coates4 -dki t ; hat en suite. 'Mrs. Inglis: Blue crepe de chene ?Kith oral ribbon; vieux rose and Kblue hat. .. WMiLa Smith: Cinnamon brown ?una, ifloral ribbon trimmings ; awn;a tulle hat_ with roses. i tMrs. McKay: Navy blue crepe de bie;? with white collar and cuffs; , ait blue hat. :-Miss happle: Pale grey crepe de Aisbe :.-hat with violets and roses. .- Mrs. "Wood: Creme costume; =black silk hat e?[a. Brinsden: Peach crepe do gene ; black silk hat. Mra. Reick: Navy blue crepe de bene; black tulle hat. Mrs. Martin : Tussore coloured ~s:k oatee and skirt ; hat -en suite. s Mrs. Percy Hill: Pale bIue and Sninon, white hat with pale wioses. m-:ls. Rosman: Mustard crepe de Sth ee, floral hat.' . SMSia. Leichman (Albany): Black, wtit striped ninon, black and'; twl hte bat. ? rl?. Bands: Grey charmeuse, w lite S with violet flowers, i:.s. 'sCarroll: Navy corded silk, thf.loral frimmings, creme hat. ?~e. D. Davis: Black satin with aceOverdress. black hat.. ~ra. .Y : Black silk, black rZ:. Mat. Jackson Blue silk ade chene over silk japona, " witht floral. silk, shadowed Th Oriental insertion. floral silk :dies May Jackson: Shrimp oink Alcre pe de chene over Oriental an, with touches - of floral silk :gi?pure lace, floral' silk sash, "bxk met hat. rs P:. Refeld ' Heliotrope and ?orial crepe Indian japona with tt -liental lace, tartan silk belt :sash, tat en suite. TWs . 'Moran: Madder rose de chene, bouches. of floral a nne -velvet' and belt of ~ifk, pretty hat to match. S. Sichjtinga: Silk crepe, In. aid rose effect, belt and sash 4t silk. 4 ?. O'Brien: Sand slhade in s. mousseline,. with florald ai-. lubb: Costume of fine hi Embroidered te1 iaolle; touches of cerise satin, us of embroidery. May Webb: Lime silk crepe e cpnBe, vest of tartan silk, 'fs. Murphy: Tan Ducheese soline, witih uipure , lace aw1 Oailaghan: Tan shade of ead silk crepe Indian. * Metoalfe: Back silk crepe ipe with black Chantilly lace tocLa5 of pink. :* Burns: Apricot brocaded aioliene, ~with black floral MsEnRaseoll (Gwalia): Royal navy ad oharmeuse, with cream ause and blue Oriental. B eot Jones: Sase blie crepe e, with touches of .tartan silk, rting: Embroidered silk Swith touohes o~ f floral silk. r. ? ?won r - Costi"ume of tan Sbrocaded silk ealiene, with ~ and gold insiertion. I

Miss Tooths: Ivory embroidered1 si' " net over silk japonaa, with touches of cerise satin. Miss Pedlar: Striped tussore cos tume, trimmed with floral silk. Mrs. J. Roche: Black Duehesse mousseline, trimmed with black bro esed silk, andi insertion; cream lace vest. Miss Gibbons: Azure silk eoliene, with guipure lace- and touches of silk; hat en suit . - Mrs. E. Magner : Black silk crepe de' ohene, trimmed with heavy black silk lace. Mrs. E. McMahon: Ivory char meuse satin, with shadow lace. touches of peach satin : hat en suite. Mrs. B. Rolfe: Creme silk: hat en suite. Mrs. Simons (Morgans): Saxe blue velour: picture hat. M&rs. Russell: Grey sponge cloth: i black and white hat. Mrs. G. Leaby: Embroi. marquis -ette: saxe b'ue bat. Miss C. White: Black merveil 1 leux; pale blue. ninon hat, with black lace. Mrs. J. Rintoul: Draped navy crene de chene; floral hat. Mrs. Paterson: Brown broche; chip hat with feathers. Mrs. Philpott: Embroidered white muslin; vie-x rose hat. I-Mrs. W. H. Green: Coat and skirt : black hat. Mrs. J. Taylor : Creme costume : creme hat. Mrs. C. Walsh: Navy charmeuse.; creme bat. Mrs. Motncey: Black coat and skirt; black toaue. 'irs. G. Williams: Purple .cos tume ; hat with white feathers. Mrs. Cundill: Creme charmeuse, with floral ninon: white hat with; black plumes. Mrs. J. E. Kaye: Black and white. velour, black sealette hat with black and red feathers. Miss G. Newman : White linen ; hat en suite. Mrs. A. Young: Apricot silk;, floral hat, Mrs. D. Hegarty: French floral ninon : whirte hat. Mrs. J. Murphy: Sand shade pop lin : black hat. Mrs. R. Knowles : - Maize char mense, with lace floral hat.. IMrs. -Young: Apricot silk ; model.' hat. Mrs. G. R. Elsbury; Paris lsc., I with touches of copper charmeuse; model hat. - Mrs. J. L. Dempsey : ChampagneI poplin; Oriental. trimmings; floral ' hat. Miss E. Dempsey: White sponge + cloth, with pale blue hat to match. Miss L. Howells: Pale blue spot- - ted voile floral hat. Mrs. W. Hent: Floral ninon. Leghorn hat. Mrs. .' Coughlan : 'Blue crepe do chene, floral ninon hat. 1 Miss. Collett : Creme silk. floral 'hat Mrs. W. H. Coleman: Blue silk with floral ribbon trim nngs, hat en suite. " Mrs. Beston: Reseda green voile. black hbt. Mrs. A. Woodgate : Lace gown, 'hat trimmed with roses. Mrs. Allcorn: Spotted ~repe de chene, floral hat. Mrs. E. Beel: White muslin, floral sash, Tuscan hat. Miss King: -Embroidered white muslin, blackhat. Mrs. King :- Black satin, back and white hat. Miss Langtry: Lime cloth coat and skirt, floral hat. Mrs. Young: Champagne silk, picttire hat. SMiss 3. King: Apricot crepe de hene; Do?iy Venrden hat. Mrs. Simpson: IRoyal, blue orepe de chene, blue hat. Mrs. G. Richaras: Golden brown crepe de chene, apricot hat. Miss Hendry: White lace gown. floral hat. Mrs. .McPherson : Navy shock cost said skirt, white hat. SMiss Dungey: Saxe blue floral voile, blue hat. a Miss Laing: Mole silk, picture Miss 'Stanley: Embossed white ninon, floral hat. Miss B. 11son: Br6*n clroth coat and skirt, black hat. Mrs. Cranston: Saxe blue Char meuse; Tuscan hat. Miss F. Robertson: White crepe, with floral belt; floral hat. Mrs. Paterson: Black Charmeuse ; Tuscan hat. with tulle and flowers. Miss G. Dennis: Oreme crepe de I chne and guipare lace floral hat, Mrs.. C. Black: Black orepe de I chene, Oriei?tal trimmings; picture 1 hat, '

Mrs. Routledgo: - Eimbroidered muslin, with .cerise; hat -an suite. Mrs. McParlin: Pale blue broche; white hat. Mrs. Boardley: Black pailette and white lace; model hat. Miss Carrol: Navy crepe de chene; floral hat. Mrs. Andrew: Navy satin gren ade. with tango trimmings; 'hat en suite. Mrs. Thomas: Mole crepe de chene, emerald green trimniings; floral hat. Miss H,--wood: White linen; Sblack and white hat. Miss Dawson:' White crepe de chene; cerise hat. Mrs. W. Davidson': Champagne voile, with floral sash; hat en suite. Miss Doris Bird: Wedgewood blue floral ninon; white hat. Miss M. Bird: Prune crepe de chene, trimmings of shadow lace. Mri. Carrol: Navy silk , serge, oriental trimmings; model hat. I Miss Forbes: Sea blide crepe de chene, Russian striped belt; hat en suite. Miss Boylan: Grey crepe de chene, with touches of salmon pink i picture hat. Miss.Mannion: Floral crepe de chene, with touches of tango and king blue.; model hat. Mrs. L. Morri's: Grey silk. old gold and black trimmings; hat en suite. Mrs. J. Brn: Navy broche; black hat. Mrs. Christian: Grey clharmeuse with pink: floral hat. Mrs; Newman: Creme crepe de chene; pink hat. Mrs. B Rolfe: Embroidered white voile; white hat. Mrs.. G. Day: White silk ; hat en suite. Miss I. Browne; Pale pink crepe, creme hat. Mrs. A. Cairnduff: Floral voile, Paris hat. Mrs. H. Blomfield : Black and white silk, hat to match, Dolly Varden halt,. Mrq. F. Goddard : Mole cloth with tango trimmings, hat en suite. Mrs. B. Zowe: Buttercup silk lace over apricot charmeuse. large white hat. Mrs. E. Fariss : Resida green silk. model hat. Miss Ethel Fariss: Floral -voile. black velvet hat. - Miss N. Browne: Creme crepe de chene, hat -en suite. Mrs. George Abbott: Embroider ed gown, white hat. - Mrs. J. Reeves: Blue crepe de chene, leghorn hat. Mrs. 1Hannah: Pink satin with Jace overdress. Leghorn hat v~tu ostrich feathers. Mrs. A. Dineen: greme silk. model hat. Mbrs. A. Ross: Dove grey crepe deo chene, black -hat. . Miss D. Colley-White crepe de chene; Dolly Varden hat. Miss V. Stephens: Maize crepe de chene, creme hat, lancer .luumes. Mrs. ?A. Colley: Black crepe de chene. Miss M. Jordan: Creme costume. pink hat. Mrs. R. M. Jordan: Heliotrope costume, hat en suite.