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ARRINO. — The weather of the past , two weeks has been warm and has caused crops and pastures to make rapid growth. Crops are Dot urgently requiring rain, bet a good fall

now would greatly improve them. — The annual general meeting of the Arrino Tennis Club was held at the courts on September 24. After fencing and laying down another court the club flnished the season with a credit balance of' £6/8/. Office-bearers elected for the ensuing jear were as follows: — President. Mr. H. O. Townsend; secretary, Mr. W. J. Turner; captain, Mr. L. F. Angel; ladies' captain. Mrs. A. A. Smith; selection committee, captain, vice-captain and secretary. — The Arrino to Dndawa-road is at present being graded and repaired. - also the Dudawa to Three Springs-road. — The ? influenza epidemic has been serious here, but is now abating. Progress of the shearing throughout the district has .'been greatly impeded through shearers and shed hands- being stricken with this malady. BAKER'S HILL. — Peach, plum, nectarine and pear trees are blossoming profusely. Conditions nave been ideal for a good setting of these fruits. — Ploughing is almost completed and cul tivating commenced in the local orchards and vineyards. Shearing has also started in the district. — A large congregation attended the open ing service at the new Methodist Church on September 24. The president of the Methodist Conference, the Bev. Harry Moore, conducted the service.

CUNOERDIN. — The tennis courts were officially opened on September 24 by the patron (Mr. R. L. Baxter) in the presence^of about 100 players and ipieets. The mixed doubles tournament was won by Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Byan, with 'Mr. R.' Crosbie and Miss N. Quick as rurmers-up. — A kitchen tea was given on Septetnber 25 to Miss1. Win. Carter, who is to be married shortly ;.to Mrr Howard Blythl— :The hospital X-ray plant has been installed, and will be put into commis sion next week. FRANKLAND RIVER.— The weather has changed rapidly and exceptional warmth for this time of the year is, being experienced. Blow-: flies are numerous arid a number of sheep, have been blown. Nights are still cold, however, and two frosts have ?been experienced recently. The roads are likely to benefit from the warm weather, as in places they are still covered with 'water, and some.- of the creek crossings axe very .soft. A. truck was, bogged in- the. space of .a infle. two or three times and delayed seve ral hours; — OnFrittay afternoon the Haynesdale and Frankland River schools met in a football match, and the former won. — The growing period' has been so prolonged this year that many of the tattle are showing the effects, being low in condition. This has had an adverse effect on cream returns. Pastures are deriving consider-' able benefit from the warmer conditions. Cattler buyers are operating, cattle in really good con^ dition being In demand. Sheep aris making: headway and some fine Iambs are to be seen. . GABBIN,— The Mt. Marshal District ; Agricul- ural Society held their annual, exhibition at the: Beacubbin Show Grounds on, September- S3. ' The weather was very favourable for the event. .There was an excellent display : of .fancy worki -vege- tables, produce, cookery, and school work.-2-Part of the timter for the installation of the bulk handling depot has arrived in Gabbin. Work is expected to commence next week. — The weather or the'- past week has been very hot. On Sep-' tember 26 and 27 slight showers fell. It is several weeks since the last' heavy raint, and a heavy downpour would be very beneficial, 'as the crops are beginning to wilt. _ . . ? . KUKERIN.— Inter-school sports were held at (ukerin on September 23 in spring-ltifce weather.' Joulyinninjf. North Moulyinning, Knkerin md; North Kukerin schools competed. ? Keen sport wa«A witnessed by a large crowd. Kukerin won the cup for most' points scored, with Moulyinning rtmner-np only four points 'behind. RGooding 'Moulyinning) was champion : boy athlete and J:. Pearce (North Moulyinning) 'gained' similar .honours among the girls. ; : ?'''*'?? ?'* - LAKE BIDDY.-i-Mr. X.- Johnson harlbeen ap pointed secretary of the tennis club. The' cricket club opened the season on September 241 .? , MOORAv— An epidemic -of influenza in the own is the won* that has ? been experienced or many years, although serious complications have not developed In many, cases. The annual children's, picnic organised by the Progress As sociation had to be postponed for a month on account of much sickness. — The postmaster. Mr. C. E. Felstead, is on le«ve prior to his transfer to Bruce Rock. — Mr. Charles Clarke, an old resident of the Walebing district, died last week, aged 76 years. — Master Jack Nor wood (10),- a pupil at the State school, sus ained a broken arm as a result of a fall on September 19.— Mr. Walter Saleeba has been installed as- Master of the Moora 'Lodge for the ensuing year. — The final match in the Moora Golf Club's -annual championship . wat con tested by J. Lef roy and A. Saleeba, who finished even after -86; holes,- and played a deriding hole which' was. won by the former. — The East Perth 'B' , team of footballers visited Moora last week-end and easily defeated a combined Moora team. — Mr. John Cook, a pioneer of the Dan darr&gan district, celebrated hit 82nd' birthday on September 25 and was presented with an address from the Dandarragan Sold Board in recognition of his services as chairman. — Messrs. ). L. de Mamiel, R. W. McKay and C. H. DmvieB have been selected by Moora Water Board 'rate payers to be appointed by the governor_as mem ters of the Water Board to administer the af airs of the new ? water unnnl v for thp invn.

NUNGARIN.— The annual meeting of the ten nis club was held on September 20 when the following officials were elected for the forth- coming year:— Patron, Mr. C. Sibley; president Mr. S. P. Herbert; vice-president, Mr. Miles, sen.; ^ captain, Mr. Lea. Andrews; vice-captain. ? Mr. D. Matthews; committee. Mesdames S. ? P. Herbert and H. H. Waterhonse; Miss R. Brown, and Messrs. F. Fealey and J. Matthews; auditor. Mr C. Sibley; secretary and treasurer. Mr. M. M. Marshall. — The rifle club held a shoot over the 700 yards range on September 24. The trophy was won by Stan. Payne, after a choot-off with five others. The spoon . was won by H. S. I~ Creagh, with a score of 47 off the rifle. — At Trayiitjg oa September 24, in the grand final of the Dampier Football Association, Kununoppin (22.18) defeated Nungarin (10.6). — Bins for the bulk handling of wheat are in course of erection in the railway yards. About 30 men are employed on the work. — The last stack of wheat in the railway yards has been railed to Fremantle by Dalgety and Co.. Ltd. — No rain has fallen during the past week, and hot weather has been experienced. The crops are standing up well, considering the small rainfall (56 points) during the month, but a heavy fall would be welcome. Hay-cutting will commence early in October.1 — The red-legged earth mite has made its appearance in the district.   PINGELLY. — The annual concert -conducted by the Methodist Girls' Guild was held on Sep tember 13. — The Beveriey footballers visited Pingelly recently, and won a match against the local .team by 12.9 to 9.10, — At the annual meeting of the tennis club the following office bearers, were elected: — President, Mr. W. O. Sewell; vice-presidents, Messrs.. J. M. C Barrow, G. D. Smith, R. A. Johnson, and E. F. da Bou lay; captain, Mr. T. G. Couper; vice-captain, Mr. M. Fitzgerald; ladies' captain, : Miss D. Barrow;- secretary, Mr. J.' L. Barrow; auditor, Mr. 8. R. Keightley; committee, Messrs. T. G. Couper, .M. Fitzgerald, J. L. Barrow, I. 8. Macmillan, and H. Wilson, Misses D. Barrow and E. Trigwell, and Mrs. FJ Hulbert. — In the Pingelly-BrooktoD-Wandering Hockey Association Wandering beat Pingelly by four goals to one, and Pingelly defeated Brockton by six 'goals to nil. — At the annual meeting of the rifle club the following office-bearers were elected for the ensuing season: — Patron, Mr. H. S. Seward, M.L.A.; president, Mr. R. A. Johnson; vicepresi dents, Messrs. C. W. MicHe, Evan Williams, J. M. O. Barrow. W. O. Sewell, F. O. Mark well, M. H. Date, A. Friaell, C. Porter, H. J. Taylor, G. Bostock, and C. W. Hackworthy; captain, A. H. Hebb; vice-captain, H. 8. Hatcher; secretary, -Mr. W. R. Clark; treasurer, Mr. R. Clark; auditors, lean G. Lobban and C. Aldridge; committee, Messrs. B. Hatcher. W. E. Richie, H. McCloy, and A. Friiell. and the captain, secretary, and treasurer. — Altered shopping hours and. a late night will operate te Pingelly during the summer month*, . , QUAIRADING.— The road board has donated the sum of £49 toward* the X-ray fund in con nection with the local hospital — The final of £he bov scouts football was played on September 88. when 'Quairading defeated Dangin. 8.4 to 4.5. — The annual meeting of the P-P_A. was held on September 23, The following offlee-bearen were elected for the ensuing year: President. Mr. & O. Ball: vice-president, Mr. J. P. Waters; secretary, Mr. R. Argus. Mr. Carthew, the or ganiser, was present and addressed -the meeting. — The semi-final of the ladies' hockey was played on September 24, when Wattles defeated Gum rrate by four goals to one. — The golf season was officially brought to a close on September 24. A picnic function and mixed foursomes being held on the link*. — At a meeting of the Parent* and Citizens' Association arrangements were made for the annual picnic. ROSABROOK. — The first wedding at Rosabrook was celebrated in St. James* Church on Septem ber S3, when Mr. W. Darnell, the eldest ton of Mr. Darnell, the settler of longest ! standing in the district, was married to Miss Gwen Parrett, of Bnsselton. The Rev. Father Clissold, of Mar garet River, officiated. — The recent warm wea her haa caused rapid growth of crops, and pas turea.-VThe Rosella Soccer team defeated Mar garet River *t Rosabrook on September 24. SAWYER'S VALLEY^— Members of the local football club gave, a social and presentation to their captain, Mr. Osbome Truman, on the eve of his marriage to Miss Maud Bevis. — Pupils of the local school gave a play, 'The Fied Piper of Hamelin,' to a crowded house recently. An adult one-act play, 'In the Cellar,' was also pre sented. — It is noticeable that wildflowera are not aa plentiful as in former years. Complaints of widespread destruction by picnic parties have been heard. — Rutherglen bug and tbrip are pre sent, but have not aa yet caused serious damage to either foliage or blossom of fruit trees. There are prospects of a heavy stone fruit crop. — A day session of the Hills' Musical and Elocu tionary Festival was held in the local hall on the 23rd inst., when a programme of children's elocutionary events was given. — The Sawyer's Valley Cricket Club, at .the annual meeting held recently, elected the following officers: Presi dent, Mr. J. H. Farrell; honorary secretary, Mr. Les. Foot; captain, Mr. B. Kent. TOODYAY. — Many cases of influenza have been reported during the past week. It is in most cases hi mild form. — A successful dance to en tertain the visiting members of the R.AJT.R. rifle club was held on September 23. — The Toodyay Road Board has instructed the new caretaker of the Town Hall to enforce the regula tion prohibiting smoking in the main hall. This question has caused the board considerable con cern of late. — The week has been fine and warm. Crops and pastures are growing well. Late wheats are comincr out in ear. Shearing has commenced on some farms, but will not be general until next month. — On September 4 the final match of the season of the Toodyay Foot ball. Association was played when Toodyay (12.14) defeated West Toodyay (7.21). At the conclusion of the game Mr. F. Hcrrod (pre sident) presented the Lee Steere Cup to H. King ston, captain 'of the Toodyay Club. WILLIAMS— The Rev. W. Needham, of Collie, hat been appointed rector of the. Williams parish, and will commence duties about the middle of ctober During the vacancy, Mr. J. Seddon. of le Xarrogin School of Agriculture, has cou dubted evensong on the first and third Sundays, in the local church. — At the last monthly men ing of the C.W.A., Mrs. J. Longmore was elected secretary, in place of Mrs. H. John stone who has been appointed, temporarily, to the Jennacubbine school. — Shearing has com menced on a number of farms, the weather being ideal for that work.