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fetl^V *~yr-£\'J ^%^HE'S LET HERSELF^ ??*- ' ? ? ''?&&f' ';- ' :Vi\''7WHV nocc/ BECOME A CO-LONIC .^*;MV ' ' ;^M^.-vl MADV I nni^ I 'THEN WUNDcRS ' '''''';' -j^^^^hl?Y if^Lz* ??v^v^rx ^ u/uv ucmdv k attentive '? ' --' ' ^K^^H^ lK'\ pAnpr-9 ijr« jo wihck wuwtn WOMEN ARE ODD ABOUT THEIR HEALTH. IT1HEY will fuss over their family's most simple ailments, J- yet themselves endure needless suffering, seeking neither cause nor remedy ! In their folly they sacrifice good .looks, health and happiness. So many women neglect Good health is within the reach constipation — and pay the penalty of all these women. A course of by growing old 'before their time. Chamberlain's Tablets will eHmin Their good looks vanish and they ate the intestinal poisons which become sallow, haggard, worn. are the root of their trouble. Like all Co-Ionics, they are never The entire system responds to the well.' Their many ailments depress beneficial effects of Chamberlain* s the home— drive the family to Tablets and . good health follows seek interests elsewhere. as a matter of course. Try Chamberlain's Tablets - Enjoy Good Health. \ Great Annual Sale of Furniture I COMMENCES TO-DAY. i ?'. .;. .??,??..' r Drastic Reductions in All Departments r-' ,:,{{ to Meet the Times, I; . 10/6 Sti-png Cane Verandah Chairs — For To-day Only ? 10/6 \- 16/6 Genuine Bentwood Chairs —-For To-day Only ? 16/6 I 17/6 Strong Serviceable Oak Auto Trays, 2 shelves, rubber ¥? ?' '\: :' :'???? V i tyred, Castors, Natural Oak or Ant. Brown ? 17/6 **?'.'-./'. ? -?- '? ' ?»:' ? ' . \ ? I £5/5/- 4ft- Oak Kitchenette with Bread Box, lettered, polished I Natural Oak ? — ? : ? £5/5/ £5/25/- Double Door Gentleman's Wardrobe, interior fitted, polished Rich Brown ? £5/15/ ^£6/15/- 3-Piece 'Gem' Bedroom Suite, polished Natural Oak or Grey. A Genuine Snap — : ? : ? £6/15/ ' £15/15/- S-^iece Lounge Suite, in Moquette or Genoa Velvet, Blue and Fawn Colouring, beautifully sprung ? £15/15/ £25 3-Piece Merry Widow Lounge Suite, in best Genoa Vel ^* POP vet, fully sprung. Well worth your inspection ? £*«- HOME-MAKERS — SECURE THESE BARGAINS WHILE THEY LAST. Your Purchases Stored Until Required. CRAIK'S LIMITED, THE FURNITURE PEOPLE ? — ? — 882 Hay-street, Perth. .;;.:&- . . .-/ip'T ;-::??????? ?!?'????????.? T& MOMENTS Yn HISTORY jfT ;-_' - - :~ ? ''-'?--'' -. ^ . V -I Q^N? 1O 'BOADICEA* II j SK 9\ ||pr ' ITS MOMENTS ^^ LIKE THESE YOU NEED THE UNIVERSAL SWEET Made ONLY by James Stednun— Hendenoh's Swtets Ltd.,'Sweetacrrs,' Rosebery, N.S.W. and Auckland. N2. :??.. ' ?. ,-,? -.-, .. ..- . Se«l ?-*- '''P fe* «?'= *MinIieS- Magic Drawing Book

I A SEASONABLE ONE DAY SPECIAL ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 2/6 Terry Beach Gown Robing *f 1 4* FOR TO-DAY ONLY | / H^| yA With the bathing season just commencing, it will pay you to secure a length of this Robing to-day, while the price Kl M ^L^H ?* **?' ! is so low. The colours are guaranteed fast, and it is showing in an attractive combination of colours suitable for Si a ^m^^F ' ladies, gent's, or children's gowns. The width is 33 inches; Mid-Summer Sale Special, 1/6 yard. ' '™ 9 ^*^r ? CASH AT THE COUNTER ONLY. 2/11 i-Doz. BOXED FANCY HANKIES 1/11 | 2/3 TRACED CRASH CUSHIONS — 1/9 100 Boxes only, Swiss Embroidered Corner HANKIES, boxed in half dozens, An Attractive Range of Dainty Floral and conventional designs, size a usual 2/fl line; While they Last To-day, I/I | box. '8 x 24 inch, crochet edge, made up ready to work. READERS' LIBRARY BOOKS — 3 for 21- 2/6 REFINED PARAFFIN OIL ? 2/- JK^JttSZiSFZZ. \ rr 6° selecM ''*- by | ^z^'^VSIS.vssr j&AttSsiSSi 14/11 SILK FULL FASHIONED HOSE - 9/6 8/11 FINE QUALITY MAROCAIN —^6/6 Beautiful Quality Mylesta Pure Silk, Full Fashioned HOSE, point or square A heawv/Pinht hri.i.t «?*.-+ u, ... heel, cho.ce of leading hos.ery shades, every pair guaranteed perfect through- rano£ ohf '^ elsshhat^es^ ^'ffiudinf bllckfSaU^ivo^5' C°atS) et°- Sh°Wing in a 5/11 PURE SILK GAUNTLET GLOVES 2/11 5/11 ALL SILK TFORrFTTF ' A/a Job Purchase. Smart Guaranteed Pure Silk Gauntlet GLOVES, double ?*»*?*? U1JU1V VBJU\/I\U£i 1 1 £? - ? fl/O flairer *IPS' B°°d fittillff' usual|y 5/M Pai'r«' Cash a* *he Hosiery Counter 2/(1 ^^Medium-weight, showing in a big range of shades, suitable for street and 15/11 SILK FULL FASHIONED HOSE 12/11 7'ti'lM TZ TiZToZZ^L Popular American Number with Slipper heel, pure silk, full fashioned, ^/ 1 1 Olj/^V^fk LiUilil ui\ 111^1, «JUlIl* — ??— ?? Z/li tattcar- *'? '-'?' ?'?''? ™M°- '^-- ^ -*- ..^g-av^^ifefeir^r Iz^ bri9ht ^^' 6/11 & 7/11 'Lincoln Mifi' Milanese Vests A/A, Sensational offer of Ladies' Milanese Vests at less than cost price. These Vests are an excellent quality and made by ^fe B M^B ~5-T' the well known 'Lincoln Mill' Manufacturers. Obtainable in all pastel shades, and round necks or ODera tons To B 9 M fl fl' O day Only, 3/6£ each. . v B|rfffl « ^^^P ^ 1/11 COLOURED CREPE BLOOMERS ? 1/3 I 25/- RAYON SILK COATS FOR —J 19/11 8/11 COAT STYLE PYJAMAS ? 7/3 15/6 'KANEBO' TENNIS FROCKS — 9/11 Created in delightful patterns of floral lingerie cloth, all pastel shades, re- |n smart S|eevfi|P« «?♦„,„ anH nff ♦- i ♦ - . * ' TwuZTmTnw™ vvcr£rmic sale price' 71 - $fi»™^ 1/11 HcAVi LU1 1OW VESTS — - — 1/6 ' Strong Quality Cream Ribbed Cotton VESTS, made with shaped waists. 19/6 SERVICEABLE FROCKS —— 10/ Procurable in sleeveless style, with wide shoulders or short sleeves. Economic w«*% » iVri^rai^LiLi Jl A^VTWIViJ ^'' ^ 1U' - Sale Price, 1/6. ct«,£omp,rJ!in9 art,|ilk, fujf silk and smart washing fabrics, fn a variety of new ' 'VinnreC' rOUDC DAMDEDC t /11 y ' * °r wlthout sleeves' assorted sizes, usually 19/6; Sale Price' 10/. MLPlUfcS tKiirfc KUMFtKS ? 1/11 SMART TRFMF PARnirANQ ? ? . -Ala Made in the popular magyar style, fastening underneath, all colours OWIiilM ^l\EiiTiD vAl\jLHVjAlNO ' 14/0 firmly bound with contrasting colours, sizes I8in. to 22in.; Economic Sale Price m^%^^Xrf^^ Jaci-«ard design, Golden Fleece brand, s'w. . WITH'SUEDE BELT FREE. ' ' ' - ? ? 21/- 'Hydahelt' Sports Trousers ' ? K /C ? ? II fl^H A New Style of SPORTS TROUSERS that is proving very popular. The belt is inserted throuah the too band of Bl B H M H H the trouser, with only the buckle in front showing. A line that gives real comfort to tta waam, Idwlly suWw' for M iU9 f ^^B W/6?OvKthWSdlTbSt frS W° °rey ' fi'iShed *ith CUff bOtt°mS aBd WP P°cket- Usually 21/; Safe ? PrlS ? ^^T | ^^T rxv Happiness eomes wiili : \ ^\. E^l Perfect Health ' m V feSSS^ f V Hteifc^fBI Carefree as a bird— skipping and romping— full of the toy of \^CW L V. !???!??» mill ? II life — a child like that has plenty of 'vitality.' ? ' '- ^ s£ J-\ )*^ Obtainable at all /- j . t , . . .. . , , . ' ' '- fL&^t&C/ Chemhtsand Grocers G°°d ^f « children and adults too, comes from having; r/oT /V' in 7 and 15 oz iars- P^pet foods which nourish the body and provide 'vitality.'- r7^/^4 1-/6 a«rf 1/6 /,„/ No better ^ to Perfe-a health couId be found than Nestle's^ Vyfff 'A ' 6- 'n5' Malted Milk. j/°$P ' ^^Jll Combined in this delicious beverage are the energy producing I -y^i» ° jil elements of pure rich milk and malted barley. Take it regularly, £ A°j/Pajjfa ' **\0\ g*ve *l to y°ur children too, for new vigour. 1 fij^M^ MALTED MILK . ! ^IfP^Si^e^rV MADE IN A U S T.Jt A.L l.A —^ — ? ? -

Shut in for Months but Full of Vim! nervous feeling was gone. Nujol has certainly given me a different come to us from people who have outlook on life.' learned that Nujol is the normal Even in this part of the world wav to health. we have the same kind of trouble. Remember, Nujol is not a medi 'We do not get enough exercise, cine; it contains no drugs; it is not and often we are not able to have absorbed by the body; it is non proper diet. How simple a thing it fattening. It is simply harmless in is then to keep ourselves buoyantly ternal lubrication, which our bodies happy, foil of energy, seeing the need as much as any machine, bright side of life, by taking advan- Buy a bottle of Nujol at any age of the discovery that Nujol chemist and try it. Millions, of gently naturally, and surely clears pcopIe aII over the WOfId afe away the poisons out of our bodies healthy becausetheyare using Nujol. -we all have them -regularly as Why shouIdn.t you be h too? dockwork- Get Nujol today! Sold in sealed Mr. MacPhee's letter is only one packages only, trademarkedllNujol.' of several thousands which have Insist on Nujol by name.

frTlfuf Tmff Tiw THRT ^^f Yfflif reSw Tl^fTlmf Tlmf TJfflfTlmTT Ai^^.i^ m^-i r^i rtjp i^i uf\ nf\ of\ «yn nyii* DELL'S LESS THAN SALE PRICES. \ SHOWROOM, Two Doors from Brennan's. NO SHOPS — MAKER TO WEARER. Js^Hl Rayon Coats, as shown, beautiful designs, Jn^f Jus* landed and made in our own factory, ^^^i^ smart styles, 29/11 for 15/11. $2pl J-m^§\ Rayon Frocks, short sleeves, sleeveless, and ^^^^§1 . many distinctive styles, 19/11 value for 15/11. iq^S^^M Uncrusnable Crepe Frocks, in the neat and ibPPlPl: / f \ new designs, in quality garments, 55/9 value ? iiPiili /i for 39/n |.^S ^ M DRESSMAKING.— Frocks made from 12/6 ' I-^^^P^ PIeating from ? 3d. per yard. I'^^'^jfjl Embroidery from ? . — 1/ per yard. pS^'o?!! Hemstitching ? 3d. yard or 2/6 dozen. I $ &% »-$? \ DELL'S. — If you see Lower Prices the Quality 1$ §5 M ?P?m w''^ a'so ')e ^ower« ^^T DELL'S, 702 Hay-st. — — Next Mclntyre's. ^