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THE SANDOVER MEDAL. S. Clarke Succeeds in First Season.

To the West Australian league foot- ballers' honour roll has been added the name of Sydney Clarke, the Claremont Cottesloe half-back, who has achieved fame

by winning the handover Medal (for the fairest and best player) in his first season in league ranks at the age of 19 years. It was one of the closest competitions yet hed, for until the last umpire's card was read by the president of the league (Mr. W. Stooke) yesterday the issue was in doubt, Clarke winning with 15 points from H. Screaigh, the East Perth and carnival rover, who scored 14, with M. Tetley, the West Perth back, and R. Edgar, South Fremantle's dependable half-back, next with 13 each. The system adopted in recent years is for the umpire to fill in a card at the end of each match, voting preferentially for the three best players — three, two, and one — but during the absence of the carnival team voting was suspended. Clarke scored four firsts, a second and a third; Screaigh, four firsts and a second; Tetley



and Edgar, three firsts and two seconds. In view of his youth— he is the, youngest handover medallist— Clarke's success came as a surprise to most followers of the   game, but looking back over the season it will be realised that he has been very consistent and on several occasions bril-   liant, as on Saturday last. Had Screaigh struck his bes' form after his return from Sydney he must have won and Tetley's points must also have been scored before he went away. It is a coincidence that a Garemont-Cottesloesi player, won last: year, : when . K. Hough, had the . .easiest-.of wins, scoring; 32 jbot.of-ithe possible 54 points. , This -year,, of course, the pos sible i was .reduced -to ???45:-. ? '??: \ -The -points were -allotted as follow: — .. S. CLARKE (Claremont-Cottesloe) . . 15 - H. SCKEA1GH (East ;Pefth) ....... .14 H^iETLEy. (West Perth) .. .. i. 13 ' VB-'EDGAB (South ; Fremantle) .. 'i'.^ 13. '' VD- MAHINKO (West Perth) .. .. ... 11 rMcGlina. (Ej.), B. Lawn. (KP.), Batt CC.-C.) and Hongerfqrd (P.), 9. ' .: Merson (Sub.).' G: . Smith (Sufcy; Cronin (E.P.):.!«nd. -Fordhain '(EJ.); 18. '^ t ? - .. Shenfleld/(SJ-)., Hough. (C.-C.) -and B.Hysa .(ElP.),- -7.-.» :-.; -r-. ',. , '?. ? -.?,.,?,. ,'? .. . O. D6«: (EJ.), W. Smith (SJ-.y^Davey (P.) and Shepherd (P.). 6. Woods (EJ1.). Ecynolds (EJ.), P, Walsh (WJ.), A. Grigtr (P.), Steward (C.-C.) ' and It Ryan (E.B.J.,5. . - :. !Tyson (WJ.).DaUy '(Sub.). ' Richardson (Sub.), Mackay (Sub.), Maloney (C.-C-), *: C. Doig: (E J.). JKingsbury . (EJ.), Rainoldi (W.P.), McGuckin (W^.), Benton, (W.P.), Niasen (Sub.)i Holt (SJ1.).' Carpenter (SJ.), Hagan (S.F.), Keiffhtley (P.), Hr Grigg (P.), P. Fitzgerald (P.). OUphant (P.), Harris (C.-C.), Dingwall CC-C.). Gook (P.) -*nd Booth (EJP.),. 8. . '.; . '_ \. Taylor (E.F.), C. James (E.F.), Flemming (W.P.), Sanderson (WJ.), B. Edmondson (WJ.), Davies (Sub.), Green (Sub.), Hobertsoh (S.F.), Whitmore (SJ1.), MetheraU (S.F.), Brown (S.F.), Retell (S.F.). Johnston (P:), Gar naut (E.P.). Clime (E.P.) and Lalor (E.P.), 2. Migro (E.F.), Hunro (EJO. ? J. McDiannid (WJ.j, Briggs (Sub.), Jennings (SJ.), J. Dpig (8.F.). Wilson {P.), Morris (C.-a), Gr*Bnwood (C.-C.), White (C.-a), Lovegrove (C.-O.) and little (E.P.), 1. '????? ????'?'. ???'? East Perth (10 -pUyers), BS points: Ckre ?aonWJottesloe (11 players).: 50;. West Perth (11 players) ,49; South Fremantle (13 playets), 47'; Ji* Freinantle (11 players),' 45;. Perth (11 player*), 44; SuBiaco (9 playenj; 86. '?'? ='' Clarke, is a . 'natural ^half-back : : and, it1 was 'realised' during .'the season that Jhe was far more valuable in -that position than at half-forward. His high marking is L the 'best feature, of his play, as ie leaps, high at the right .moment and' has a 'safe pair of- hands. . -For. one so 'tallT^he.iB 6ft. - ljin. . in height-r his . ground play, ;is excellent, -and he makes good use 1 of a remarkably quick turn. As all 'halfr backs should do, he clears swiftly, and if . a player . is not in '-position to jdve. a lead, he kicks as f ar as -? possible.'. Weigh ing only; lL6t. Clarke;it( rather light,' but he is not yet fully, developed, and 'should become-more robust.' '..^ ? . ?? . To?:the combined '.efforts of theChvre mpn^-Cottesloe coaches,. R. P. Rodriquez and H. -Gepp, , Clarke, owes : his success. He learned his football ^t Perth Boys' School, -and was a member of the State schoolboys' team which went to -Brisbane in 1928. In that side were Rfchardson, McCa.llum, .E. Dpig, Pead and Baker, who have all- attained league ranks. In 1929 Clarke went to Hale School, where he played in. the first eighteen for two years, captaining the side in 1930. He .-also dis trngniahed -himself in interschool athletics, winning: the high . jump (under .. 16) , and tying for first in the open event a \year later. . E. P. Rodriquez coached Hale School during those years. and in 11931. he also, had Clarke, under his care with the Nedlands metropolitan, juniors. Not: long after the start of that season Clarke went to BunBury' where 'Be' did exceptionally well. He returned to Perth last year and played so well for . the Nedlands.. juniors that he won. the Strempel Medal for the best and fairest player in. the association. His next step was to the ClaremontCot tesloe league v. team and remarkable suc cess followed! : ?*? . ' ? - ' :' Speaking' enthusiastieally about Clarke yesterday,: Mr; -Rodriguez said that -he had exceeded his highest hopes by gain ing such a great honour in his first sea son. Clarke :';h'ad,' 'however, made gd'od' only earlier than he had expected. 'Early, last, season I predicted a great future, for him,' Mr. Rodriquez continued, 'as I thought he would be one of the best' half-b'acks' in -the league-' and an interstate player in - his ? second- . year. At Hale School he was clumsy and leggy, having grown too fast, and I had to train him, carefully. He was then a half -forward,' but he later showed an aptitude for de-' tensive .play. Last year ? he improved' considerably; indeed, he was one of the, most brilliant juniors I have ever seen. Towards the end of the season he had to take great care owing to an injured back, and when Claremont-Cottesloe wanted him. and others to play in. the league competition this year, I was dubi ous of the wisdom of pushing him up so soon. However, when he hinted at for saking football for hockey, it was clear that he .should be given a trial in the league team.' Following is a list of Sandover Medal winners: — 1921 — T. Outridcc (Subiaco). 1922 — H. Boyd (West Perth). 1923— W. ('Digger') Thomas (East Perth). 1924 — J. Gosnell (West Perth). ' 1925 — G. Owens (East Perth). 1926 — J. Leonard (Subiaco). 1927 — J. Craiff (West Perth). 1928 — J. Rdcchi (South Fremantle). 1D29 — W. Thomas (East Perth). 1930 — E. Flemminir (West Perth) 1931 — L. Richards (East Fremantle). 1932 — K. Hough (Claremont-Cottesloe). 1933 — S. Clarke (Claremont-Cottesloe). The winner's father, Mr. S. Clarke, was a half-back for North Adelaide and was in the BLalgoorlie Railway team, which included six Tysons, and won the pre miership of the Goldfields League in 1903-4-5.