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West Perth's Narrow Victory.

From .start to finish yesterday's match at the Fremantle Oval between West Pverth and South Fremantle was a magnifi cent strueele. West Perth winninz bv a

point with the last kick of the game. The match was full of incident. The high marking and dropkicking were of a high standard, and the sides were so evenly matched that the scores- throughout were always close. West- Perth, was the better balanced side, every player pulling his weight. The same could hardly be said of South Fremantle, which carried a few weak men in defence, and whose palpable 'errors threw away at least four goals. Almost balancing this was West Perth's occasional inaccuracy. The stamina ex hibited by both sides was remarkable, while a fine first half was followed by a display of grit, pace, and power that will long be remembered. The lead alternated frequently, and on numerous occasions the scores were- level. ? That was 'the position when the final, bell rang, but Rainoldi had previously marked the ball, and from a distance of .50 yards - kicked the winning point to West Perth's undisguised relief. The teams were: — WEST PERTH. — Backs: Roberts, Benton, Mc Guckin. Half-backs: O'Keefe, Tetley, P. Walsh. Centre's: Drew, Morgan, O'Connor. Half forwards: Green, N. MzDiarmid, L. Walsh. For wards: Kenoa, Tyson, Gregg. Ruck:' Marinko. J. McDiarmid.^Rainoldi (lover). Nineteenth man:. Flegg (did not play). ; * .. SOUTH ^ FBEiiANTLE. — Backs: 'Back; Jen nines, A. Richardson. Half-backs* Hagan, Edgar, Brown. Centres:' Whitmora,. White, Mathews. Half-i!orwarcT8:?Diggins, Lawn, Robertson. ' For wards. Dodd, . Jones, Pead. Ruck: Ditchburn, A. Richardson ', Caratti (rover). Nineteenth man: Oulley (did not' play). UMPIRE. — Fi Collins. The play was marked by refreshing vigour, and the pace was exhilarating. Weight was legitimately used to force the position, but neither side could find a* weakness in its opponents. Eight minutea of brilliant football passed before L.Walsh raised the first goal for West Perth, Ben ton's kicking-in was in marked contrast to that of the South Fremantle full back. It was goal for goal, until each side had scored three. South Fremantle's form surprised its most rabid supporters, and, after 20 minutes' play, West Perth led by two points only. Caratti and Gregg were outstanding ulayers! Green's goal made the quarter-time scores: West Perth 4.8; South Fremantle. 3.2. Lawn, who had already disclosed un suspected virtues, drove down, and, from a fierce scrum, Caratti kicked South Fre mantle's fourth' goal. South Fremantle was playing on match-winning lines, and at least equalled West Perth in high mark ing and in pace. 'Gregg,' however, scored two goals for West Perth. Jones's three goals in rapid succession still further vitalised South Fremantle. Stirring hand to-hand contests, and the even nature of the play, whetted the appetites - of ihe spectators. With four minutes to go to the interval, a magnificent dropkick by Green placed West Perth 10 points ahead, but Jones neutralised, and a wonderful first half left the scores: West Perth, 9.10; South Fremantle, 9.7. On resumption, the fierce nature of the play was renewed, and a further goal by Jones placed South Fremantle in the lead by four points. _ A wretched kick-in pre sented Tyson with a goal, but -the superi ority of Whitmore over O'Connor on the wing gave South Fremantle the initiative.' Jones, playing in great form with the as sistance of Robertson in attack, overtook West Perth's score once more. Back took Jennings's position in goal. A thrilling term ended with the tallies: — South Fre mantle,, 13.11; West Perth. 11.15. West' Perth redoubled! its efforts to ar rest its decline of the previous quarter. South Fremantle scored first through thp agency of Dodd, and another goal by Rob ertson increased its lead to 19 points. Three goals in succession to West Perth created the impression that South Fre mantle's energy was gone. At this,, stage West Perth missed an easy chance, but halfway through the quarter, it had again run to a slight lead. South Fremantle fought gamely on, and secured a goal from Ditchburn. O'Connor's speed at the crisis was magnificent, but South Fremantle levelled the scores' within five minutes of time. When Rainoldi goaled .on the run South Fremantle appeared beaten, but Ditchburn again evened the score. South Fremantle attacked with venom, but an error of judgment at the pivot transferred the play, and Rainoldi's final kick left West Perth the victor by a solitary point. Following were the scores: — WEST PERTH ? 16.25 (121 pts.). STH. FREMANTLE . 18.12 (120 pts.). Goalkickers:— West Perth: Tyson (6), Green (3), Gregg (3). Rainoldi (2), N. Mc Diarmid and Walsh. South Fremantle: Jones (7), Caratti (3), Robertson (2), Dodd (2). Diggins, Pead, Ditchburn, and R. Richardson. While every player on the West Perth side pulled his weiaht, its best _ player was Gregg, who filled various positions on the field with credit. A power at full for forward, Greqg also followed splendidly, and his kicking was admirable. Green's ground play, was excellent and his disposal of the ball was the best that has been seen at Fremantle for many seasons. O'Connor's display on the wing in the last quarter could scarcely have been surpassed as an exhibition of speed, and his disposal of the ball had much to do with West Perth's victory. Marinko followed with a power ful thrust. Benton, Drew, Morgan, and L. Walsh were the most prominent of a solid, well-balanced remainder. On the South Fremantle side it would be difiicult to choose between Jones and Caratti. Jones marked in excellent style after the first quarter, and many of his seven goals were the result of prodigious punts from all angles. Caratti marked surprisingly well, his ground play a model of certainty, and his dash and determina tion were outstanding. Whitmore played well on the wing, with White giving the necessary support at centre. At halffor ward, Lawn excelled himself with the best high marking of the match. Ditchburn and R. Richardson fought an even battle against a strong array of followers, with Hagan, Back and Robertson the most pro minent of the remainder. *