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Victoria Park Defeats Snbiaco.

pispjaying better pace and team work, Victoria Park defeated Subiaco at the WA.CA. oval yesterday. Amid-field the teams were very evenly matched, but

a closer result than a 27 points win might have resulted had Subiaco s defenders been fast enough to cope with the rapidity of Victoria Park's attacks. Victoria Park's forwards were well fed by a speedy centre line, and many flashes of systematic play were seen. The weather was ideal for high marking, and in this department there was little between the teams. Su biaco's forwards played fairly well, but they did not combine as successfully as their opponents, and many powerful attacks broke down. The teams at the commencement of play were: — VICTORIA PARK. — Backs: Wormald. Brown, Crooks. Half-backs: Hungerford. Shepherd, P. Fitzgerald. Centres: Ransom, H. Grigg, H. Davey. Half -forwards: Warner, Wilson, Johnston. For wards: A. Grigg, Gook. Robson. Followers: G. Davey. Dewar, Lucas. Nineteenth man: W. Fitz B-aSUBIACO. — Backs: Strack. Rodger, Davies. Half-backs: Ahearn, Daily, McCallum. Centres: MacKay F. Brophy. Bowe. Half-forwards: Mills, Green Toll. Forwards: Merson, Jennings, Kelly. Followers: Roe, D. Ryan. Smith. Nineteenth man: Mullineus. , Central Umpire. — O. Cook. Within two minutes of the first bounce, Warner and Gook goaled for Victoria Park, but play was quickly transferred, and Merson snapped full points for Su biaco. The football was already vunful, with Victoria Park mainly in attack. G. Davey came through dashingly to goal for Victoria Park, but the centre-forward, Gook, in spite of excellent high marking, kicked out several times from long shots, Subiaco were more concerted as the quar ter progressed, and took command when D. Ryan, Toll and Jennings added goals. At the end of the quarter, however, Vic toria Park steadied and two fine goals from Gook gave it the lead. 5.3 to 4.1. H. Grigg and Davey were prominent on Victoria Park's centre-line on the re sumption of play. After a couple of points

were added. Victoria JrarK went iurther ahead when Gook kicked his fourth goal, and Johnston snapped another after a chain of passes down the wing. Subiaco attacked, but found it difficult to pene trate Victoria Park's defence. After deter mined play, however, Jennings snapped rull points, and Roe repeated, following a brilliant mark in front. At this stage, Merson and Mackay were playing splen didly for Subiaco, and, with Bowe, started another forward move which Jennings capped with a goal. In a brilliant burst at the end of the quarter, Victoria Park regained the lead with goals from John ston and Gook. the scores then being 9.7 At the start of the third quarter, Vic toria Park again dominated the play and ran to a commanding lead when A. Grigg (twice) and Gook scored full points within a few minutes. Subiaco attacks were foiled by the solid Victoria Park defence and only points resulted after determined play. A chain of passes ended with a goal from Jennings. Victoria Park consolidated its advantage, however, when Dewar and Gook goaled after brilliant marking. At three-quarter time Victoria Park led, 14.12 to 8.7. „ , . , . .x In the final term Subiaco played its most vigorous, yet systematic football. Daily was then stationed at centre half forward, and from a mark and a free kick added two splendid goals. After a few points were scored, Victoria Park made its position almost unassailable when Warner came through dashingly to score full points. Although Subiaco strove desperately to overhaul its 6peedy oppon ents, the mastery of Grigg at the centre and the resistance of Brown and Fitz gerald in defence broke down its attacks, and only points were scored. In the clos-. ing stages. Daily sent the ball to Jen nings, who kicked his fifth goal, but the bell sounded with Victoria Park in attack and comfortable winners, after a fine dis play by both sides. The final scores were: — VICTORIA PARK .. 15.13 (IO3pts.) SUBIACO ? 11.10 (76pts.) Goal-kickers:— Victoria Park: Gook (7), Johnston (2), A. Grigg (2), Warner (2). G. Davey and Dewar. Subiaco: Jennings (5), S. Daily (2), Roe, Merson, D. Ryan and Toll. In a fast-moving and high-marking side, H. Grigg and H. Davey were brilliant centre-line players for Victoria Park. Brown, in goals, Shepherd, Fitzgerald and Hungerford were excellent defenders, and Lucas and A. Grigg were clever rovers. Gook in the goal-front position played high-class football, marking as well as any one on the ground, and kicking accurately after a moderate start. Robson and G. Davey were able followers. Subiaco's finest players were also cen tre-line players, namely Mackay and J. Bowe, who repeatedly started forward moves. G. Smith and Merson were little behind them, and Jennings( a useful for ward), S. Daily, who marked grandly, and Davies, were perhaps a little ahead of the others.