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Shipping Entelligence.


October 13-T. S. O.S. Tirr.wia, C!'neb. from Sydney, 9th Oct-Cabin passengers, W. Jorda;,     Mrs. Beard, Mr. Mitford, Mr. and Mrs. Stevens,     Mr. Porter, Mr. 1lim«Jen, Capt Hollins and

servant-15 steerage .  

13th- Enma, brig. 139, Brown, Sydney, sun   dries and sheep . 4 steerage.  

14th-Conway, ship 1143, Duguid from Liver  

pool, 12th July. Cabin passengers-Mr. Palmer,

Master and 2 Miss Edwards 428 emigrants. Cargo general, Messrs Kerr Bogle & Co. agents.

14th-Emma Prescott, brig, 170, Staunton,   "Melbourne, 8th instant. Passenger» Cabin-Mr. Oinh-iin, Mr .'. Lewis, and 3 steerage.

,' U,h-A Iel nile Picket, Primrose, 112 tons, fiom Calcutta, 28th June. Cabin Passenger-R. Primrose.

14th-Sir W. Wallace, brig, Smith, from South   Sea Whaling, 80 tons sperm oil.

14th -Don Pedro, barque, 160 tons, Grant, from Melbourne, 9th instant, 4 cabin and steerage passengers, cargo 80 sheep and sundies, Dicken-  

son & Co.

14th-Flying Fish, schooner, 120 tons, Lucas,   Warnambool. Passengers -Mrs. Lucas & child. Agents, MoPherson & Co, 'undrles.

14 th-Pilot, schooner, 114 tons, Jamieson from Melboarne, in ballast. Agent, Lipscomb!..

14th- Sword K,sh, schooner» 167, Roberta,

Geeiong, 8 h ínstnijt, 3 cabin, and 3 steerage pas. aengers. Agents, T. D. Chapman, & Co.

14¡h-Glenene, barque, loO, Lang, from Port Albert 1 steerage passenger.

]4th-Drover, brig, 160 tons, from Melbsurne. 14th- Helen, schooner, 120 tons, Watson, from Adelaide.      


Oct. 13-Barque Helen S. Page, 226 tons. Spring, for Port Albert, in ballast

- -13-Schooner Macquarie, Dodd, for Port Albert, with sundries. Passenger-Mr. William

^Williams. . - >

-13- Schooner Native Lass, 109 tons, Blacklock, for Port Fairy. Passenger - one steerage. - ,

.,-13-Barque Kingfisher, 178 tons, Paul,,lor Guam, in ballast. Passenger-Mr. J. Crombie.

i 13th-Fox, schooner, 184 tons, Day, for Gee- long.

13ih-Freak, schooner, 94 tons, Hoggart, for Adelaide, suudiics.     IMPORTS            

Per Tasmania-24 casks tallow, order ; 9 casks blacking, Watchorn Perkins, «.V Co., 2 casks and 3 0 Kies, De La Hunt, 3 boxes, Thomas ; 48 barrels, 12 tierces beef, 250 sheep, 10 hilda, treacle, T Chap- man ; 8 cases, Franc & Co ; 3 bags maize, Wheat- ley ;, 31 tierces beef( Pryde ; 8 tierces beef, 12 bags maize, 188 ditto, Clinch ; 20 boxescandles, Robert. son ; 1 barrel beef, 42 bags manse, Hall ; 2 horses, 1 cart, Stevens ; 131 bags maize, Franc & Co. ; 1 small carriage, Gippune ; 41 bags maize, 4 tierces beef, 25 casks oranges, Taylor ; 56 tierces beef, Maxwell ; 2 «asks coal tar, 1 cask blocks, 1 bundle, Pryde ¡ 40 tierces beef, Toby ; G casks oranges, Jackson ; >1 box, Byron ; 15 bags sugar, T. Chap .inau ; 1 bag maize, Berry ; 58 bags maize, Stern ; 4 bags maize, Clarke ; 1 cask lemons. Hough ; l8 casks 1 case oranges, llollinsdale ; 1 cask ditto, Knight ; 1 cask yeast, Degraves ; 1 small box, Mc Pherson ; 8 cask oranges, Fisher. . Emma, Sydney-15 « sheep.

Conway. Liverpool,-20 barrels rosin, 300 tons coal, 50 barrels tar, 90 do pitch, 50 tons pig iron, 26 casks whiting, 1 box tools, 835 boxes, & 45 do. Kerr Bogle & Co ¡ 6 pkgs. 6 css. merchandise, Stern, Baar & Co ; IO css Chapman ; 1 box shot, .400 sacks salt 20 boxes, soap, 100 firskins butter, 70 barls. groceries, 15 boxs do, 600 do soap, 904 sacks salt, 9 tierces hams, 30 bdls. bacon, 160 fir. kins butter, 5t) ess. ale, 53jhhds. rum, McPherson & Francis; 75 bxs giam,Crosbie ; I cs. merchan- dize, Elliston ; I carriage Broch: 3 ess. mer- chandize, 1 ess, 1 truss, Order ; 2 bxs castings, McPlieison & Co ; a quantity of machinery, 'J.

Walktr : 6 ess. and sundry machinery, Morrison,, Launceston.  

Per Emma Prescott-10,000 ft timber, 35 doors, 20 casks beef.

' Per Adelaide Packet--100 bdls rattan, Order ; ' 1S64 bigs of wheat, 200 bags 'sugar, 60 do Salt petrc, 25 bdles twine, 27 cases black pepper. W. Crosbie & Co ; 29 coils rope, 56 do spun yarn, 81 do wool cashing,Gildchiist & Co: 1 case, haber- dashery, Allport <

i Per Glencoe-54 head of cattle, l8 baga o «beat, 10 bales bullock hides. , , ,


Per Native Lass-22,457 feet timber, 40,000 palings.

Per Macquarie-2 hhds beer, Boys Sr Hall.

aHtecellantou» Äfoippfafl.

A passenger by the Conway states, that the Anti podes, Wellington, and Derwentwater, were all to ?ail for this port on the 1st August.

Tbb ScnoMBEEG.-The Black Ball liner Schom-

berg, arrived here yesterday morning about ten o'clock, and was a scource of great attraction to passeugers on the Birkenhead boats, which passed within a few yards of her, every trip across. The Schomberg experienced light wiuds nearly all the way iroin Aberdeen.-Daily Post. July 12.

? The Schomberg is the packet vessel for Septem- ber 5th, and is commanded by Capt. Forbes, late of the Red Jacket. The Schomberg, our readers arc, doubtless, anare, is the largest merchant vessel

ever built in Great Britain.

The Captain of the Whaler, Sir William Wallace, reports having spoken the Saphire off south-west Cape, with 60 tuns of oil, the Grecian, with a Whale of 7 tuns, and British Queen as having one w) a i.

«11 well.

Tile Adelaide Packet 108 days from Calcutta, bt»

.experienced very heavy and bouterons weather, .having been the last 14 days sail of this port.

The Violo, for Geelong, left Calcutta, but, owing to the Iosb jf her mninmast, had to put back, she was expected to leave tor that port early in July.

LioiiTHoubE on Kino's Island.-At a meet- ing ot the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce held last week, a letter «as rea! from the Adelaide replytooneinviting their co-operation in promoting the erection of a Lighthouse on King's Island, m which it is stated that '* The Chamber, while agreeing that a light on King's 'Island would afford considerable security to the .trader? between Victoria, Van Diemen's Land, and New South Wales, are * of opinion that the ad. ,yantages to the trade of this' colony are at present so slight in degree, and remote in anticipation,that they do not feel j jstified in recommending that any portion of funds available, or to be voted, for the , purpose of lighting the coasts, should be devoted "' to the erection of a lighthouse on King's Island."

The letter goes on to state that the chamber is of i jopinion that independent action in the erection of

lighthouses will lead to the most satisfactory results and that at all tiroes it would be most advisable for each colony to hold exclusive control of its own lighthouses." , Thp chamber are also of opinion that " lights on the coast should bo contributed to by all vessels passing'them in their course," and thal " in the collection ol these dues atrangements might be made with the Customs of the other co- lonies, or which could again be reciprocated by

South Australia." .

?. Notice to Shipmasters Passing tuiiOuqh Sthaits or Ali.i.k ob Allo-Ship General Jllanco, in p ssing through, found a sunken rock, j not in any English or I'utch chart, »ith 2J fatlwms

water on it at about half tide, near channel mark of westerly passage. When the sounding was made .the N.B. point o! Lamblln Mand bore \. hy W., and the westerly point of middle Ibland S.W. by W". . 1 he Royal Saxon, with 700 tons of floor from Valparaiso, entered the Heads yesterday to land a passenger, and bore off again tor Melbourne, for which market her cargo is intended.-Sydney > Em- pire. , . I- v