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Skinner Kicks 10 Goals.

Due mainly to the goal-front . accuracy jf Skinner, ClaremontTCottesloe had its arst win of the season yesterday at tne ^vnonsp of Swan Districts. The game,

which was played at Claremont oval, was fast but inclined to be of a scrambling nature. Claremont-Cottesloe kept the ball? in the air and its high fliers were able to lead to the forwards continually. Ben son (injured) and Hough (ill) were omit ted from the Claremont team, their places bein' filled by Dingwall, who reappeared after' a few weeks' absence on_ account of injuries, and Birch, a player from the association team. After its gruelling match against West Perth on. Saturday, Swan Districts was badly, handicapped by injuries to players. The captain, Bee, who did not play on Saturday last on account of injuries, Mose and ' Jamieson, replaced Buckley, Forbes -and Dawes. Following were the teams: — CLAREMONT-COTTESEOE.— Backs: Maltland, Batt, DingwalL Half-backs: White, Clarke, Laid law. Centres: Morris, Oliver, Edmeades. Half forwards: Regan, R. Moloney, O'Reilly. For wards: Birch, Skinner, Lovegrove. Ruck: Deans, Growcott, Steward (rover). Nineteenth man: 8. Moloney (did not play). SWAN DISTRICTS.— Backs: Reilly. Mose, Pen berthy. Half-backs: Ford, Zilko. Clarke. Centres: Mosey, Grieve, Erepp. Half -forwards: Jamieson, Parks, Mclnerney. -Forwards: Cook, Gorn, McRae, Ruck: Millwood, Bee, Sweetapple (rover). Nine teenth man: Dawes (replaced Zilko a minute before half-time). CENTRAL UMPIRE. — G. Cannon. Swan Districts attacked from the bell and Parks raised a goal. Edmeades ini tiated, a move along. the grandstand wing for the home team ,and Lovegrove had little difficulty in opening the score. with a goal. Bee rushed the ball towards the goal, but Clarke towered over^ a group to bring down a fine mark. Swan Dis tricts was attacking strongly from, the centre-line, but 'there was little cohesion among the forwards. On the other hand, the Claremont-Cottesloe forwards were fanning but well and it we 3 mainly due to their keeping the game open that Claremont-Cottesloe led 6.3 to 3.5 at quar ter time. Swan Districts attacked early in the second quarter, but Bee's running drop kick realised only a point. The team 3 centre-line was playing well, but the pass ing from the ? half-forwards to the for wards :was ragged- ? Bee scored a lucky goal, just touching the ball with his boot rs it rolled .towards the goal. Skinner kicked -his .fourth goal soon afterwards, and Birch, with a long punt, increased Clarembnt's score. Clarke, who was prov ing a stumbling block for Swan Districts attacks, was penalised Tor holding the ball, and 'the resultant free kick was passed to Bee. He gathered the ball up and as he was bumped over managed to tap': the ball with his foot and it -rolled through the unguarded goal. A iew minutes later Cook had the satisfac tion of watching his drop, kick bounce through the unattended goal. Dawes re placed Zilko a minute before time. At half-time the scores were: ClaremontCot tesloe, 10.8; Swan Districts, 8.9. Two goals to Skinner soon after the interval brought his tally of goals to seven. Steward was doing good work for Claremont, picking up well and driv ing the ball down the centre to Skin ner who was kicking with remarkable accuracy. The majority of the Swan Dis tricts players were unsteady in the ' air and were fumbling the ball badly. Clare mont was monopolising the game and Skinner's eighth goal came when Love grove handballed to him. Swan Districts attack lacked sting, but a goal from Cook, gave it renewed vigour. Grieve, at cen tre, was outstanding and one of his many moves was crowned with success by a goal from Gorn. Swan Districts' backs were now playing better, but the .forwards were still straying from their positions and bunching in the centre. At threequar ter time Claremont was leading by 13.16 to 11.13. . . . ? Dawes, who had been injured _ m the third quarter, returned with his right knee bandaged. Gorn kicked a valu able goal, and with a point from Parks the difference was eight pointe. Clarke, who was limping, had gone to a back pocket, but Swan Districts still found him a menace. Lovegrove and . Cook goaled for their respective sides. Pros pects of a close finish faded when Stew ard and Skinner each goaled twice and Claremont ran out an easy winner. The final scores were: — CLAREMONT-COTT. 20.19 (I39pts.) SWAN DISTRICTS . 15.15 (IO5pts.) Goal-kickers: — Claremont-Cottesloe: Skinner (10), Steward (5), Lovegrove (2), Morris, O'Reilly and Birch. Swan Dis tricts: Cook (7), Bee (3), Gorn (2), Parks' (2) and Jamieson. Claremont fielded a well-balanced side. Skinner was in good form in front of goals and his accuracy meant a lot to the team. Steward, roving and ? forward, was always a menace, while Growcott was responsible for Claremont's supremacy in the ruck. Clarke, Lovegrove, Batt and O'Reilly were also outstanding. Many of the Swan Districts players were obviously Buffering from the effects of Saturday's match and were far below form. Grieve played with a lot of dash at centre, and Bee, in the ruck, worked hard to force some combination into his team. Cook, Mosey, Penberthy and Gorn were the best of the remainder.