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DEATH OF MR. R. W. PENNE- FATHER, M.L.C. AFTER A LONG ILLNESS. Perth, Jan. 16. After .an illness extending over many months, Mr. Richard Wil- liam Pennefather, K.C., M.L.C., died at this residence, 'Dakham." Shenton - road, Claremont, this evening.     The state of the health of the deceased gentleman had, for a con-   siderable time occasioned much   anxiety to his relatives and a wide circle of friends, and the heat wave, which set in a few days ago, has- tened the end. The late Mr. Pennefather, B.A., LL.B.. representing the North Pro- vince in t the Legislative Council, was a son of the late Mr. Fred- erick Pennefather, of Holy Cross Abbey, and was born at Tipperary, Ireland, on July 16, 1851. When quite young he travelled to Aus- tralia, and was placed under pri- vate tuition at Melbourne, where he afterwards attended St. Patrick's College. He took the Degree of B.A. and LL.B. at the University of SIelbohurne in 1876, 'and, .ihaving "oipleCidd" his 'legal --coarse., :was cealled to the. bar, and practised. in: T .rii for about. 10. years. 'He ?,?,n.. spent; two years in practice in .i , .b ut:. resumed . his :-oirmer legd," connection in elbourne, tVIiiPn also "ben admitted't t"he bar in e QueeihsIand'," wh'ere,' 1o;dever iid iot., practise. )!.? .Peniefather ;practised 'fo,. 15 ;nars.. n. iis. profession in' Victori, -,a dp whether as an iadvocat in -the 'iidiiiial Court, as counsel inh the Cri: il.' ;rt, as a cross-exaiineri in .ui..o edl cquijty suits, or ini reducing1 poinplicated issues, he. was apt inf ~-pirng his - knowlrdge of legal' lore to thie benefit of. his clisiits. Inj 1896 he came to West Aistralia; :and spen t the 'nforced six- months of resideiice before he could be quali -fled for adiiission to the Bar in travelling over the country to make hijiself- the :better .'acquainted with A`ts-o:t souretes, devoting speeial atten :'t&ona td tihe' auriferous areas. Re turning! to Perth,, he -stablished himself 'in professional practace min partnership with the- late -Mr.. John -l organ, efl .. known aimong_- tha ?.teg?. fraternity - of Perth ,in .those ffd v.,, thn n e following year Mr.' .e.niuefather turned his attention to -.,tParliamentary .matters, and at the gpneral .electipn for the :Legislative Assemnbly was returned as.represen tative for the-..Greenough constitu enc3y. Upon the retirement of Mr. 6 Burt from .the Forrest. Administra tion in Octobeir of the same year,Mr. Penne fther received the portfolio .o'tAttd'iey-General,. which he con .dJ ,?:hold- until..i901 it: I that -. iar hb was aipointied Q.C., and, i aie;e.. r eigned his seat. in. tie eishaie, Assembly,- .assumead the -,?pf.. ,f'acting-Judge of the ': Su :.,me ,t ur0,in .'dauring the absefie :on lea,ve iofhe Chief Justf?c 'Inn 1 ,1902 he iesumed' practice" a t" e ti .bar, and :continued for. three. yeats, Attl.i end of which' he eitered rub- i ',J'ife again, being returned by the -,'etoa;eos .of .the North. Province . in ,.; ay ..1908,, to represent 'theiir in ests ini. the Legislative" ,:Coin-i T,-t he ?ui'erment will take place: oni St?uridiay afternoon. . . ,