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Sobiaco Overwhelms Claremont

Winning in the ruck, solid in defence and in attack almost continually through out the game, Subiaco inflicted a crush ing defeat oh Clareinont-Gotteslne nn

Saturday at x the Subiaco Oval, before a poor attendancei Remembering Subiaco's earlier inferior displays, and the splen did form shown by Claremont-Cotteslbe' the week previously against West Perth, ?i- 'wa.?Ea ,surPrising result, from which it is dimcult to draw conclusions. The football produced was uninteresting- and comparatively lifeless, whereas, as neither team had recorded a win this season prior to Saturday's match, a keen contest might have been expected. Though hampered by injuries to two of its players during the course of the match, GlaremontCot tesloe s miserable failure was nevertheless unaccountable. Probably it. was just au off day, and not due to Subiaco's marked superiority. Only in the final term was toubiacos co-ordination such as to carry all before it. This team's display was most improved, especially in attack, where tor years Subiaco has been notoriously weak. Two Claramont-Cottesloe player* were severely injured, Swain sustaining a broken collarbone and Edmeades a sprained ankle. The team finished the match with 1,7 men. The teams were:— CLAREMONT-COTTESLOE.— Backs: Buzzard, *»**?. I«Mlaw. Half-backs: White, Clarke, Hough. Centres: Neilson, Oliver. Garside. HaU forwards: Harris, O'Reilly, Growcott. Forwards: btewart, Sheridan, Swain. Buck: Skinner, Wil i!^nS'/'EdmeaJdel -'»«)? Nineteenth man: oI?TT-VAeRl?ced Sv?aln in thir-* quarter). SUBIACO.— Backs: Strack. Rodger, Davies. Half-backs: _SnashaU. S. Daily, M. Roe. Centres:

aachay, crenn. «owe. Half -forwards: Mills, M. Green P Brophy. Forwards: Ahearn, J. Jennings. Kelly. Ruck: Merson, Toll, Smith (rover) Nineteenth man: Mullineaux (did not play). UMPIRE.— T. Campbell. ' Smith- was prominent for Subiaco at the commencement of the play, and started a move which ended with a goal from Jennings. The pace of the game was slow, but Smith came through dash ingly and scored' again with a winning shot. Subiaco was repeatedly in attack, and when F. Brophy and Daily sent the ball to Jennings two more goals resulted. For the most part, Claremont Lottesloe lacked co-ordination in attack, but OReilly and Edmeades, unmolested, made the most of two opportunities. l hereafter Subiaco dominated the play and scored two more goals. A spirit less quarter redeemed only by fine mark ing by Daily and Clarke and good kick ing by Jennings, ended with the scores:— Claremont-Cottesloe, 2.3; Subiaco, 6.6. oubiaco's onslaught continued in the second term, and Jennings's understanding with the other forwards brought him two goals. Green drop-kicked another. ?Uaily and Clarke were still prominent de tendera for their respective teams, but there^were few bright incidents in the P/ay. Claremont-Cottesloe rallied, and Jidmeades twice scored full points. But its failure to watch Jennings closely in creased the deficit by a further goal. Right

on Time a Uaremont-Cottesloe move down the wmg resulted in a 'poster' from 0 Reilly, and Subiaco led with 10.9 to 4.5. Subiaco's superior marking and success ful combination was capped off with two excellent running goals from 'Smith and another snapped by Merson. Jennings missed two easy chances. ClaremontCot tesloe played with greater dash in this term, but only Clarke revealed anything like good form. At three-quarter, time the scores were:— Claremont-Cottesloe, 4.8; Subiaco, 13.14. Two points were added by Claremont Cottesloe on the resumption, but Roe (playing full forward) sent Subiaco fur ther ahead with a goal from an acute angle. Claremont-CottesloeV fifth goal was the result of a move between Sheri dan and Williams, but two goals each from Jennings, Roe and Green demoral ised Claremont-Cottesloe. An unexciting match ended with the scores:— SUBIACO ? 20.23 (143 pts.) CLAREMONT-COT. .. 5.10 (40 pt$.) Goalkickers:— Subiaco: Jennings (8), Green (4) Roe (3), Smith (3), Kelly and Merson. Claremont-Cottesloe: Edmeades (3),, O'Reilly and Williams. Although he missed several easy shots, Jennings led out cleverly, marked well, and kicked some very fine goals. With Smith, whose roving and forward work did much to open up the play, he may be bracketed as Subiaco's best player. Green was a dashing half-forward. Daily

marked excellently. and Toll, Stehn, Bowe, MacKay and Davies were a little above the others. Subiaco's centre lin« showed promise of greater thing*. Clarke again stood out for Claremont Cottesloe, high marking and judgment in defence making him the best player on the ground. Until injured, Edmeades was a serviceable forward, and O'Reilly, Hough, Buzzard, Batt and Oliver were the .best of the remainder.