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MEMBERS OF THE CREW The following is the complete crew which left with the vessel, according to the records in the Adelaide Co.'s office: Thomas M. Allen, master  

N. C. Jamieson, chief officer W. R. A. Kinley, second officer. F. G. Peacock, third officer. F. H. Harris, purser. J. Levins, boatswain. H. A. Lyan, wireless telegraph operator. T. M. Grant, ship's carpenter. P. C. Clinton, F. Wilson, H. B. Rea, C. Stanley, T. McDonnell, Wil liam A. Farrell, W. Carton, M. Ryan, M. Dwyer, P. Jenkins, J. McGuckin, and F. Gunning, A.B.'s. S. Stuart and F. Herbert, ordinary seamen. W. B. Innes, chief engineer. A. Wassell, second engineer. W. Kelly, third engineer. A. G. Christie, fourth engineer. J. G. Arrow, fifth engineer. J. Kearns, donkeyman. W. Clarke, J. Smith, J. Brown, C. Norton, C. Anderson, G. Furlong, H. Offord, O. Olsen, *W. Fitzpat rick, A. C. de Montfort, T. O'Logh lin, T. McDermott, Thos. Taylor, A. Bryant, J. Downie, and C. Peters, firemen. F. W. Johnson, chief steward. J. J. Mangan, second steward. A. Freer, stewardess; J. McDer mott, assistant stewardess. J. Coughlan, fore cabin steward: H. Stanley, bar and store keeper; G. A. Gee, saloon waiter;. W. B. Black, pantryman; H. Bow, night watchman; Walter Tutt, chief cook; H. Stanberg, second cook; G. Jones, third cook; J. Jackson, kit chenman; A. G. Leller, baker; C. Walker, butcher; E. Davies, scul lion; P. Farrance A. Deerham, C. H. Benedicte E. Wardlaw, J. Hughes, J. Blades, A. Salkild, S. W. Reynolds, F. J. Winpenny, Wm. Dick, James Crosbie, Wm. Cant, R. Davis, W. Burkin, H. Smith, and P. Finnerty, stewards. * May not be on board..