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(Continued.) FOOTBALL. Carnival Team's Departure.

To the accompaniment of cheers and rousing choruses, the State football team left Perth by the Great Western express last night for Sydney to take part in the

Australian carnival beginning next Wed nesday. The platform was crowded with fnends and enthusiasts, all striving to con gratulate and wish good luck to the mem bers of the party. Letters and telegrams conveying good wishes were hurriedly scanned by the players at odd moments when they were not besieged by enthusi astic friends, and it was difficult for them to make their last-minute farewells and clamber into the carriage. While he was checking off the various players on his list, the manager (Mr. S. Enow) was able to express a few words of confidence in the players and the pros pects1. An enjoyable trip was looked for ward to and he considered the team as strong as, if not stronger than, the 1927 and 1930 carnival sides. The different style of umpiring would at first cause the players a little concern. 'If we come through the first match against South Aus tralia successfully and without mishap. Western Australia should have quite a good chance against Victoria in the second match, he added. 'All the players are fit. Twenty-three players were selected to make the trip with J. Dolan as captain and J. McDiarmid vice-captain. E. Mc Guckin (West Perth) was also a member of the party, which included Mr. T. C. iteid (time-keeper) and Mr. J. Stewart (trainer).