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West Perth'* Convincing Victory.

JSFtyF*** marked . superiority in the ruck and across the centre, in most cases showing more dash and speed to the ball, and revealing greater . all-round strength!.

'™, -tciiu severely defeated .East JFref raatttle at Leederville Oval on Saturday. Although 'West Perth maintained a*big lead throughout the game and always had the upper hand, the match was interest ing and there -were few times when the play was not fast. Finding its centre line as a whole beaten and its ruck men not capable of holding their own, East Fre mantle s usual team-wcrk was disorganised, and in spite of desperate attempts to re cover lost wound, it was unable to make a systematic and Sustained rally. West Perth possessed an evenly balanced team, strong in defence, . where Benton success fully .guarded the dangerous goalsneak, 6. Doig, and good in attack. . There were some East Fremantle players who tried valiantly to hold the side together but individual effort could not hope to suc ceed .against a. side playing such football as that of West Perth. In the first quar ter West Perth gained a lead of 4.5, which it had increased to 8.1 by the end of the match. West Perth made use of -its high marking ability by: kicking the ball high. West* Perth fielded the same team as it did on the previous Saturday, but East Fremantle badly missed players like Tay lor. Truscott and Kingsbury. The teams were:— / WEST. PERTH. — Backs: Greg?, Benton, Me Guckin. Half-backs: O'Keefe, Tetley, P. Walsh. Centres: Drew, Morgan, DalzielL Half-forwards: Green, Anderson, L. Walsh. Forwards: N. Mc

uiaraua, Tyson, Kenna. Ruck: Marinko, Ford Rainoldi (rover). Nineteenth man:- McGarry (replaced Kenna in last quarter). EAST FREMANTLE. — Backs: O. James, Woods F. Mann. Half-backs: Enwright, Jarrfs, Munro! Centres: W. Doigr, O. Doig, N.. Doig. Half forwards: Migro, Fordham, Martiensen. Forwards: E. Doig, G. Doig, Reynolds. Rucks: W. James, £? iwSi McGlinn (rover). Nineteenth man: Snell (did not play). UMPIRE. — G. Gannon. In the first quarter there was a period of closely packed play, the kicking being haphazard and the playera flying for the ball in packs. Thus the nippy work of small men like Rainoldi and McGlinn was greatly appreciated. For 13 minutes the keen struggle continued, and the brilliant saves of Jarvis, who was spoiling Ander son effectively,, and Benton prevented goals being scored. Then Tyson soccered the ball through for West Perth and Green also goaled. Profiting from one of Ben tons few mistakes, Fordham scored a goal for East Fremantle. Three more goals to West Perth gave it a lead of 5.6 to 1.1 at quarter time. Commendable follow through by Mc Glinn enabled Martiensen to goal for East Fremantle soon after the start of the second term. Although the East Fre mantle players were displaying more dash than before, and were disposing of the ball much quicker than West Perth, it could not make headway owing to poor shooting. Its backs were playing strongly and now Fordham and Ford were out standing players. East Fremantle kicked

six bemnds in succession, and then West Perth, giving up trying to use the short pass, took charge. When East Fremantle did attack Benton was too solid, and West Perth, chiefly due to N. McDiarmid's marking and kicking, made the scores 7.7 to 2.8 by half time. One goal scored by McDiarmid was an overhead screw shot from the right pocket. The expected third quarter rally by East Fremantle did not eventuate. West Perth kept up a strong attack, with Marinko a power, but did not score heavily. East Fremantle's back men, chief among them C James, played like champions, and the West Perth defenders were very strong. East Fremantle tried to overcome the opposition, but, through poor passing to the forwards, wasted opportunities. C. Doig was improving a little at the centre. W. James scored a goal from a free-kick and Martiensen goaled after a mark. West Perth's forwards were all at sea and just before the bell Anderson marked and scored West Perth's first goal for the quarter, making the Bcores 8-11 to 4.10. McGarry went on in place of Kenna, whose nose was broken in the first few minutes of the match. East Fremantle started with a rush but could not break through the defence led by Tetley, and West Perth scored three goals in quick time. The play was getting willing and slow men were easily noticed. Half for wards like Green and Anderson were in their best form now and Marinko and McDiarmid held sway in- the ruck. Ford ham and W. Doig were battling hard for

East Fremantle and after 13 minutes G. Doig kicked a goal— his first for the match. Further goals to West Perth and a be lated effort by East Fremantle made the final scores: — WEST PERTH ? 14.13 (97pts.) EAST FREMANTLE .. 6.12 (48pts.) Goalkickers.— West Perth: Tyson (5), Anderson (4), McDiarmid (2), Green, Rain oldi and Marinko. East Fremantle: G. )oig (2), Martiensen (2), W. James and Fordham. To differentiate between a number of West Perth's players is extremely diffi cult. Benton was very effective in goal, saving at critical moments repeatedly. Tet ley was in great form at half back. Ma rinko, N. McDiarmid and Ford were strong in the ruck, Rainoldi roved at his best, and Green was a power at half forward. Drew played well on the wing. P. Walsh and McGuckin were other reliable backs. And erson was clever and fast at half forward, especially in the last quarter. Tyson was a_ brainy forward, and Morgan and Dal ziell were much improved. For East Fremantle Jarvis was a great worker, doing everything right until the last quarter. McGlinn's roving was a fea ture of the match. Fordham, in the ruck or in attack, did well and C. James sel dom made a mistake in defence. W. Doig, W. James, Woods, Reynolds, and Martien sen were the best of the others.