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BUSSELTON. — Bernard Butt (20) teas cross ing a railway intersection in Busselton on a bicycle when he swerved in an endeavour to mi. a motor car driven in the other direc

tion. In doing so me caDie 01 ms wa« snapped and Butt fell beneath the car, the wheels of which passed over his hips. He was picked up in an unconscious condition and removed to the hospital. — Efforts made by the municipal council to induce the Railway De partment to provide an accelerated service be tween Bosselton and Perth have not met -with success. As a consequence of the time taken to cover that journey by rail, quite an ap preciable amount of the traffic is being diverted to the road, where motor cars can reduce the travelling time by about four hours. — Consider- able anxiety is ' being caused the municipal council at the inroad being made by the sea long the beach front. A storm last week drove the waves nith such force against the sea wall on the foreshore that portions of the foundations were carried away, and the exis tence of the tearooms owned by the council is threatened. — At the annual meeting of the Busselton Rifle Club the treasurer's report and financial statement showed that the past year closed with a credit balance of £13. It is proposed to add a 700 yards mound to the range as soon as possible. CUNDERDIN. — The annual bachelors' ball was held on Friday, September 1. Over 300 people attended, including many visitors from the surrounding districts. Over £60 was taken at the door and a small profit resulted. — The annual meeting of the Tennis Club took place on Monday, August 28. The balance sheet showed a small credit in hand. The following officers were elected: — Patron, Mr. R. L. Bax ter; president. Dr. Shanahan; vice-president, Mr. F. S. Lewis; captain. Mr. G. H. Ryan; vice captain, Mr. S. Hird; and joint secretaries, Messrs. H. Clark and R. Crqsbie. — The ' rainfall for August was 163 points, of which 140 fell in the last week. — Following the good rains and under the influence of warm days and dewy nights the crops are growing well. — The second semi-final in the Avon Football Associa tion was played at Meckering on September 3, when Meckering (17.13) - defeated Cunderdin (8jlo). — Members of the Cunderdin Golf Club visited Meckering on September 3 and were defeated by five matches in the foursomes and three matches in the singles. DONNYBROOK. — After having been destroyed by fire in February last, the Donnybrook rifle range has now been reconstructed and the club hopes to resume shooting at an early date. The inspector of rifle clubs (Mr. Abjomson) in spected the range last week and pronounced it satisfactory. — The rainfall for August was only 469 points, compared with 805 points for July and 446 for Aueust last vear The total regis

tration for the year is now 3,143 points, well below the average for this period of the year. — In the semi-final of the Donnybrook Foot ball Association, played on September 3, Brook hampton defeated Erup by 4 points. — The final' monthly medal competition -was conducted by the Golf Club on September S, when C. Wood brook returned the best card' with a net score of 69. The following players will contest the final on September 10: — Messrs. J. Egan, H. Turner, J. Mitchell, C. Woodbrook. J. Ivimey and Dr. Collins. KUNUNOPPIN. — The football match between Ennunoppin and Nungarin, played on the latfcer's ground on August 26, resulted in a draw, each side scoring* 8 goals 10 behinds. The Kunun or-pin team still retains the leading place for. premiership honoum. — The ladies' hockey team visited Nungarin oh August 26 for a match and were defeated by 4 goals to nil. — On August 27 picked members played' in the Bampier team at Nukarni against Merredin teams. — The Rifle Club fired over the 300 yards range on August 27 for the H. Burton trophy, W. D. Cooper scoring highest off the rifle with 59 out of a possible' 60. Seven members tied for first place, W. D. Couper scoring a possible- and winning the shoot-off. — . The golfers played the second -round of 18 boles for the H. Burton 'Cnp on August 27, the win ner being D. Selkirk. Associates1 played over 18 boles on August 29 for the first round for the H. Burton Cup, Mrs. Allen winning the round. — The Returned Soldiers' League sub-branch held i children's nursery rhyme and fairy tale ball in the. Agricultural Hall on August 26. — Matron Davenport of the District Hospital, is away on .three weeks' leave.— -A succesf ul bridge evening was held in aid of the funds of the Muriel Chase Hostel on August 29. — Severe wintry weather prevailed throughout last week, 99 points of rain falling. Farmers are greatly relieved. Everything looks fresh and welL The rainfall f ox the month was 144 points, which fell in nine days. The weather is sunny and dry at' present. MT. MAGNETO— The rainfall lor August was 215 points,' bringing the total fall for the year to date to 909 points. Most' of the rain fell since May. The pastoral outlook is better than it lias been for many years. — At All Saints' Church, Miss Thelma Pearsall was married to Mr. Lyle Palmer on August 24- by the Rev. N. F. Warlow. — An outbreak of influenza -has rapidly filled the local hospital so that addi tional assistance had to be obtained.

MORAWA.— Arrangement for the fifth annual show on. .September 8 are well in hand. — A gift evening was tendered to Miss Amy McCletman and Mr. Maurice lodge prior to their marriage. Bands rendered music for dancers, and songs were rang by MissM. Jones andJIr. J.-P. Korthey. — A total of 219 points has been' registered in Morawa since rain commenced on August 23.' There- ?was heavy rain during' the night of August 29, 119 points- being registered. Crops this year will not be so high as those of' Oast year. ?HT. BARKER. — On August 26, the Korth football team was defeated -by Combines at Ken dennp, the ecores being 8.11 to 8.0. — The local ladies' hockey team competed in the Great South ern carnival at Katanning, winning three games out of four.-— The Memorial Hall committee is endeavouring to finance an additional room at the rear of tie hall,— Bain bob been very beneficial to orchardists who 'are busy cultivating and top dressing. — On August 20 the local golf players visited Tambellnp, but were defeated by five games to two. The club intends to make a new golf course about three miles south of the town. Tenders are being called for the clearing of the links. — Dr. Deane, who has been seriously ill for some time, is an inmate of the- local hospital. — In. the final stage of the Jones trophy which, was shot off by the local rifle club members, J. Reeves won in a eboot off by one point. ' fiORTHAM. — The vital statistics for the Xor tham registry district for the month ended August 31 were as follow: — Births, 46 (24 male and 22 female); deaths, 21 (17 mate and 4 female); marriages, 16. Of the deaths recorded, six occurred at Wooroloo. — Heavy rain on the night of August 29, when about 80 points were measured at the Nbrtham post office, -roaght the month's rainfall to 221 points, compared with 536 points for August last year and 346 points in the corresponding month of 1931. The total rainfall at Nbrtham for the eight months was 14 inches and 90 points, which is well up to the average. As a result of recent rains, the Kortham weir is looking at its best now, and should be an attraction to visitors to the town for the centenary cele brations which will commence on September 23. It is- proposed to form a militia infantry unit at Kortham and the municipal council has called a public meeting to discuss the sugges tion. Brigadier Martyn, C.M.G., D.&O., Lieut. Colonel Weick and Major Rowe visited Northam on September 4 in connection with this and other military matters. — Four-, fumigators have been purchased by the Northam Road Board as a result of a recent decision that fumigators be hired out to ratepayers at a charge of 2/6 a day. — The board has a staff of 14 men engaged in reconditioning roads throughout the district at a cost of about £150 a fortnight ?r-The semi-final of the Northam National Foot ball Association's premiership was played at East Northam on Scnday, August 27, when the Federal Club had an easy victory over Imion, the final scores boing: Federal, 13.22 (100 points); Union. 6.10 (4C points). — In rlie Northam Badminton Association's matches, played during the week, the Central team de feated St. Joseph's in the 'A' grade by 13 sets (234 games)' to 3 sets (150 games); and Northam lost to St. Joseph's, and St. Joseph's lost to Central in the 'B' grade. NUNGARIN. — The football club met the Yol beni team on the home ground on August 19, the scores being: Nungarin, 12.16; Yelbeni, 6.11. — On tb-- 6ame day the ladies' hockey club defeated the Nukarni team by 2 goals to 1. — A children's fancy dress ball, organised by the Parents and Citizens' Association, was held in the Road Board Hall on August 19, when over 100 children appeared in fancy costume. — The rifle club held a shoot of 14 shots over the 300 yards range on August 20, when the trophy and spoon were won by E. Waller with a score of 64 off the rifle, after a shoot-off with F. Hocking. — The football club met the Kununop pin team on the home ground on August 26, the match resulting in a draw, both sides scoring 8 goals 1 0 behinds. — On the same day the ladies' hockey club met the Kununoppin team on the home ground and defeated them by 4 goals to 1, thus winning the premiership of the Dampier Association for the second year in succession. — Tho golf club held thMr annual ball in the Road Board Hall on Aupist 20. — The rifle ohib held a shoot of 1 4 shots over tho SOU yards range on August 27. the tropliy being won hy R. C. Fitzpatrick and the spoon by H. S. L. Creagh with a score of 07 off the ritie. — The members and associates of the golf club

journeyea 10 jauKinouuin on .tut^ust z 1 , wnon the match resulted in a draw. — The mcmhi'is of the Congregational Church organised a fete and concert in the Road Hoard Hall on Aiiimst 31, in aid of the church funds. — The rain fall for August was 157 points, of which 127 were reeorital on six of tlie last i-igrlit days of the month. The tutal to date for the year is 80S points, of which 710 fell during the arowine period. tlu» 'attcr beins 32 over the av-ra~p for th« past 2S years, but **:{ less thau recorded la-t year. Crops have {treat ly bene fited by the r-.c:'nt rains, but are mostly back ward and will rrquire further late rains to be assuird of avprj^ro yield?. Fallowing opera tioiA are brim; continued; and shearing is in full Ewing with good clips bc-ing recorded. TOODYAY. — In the final of the golf club championship. G. J. Parkins defeated E. Brewis by six and four. — Robins (one goal) defeated Xunyle (nil) in the first semi-final of the Toodyay We men's Hockey Association on August 30. — Toodyay (11.8) defeated West Toodyay (8.17) in the 16th match of the Toodyay Football Association. On September 3. Boi srart (12.15) defeated Toodyay (11.10). In the first quarter E. Ellery and B. Cbitty, both of the Toodyay club, 'collided. E!l»ry Ml heavily and fractured his collarbone. — The rain fall for August was 291 points. Very heavy rain fell on August 29 and a severe thunder storm passed over the district that evening. — A team representing the local Hockey Associa tion defeated the visiting Melville club on September 3 by two goals to one. — A race conducted by the Toodyay Whippet Club on September 3 result«l: — H. Dorizzi's Specula tion, 1; H. Dorizzi's Lone Test, 2. WONGAN HILLS. — The annual golf ball was very well attended, approximately £17 being taken. During the evening all trophies won during the year were presented. — In an associa tion football match, Wongan Hills (7.14) beat Kondut (1.3). — A start has been made in erect ing the wheat silo for the bulk-handling scheme. About 20 men are employed. — In the second fixture of the Junior Cycling Club. C. Camp bell and H. Strickland were placed 'first and second, respectively. — In an inter-club golf fix ture, Wongan Hills beat Ballidu by nine games.