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BUSSELTON. — Thomas Bobson Hunt (27), better known as Kobson Laudresser, was before the Busselton Police Court on a charge of having stolen £5/13/ in silver, cigarettes, face cream,

and toilet soap, in all to the value of to. A fine of £10, in default a month's imprisonment, was imposed. — Five nominations have been re ceived for the position of Sussox zone represen tative on the directorate of the South-West Dairy Fanners, Ltd. Theee are Messrs. J. M. Xelson, W. J. Cox, A. H. Wilkinson, F. W. Stroud, and R. O. Busden. The contest is creating consider able interest amongst dairy farmers associated with this co-operative company. CARNAMAH. — By defeating Arrino at Car namah on Julv 1, the local footballers took the lead in the North Midlands Football Association competition. Improvements to the local golf course are being carried out, and the course will be officially opened at the end of the month. — The annual general meeting of the rifle club was held on June 28, when Mr. N. M. Graham was appointed captain, and Mr. B. W. Chirk vice-captain. CARON. — Two points of rain were registered at 8 a.m. on July 1, and during the night of July 2 109 points fell. — The Carou football team fcored another win on July 2, when it played the Bowgada-Koolanooka team on the Caron ground. — The local football club held a dance at the school on July 1. — Seeding operations in the district have now ceased, and some farmers have commenced fallowing. CUNDERDIN. — The rain which fell on June 26 only amounted to about a quarter of an inch. It was preceded by a violent dust storm. — On June 25, on the local golf links, the cap Iain's and vice-captain's teams won two and a half matches each in an eight een-hole match. — On June 25, in tho Avon Football Association, Kellerberrin defeated Cundcrdin by 34 points and Meckering I*-at North Cunderdin by 13 points. Cunderdin has lodged a protest against Kellerberrin for having played an unregistered player. — A bulk-handling plant is being erected close to the \V-?stralian Farmers grain shed. — Crops are looking well, and fallowing is being carried out, but additional rain would be wel come. DALWALLINU. — J. Hyde won the golf com petition for the captain's trophy on July 2. — The ball in aid of St. .Luke's Church of England will take place on July 15. GABBIN. — At footl.aH at Koorda, Gabbin de feated Koorda by 13.14 to 6.7 The other as sociation match resulted in a win for Mollerin against Boralaming. Mr. F. L. Warner, M.L.A., has given a cup for competition between the members of the Koorda Football Association. — If is announced that bulk handling will be in stalled at Narkel this year. — Mr. Williams has been elected chairman of the hall committee, Messrs. W. Gobbait and J. Callow, joint secretaries, and Messrs. Clare and R. Oaten, committeemen. — Several emus have been seen in North Gabbin, also tracks of dingoes and foxes. — Crutching sheep and tail ing lambs has been carried out on several of the farms. — Seeding is almost completed. — The early sown wheat and oats are making good growth whilst the new crops are beginning to show. On some farms feed is scarce owing to the large numbers of stock. Babbits are becoming numerous although many farmers are busy poisoning and fumigating. GRASS VALLEY— The Grass Valley Catholic ball was very successful. The net profit amounted to about £10. — In spite of the lateness of the season, many fanners are still engaged in an attempt to sow low fallow; a small percentage only have started . fallowing. HARVEY. — ^Messrs. Connolly and Reigert, of the Yarioop Douglas Credit Study Circle, visited Harvey last week and gave a lecture to the Harvey circle on the subject of 'The Machine Age and Its Effects on the Social Order, Owing to the Displacement of Labour.' On June 25 Messrs. J. Finnan and H. G. Clements, of the Harvey circle, addressed the sustenance workers employed on the Harvey commonage, and a circle will probably be formed among the workers. — On June 27 the Agricultural Society met to draw up the schedule for the forthcoming ?how. — On July 1 the Harvey football team de feated Brunswick in a match at Brunswick by 13.11 to 8.13. — On June 28 a dance was held at the hall to further the candidature of Baby Kigg in the popular baby competition being con ducted by the Roman Catholic Church. KELLERBERRIN. — Under the auspices of tb» Primary Producers* Association, Mr. Cathew, of Perth, recently addressed a large gathering of farmers on matters aflecting the agricultural in dustry. Several important resolutions were adopted for inclusion in the agenda of the annual conference to be held in Perth in August. — A send-off was tendered Mrs. G. B. Skidmore, ex captain of the ladies' golf club. She was pre sented with a travelling rug in appreciation of her services. — The annual social given by the local branch of the Returned Soldiers' League was attended by over 300 persons. — During June, 261 points of rain were recorded here, bringing the total for the half-year to 5.33 inches. This is approximately three inches less than for the same period last year. — Four residential properties have changed hands during the past few weeks in this town, these being the first changes for some years. — In connection with the bitu menising of the main street, a party of Main Road Board surveyors has taken the preliminary steps for the carrying out of -the work. — The death occurred on June 27 of Mr. P. G. Keller, an old resident. — Several additional cases of diph theria have occurred. — An effort is being made to form an egg circle here with a view to ex porting eggs to Europe and raising local prices. — A children's fancy dress ball, held in the Regent 'TheatTB,~aJtraeted an attendance of over 350. Proceeds :'were in aid of St. Joseph's Catho lic Church building fund. — The State president of the Wheat-growers' Union (Mr. L G. Boyle^ addressed a meeting of 40 farmers recently. MEEKATHARRA. — A children's fancy dress ball held by the Parents and Citizens' Association resulted in a profit of about £30. The proceeds were to assist the Christmas seaside trip for the children. — A team of Wiluna tennis players visited Meekatharra and was defeated bv the local club. — The JTeefcatharra footballers played Wiluna United at Meekatharra and won by four goals six points. — Mr. Hayes (manager of the Bank of New South Wales, Meekatharra) gave a dinner to about 50 of his friends at the Royal Mail Hotel to welcome his mother, who has come to Meekatharra for the winter months. — A total of 55 points of rain was recorded for the month of June. NORNALUP. — The Walpole townsite on the Nornalup Inlet lias been surveyed, and the busi ness and residential blocks were auctioned on June 30. — Since the middle of May heavy rains have fallen in the district. An early 6pring is expected. NUNGARIN. — The local football team met the Trayiiinj» Club on the latter's ground and won by 170 points. — The Mukinbudin Golf Club visited Nungarin and defeated the local team by one game. — On the home ground, the soccer club defeated the Yelbeni team by five goals to two. — At the annual general meeting of the Nungarin-Eastern Districts Agricultural Society, the following officers were elected: — Patron, Sir James Mitchell; president, Mr. F. J. W. Dawe (re-elected); vice-presidents, Messrs. H. H. Waterhouse and E. F. Dayman (re-elected); treasurer, Mr. C. Sibley; auditor, Mr. W. H. C. ?Waterhouse; secretary, Mr. C. Vanzetti; general committee, Messrs. P. A. Williams, R. B. Creagh, H. G. Payne. J. Jolly, H. P. Jolly, W. Bodey, H. S. L. Creasrh, W. Hodges, G. H. Herbert, W. Bradley, N. Watson, E. B. White, J. N. Dug dale, G. Fimister, D. A. Couper, A. Strickland, R. S. Norris, S. D. Dawe, F. G. PWlbey, J. Har rod, G. L. K. Warner, L. D. Evans, M. Pink, A. E. .Brown, W. Crane, H. F. Miles, M. J. Quinlan and M. Marshall.