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Shipping Report. ARRIVALS.

--19-- Schooner Balmoral, 114 tons, King, from Newcastle, NSW, with coals. Agent, W.


--19-- Brig Racer, 198 tons, Morant Maden,

from Newcastle Oct 12, with patent fuel for the T S N Company. Agent, C Toby.

--19-- Ship Indian Queen, 1051 tons, Mc- Kirdie, from Melbourne, with thirty-five Bounty emigrants.

——19— Ship Chatham, 574 tons, from London November 10. Passengers—Dr Oldmeddows, Mr and Mrs Joseph Taylor, two Messrs Edwards, Rev   Whyte, DD. Steerage—Smallwood 3, Fredk Stagg, George Stanford, Eliza Stone, Robert Syke, Farrells 5, Sam Taylor, Wilson 5, Spert 2, Williams 2, Wilson 13, Mary Wingfield, Alfred Woolfe, Jarretts 6, Anderson 2, Gray 8, Brown Davis, Adams 2, Boam 3, Bryan 6, Byers 3,    

Campbells 7, Compton 5, Cook 4, Denwood 2, Fenwick 5, Dan Forbes, Allen Fraser, Garrett 6, John Hay, Edward Hill, Hill 2, James 8, Lamb 6, Letbury 4, Henry Lowett, John Male, Marks

Mark, David Mill, Donald Miller, Amos and Wil-  

liam Mole, George.Morris, W and James Palmer, W Rolston, Reading 7, Mary Ralf, David  



Feb. 19-Bai que Glencoe, 160 tons, Thomas Laing, for Port Albert, in ballast.

-19-Barque Lady Emma, 231 tons, W

Mansfield, for the South Seas.  


Feb. 19-Mary Parker, for Melbourne - - - 19-Glencoe, for Port Albert

- - -19-Lady Emma, for the South Seas.

- - -20-Emma Brig, 139, Brown, Sydney, sun- dries. Cabin-Rev. Thomas Reddall, Messrs. T. J. Johnson, Hardcastle, Drury, Mrs. Sustinance and son, (??) Reddall, (3).    



Per Chatham : 267 bags malt, Watehorn, Per- kins and Co ; 400 bags malt, 200 deals, 30 hogs- heads porter, McPherson and Francis.


Emma Sydney-30 css jam, 23 bls leather, 230  

bls soap, Maning Brothers; 19 tons hay, Brown and Thompson ; 6 hhds rum, Boys and Hall ; 8 css   onions, 2 css potatoes, 2 bshls apples, W. Smith,


The ship Charlotta, bound to Calcutta, with part ofthc 27th regimant, has been entirely lost. .There were sixty-two, eleven woman, and twenty

six children drowned.

Gradually the tiemendous Baltic fleet is dwindling down into a mere squadron by departure of ships tor England. The ships at Keil, Nov. 4, after the Majestic and Cressy had sailed, were the following-;

Duke of Wellington, 131 screw, Captain Gordon, flag of the Commander-in-chief ; Royal George, 120, screw, Captain Codrington, CB. : Nile, 90, screw, Captain R. Mundy; Hogue, 60, screw, Captain Ramsay ; Blenheim, 60, serew, Captain Mundy. With these were five steam frigates. -

Wc regret to hear that the gallant veteran eom mander-in-chicf is seriously indisposed.

STEAM TO AUSMALIA.-It ia with extreme

i egret that »e notice the fact that the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company have abandoned their Australian contract, the loss upon twelve inouthb working being, as we under- stand, not less than jC4(j,000. By the mail steamer just arrived it Marseille1! there were only three passengers from Australia. It is obvious that totally différent arrangements must be made, and that the colamos, no »all ¡au tim mothor counlij, must act liberally if steam communication is to be


THE BOMBARDMENT OF SEBASTOPOL.-Some idea of the terrific reverberation from the opposing batteries at Sebastopol on the day of the opening of the bombardment muy be formed from the state- ment of the respeotable master ofthe Glendalough, in writing home from Eupatoria to the proprietors of that fine vessel, Messrs. Graves and Son, of New Ross. He observes-"Although at the time 30 miles distant from the scene of the engagement, the ship was kept in a continual tremor by the un seasing cannonade at Sebastopol." The Glcnda iaugh was engaged in carrying provision stores from Eupatoria to Sebastopol, for the use of the allied annies.-JCilK-en.t»j Modeiator.