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FOOTBALL. Screaigh's Fine Performance.

(By 'Follower.')

A performance of great merit on Satur day was that of H. Screaigb, the East Perth and carnival rover, who kicked nine of East Perth's 16 goals against Subiaco.

and at one period seemed fcQ be the only player on the ground able to shoot straight. 1^ his two seasons in league football Screaigh has been an outstanding player, and though lacking, perhaps, the polish, rivals East Perth's recent cham pion rovers— L. Duffy and W. Thomas— in pofnt of skill pnd effectiveness. It is a significant fact that Screaigh won the trophy for the best and fairest player in the East Perth team last year, when he waa hawipg his first season in league ranks. Screaigh distinguished himself last sea son with consistently good play and this season seems to have improved consider ably, and must be well in the running for the Sandover Medal. Short ae he is, he is able to stand up to the hardest of matches, and until one notices how well proportioned he is it is difficult to under stand how he keeps his speed and stamina after hard knocks. One of the most admirable features of Screaigh's play, and one which is not usually found in small men, ia his straight-ahead style. He does not waste time and ground by Jong, ?weeping turns or dodging backwards and forwards. If in trouble he turns like an eel, swiftly and sharply, and does not waste time in getting rid of the ball. On Saturday it was realised how one player can note a weakness in the defence and Ufie it to the best advantage. Screaigh's excellent ground play and goal sense kept East Perth well in the picture in the first half and in the second, when Subiaco was badly beaten, he played havoc with the defence At present Screaigh has a habit, which hag so far benefited him, but may prove dan gerous. When going through with the ball and confronted by an opponent, he drops the ball and at the same time throws up nis head, almost invariably causing his opponent to give away a free-kick for Holding him round the neck. It must be rather disappointing to East Fnemantle to see and hear of Screaigh's ?uccess, knowing that he might easily have been m its side, which, though containing too many small men, would welcome one of Screaigh's ability. East Fremantle earned the services of Reynolds, Taylor and McGlmn from York, where Screaigh ajso warned his football. Two years ago East Fremantle asked Screaigh if he would be prepared to join that club and when he stipulated that work would have to be found for him, he was asked, to Wait for further word. The reason slipped by and Screaigh received no communication from East Fremantle. Tben Brentnall. the former State and Eatt Perth half back *? uxt aPecial P05?* of informing his old* ciub that a potential champion was wait ing to be snapped up by a league team.

The East Perth secretary (Mr. F. D. Book) made a trip to York and against his judgment— he thought on ap pearances that Screaigh was too small and meek — invited him to play in the scratch matches last season. Since then Screaigh has not looked back. East Perth supporters thought that Screaigh's performance in kicking nine goa'ti was a record for a rover, but have since learned that McGlinn (East Fre mantle) had gone one better. On August 22, 1931, McGlinn kicked 10 goals out of 23 scored by East Fremantle against Clare mont-Cottesloe. He roved that day and a week later failed to kick a goal against Perth when he was tried as goal-sneak and East Fremantle scored 21.12. Value of Good Forwards. Champion forwards are hard to find, but every club should make an effort to have a reasonably strong band of forwards, men who can get the ball for themselves, lead out well and, above all, kick accurately. The job of the full forwards and to a lesser extent of the half-forwards, is to kick goals, and if they consistently fail to do so, they are not worth a place in the team. A forward must keep his posi tion, and it is his duty to break away from his opponent when his side launches an attack. To find a good example of clever, concerted forward work one naturally goes back to the days when East Perth was at its height, when forwards moved like clock-work according to the late P. Matron's instructions and with the ever-ready 'Bonny' Campbell to finish off the attacks. That is not to say that other clubs have not since produced capable forwards, but it is doubtful if any bunch of forwards has since co-operated with the same precision and success. It is not an easy task to play half-forward or full forward, for the backs have the advantage of being able to tear straight through and_ not worry about turning. Still, goals win matches and forwards are chosen to kick them. On Saturday there was a striking ex ample of weak forward play, when Subiaco wasted golden opportunities of establish ing a big lead by half-time. Much of the blame has been placed on S. Daily's shoulders, but he has proved before that goal-kicking is not one of his accomplish ments. Subiaco experimented with the placing of the team and was un successful, and though past per formances of the team called for a radical change, the transference of Daily to attack proved unsuccessful. What Subiaco needs is a man who can kick goals, and also play surely on the ground and mark well. West Perth has done well with. Tyson at full forward, despite the fact that Niven has left, chiefly because he has the ability and the brains to work in with the rest of the team. Now that Leunig is doing well, Claremont-Cottesloe is making pro gress. East Fremantle possesses a good goal-sneak in G. Doig. who acts to the instructions of his coach, with the result that he and other members of the side score well. Perth is rearranging it« for ward division and its performance in kick ing nine goals without a behind in the

last quarter last Saturday almost enabled it to gain a great victory. East Perth is fortunate in the possession of the nimble Screaigh and the -cool P. Lockyer, but South Fremantle's side would be much better-balanced with a heady forward like A. Lawn in the side. Figures speak for themselves, and the following list gives the goals and behinds scored by the vari ous teams: — For. Agst. East Fremantle ? 128.122 104.13G East Perth ? 152.150 123.145 West Perth ? 110.129 92.105 Claremont-CotteEloe .... 99.105 105.136 South- Fremantle '.. .- 104.128 125.1*3 Subiaco ? 107.1«5 122.109 Perth ? 109.109 144.134