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East Fremantle's Easy Victory.

Backing up, keeping on! the move, and playing with system and resourcefulness, East Fremantle proved far too strong for East Perth at Perth Oral vextorAav. BVnm

fiie start it was apparent that unless East Perth could make a big improvement all round it would be beaten, for East Fre mantle in most cases was faster, and, above all, made use of its pace to take the ball on the run. As a team. East Fremantle was far superior; its players helped each other, one always- being ready to receive a quick hand -or foot pass from a team mate in difficulties, and the other prepared to follow through and make another open ing. That was the secret of the side's successful defence, and the decisive manner in 'which it scored its goals. In compari son, East Perth, with a few exceptions, !was sluggish, and particularly in the for ward lines was there a weakness. Firstly, the passing was inaccurate, and as a result of that the forwards began to kick hap hazardly and high', only to see the opposing backs spoil, take the ball in their stride, and clear it in twos. East Fremantle was \rithout the services of C. Doie (injured elbow), Butcher (injured head), Kingsbury (injured leg). Truscott (injured leg), and Donegan, while East Perth had practically a representative team. Following were the sides: — EAST FREMANTLE. — Backs: N. Doig, D. Woods, F. Mann. Hall-backs: C. James, Jarvis, Jlanro. Centres: W. Doig, Taylor, Migro. Half forwards: Martiensen, Fordham, Prosser. For Trards: Snell, G. Doig. Reynolds. Ruck: W. James, G. Mann, McGlinn (rover). Nineteenth man: Enright (did not play). EAST PERTH. — Backs: JL Ryan, R. Ryan, Matson. Half-backs: Boundy, Oswald, Bennett. Centres: Miller, Cronin, Guhl. Half-forward*: 3. Wood, Dolan, King. Forwards: Mather, Booth, Garnaut. Ruck: Little, Dempster, Ccreaigh (rover). Nineteenth man: Lockyer (re placed Mather at half time). UMPIRE. — T. CampbelL At the start soccer tactics were observed, fcut before long Reynolds^ anticipation re eulted in a goal from G. Doig. GuhPs heady play on the wing brought East Pe-th a goal from Dolan, and a period followed during which backs on both sides saved spectacularly. Taylor was playing effec tively in the centre, and East Perth was breaking down at half-forward, where Jar vis and Munro were in great form. Both teams were searching eagerly for leads and loose men, and East Fremantle's quicker and cleverer disposal of the ball pave it the upper hand. Snell and G. Doig were big factors in East Fremantle's forward moves, and at quarter time the visits? team led with 5.3 to 3.0. In the second quarter some of East Perth's players improved, but the forwards proved no match for the East Fremantle backs. Probably due to the effects of play on Saturday, men on both sides slowed down, visibly tired, but desperately anxious to do well. Cronin's high-marking and speed at the centre helped East Perth, but East Fremantle combined nicely, and judged the ball in the air far better. Time after time Munro or Jarvis smashed pro mising attacks, but persistency rewarded East Perth with two goals. An example tof East Fremantle's resourcefulness in tight corners was afforded by the left-foot snap shot by G. Doig. who seldom failed to kick straight. At half-time Eas^ Fremantle Bras still ahead— 8.6 to 5.1. Lockyer, the goal-sneak, was brought on in place of Mather, and East Perth now thad Dempster at centre-half forward. East Fremantle played coolly in the face of East Perth's vigorous onslaughts, and re peatedly the backs saved with ease. For 15 minutes no goal was scored, and East Perth's energy was being wasted through poor forward work. G. Dong's hard bat tling resulted in a goal from McGlinn, and then Dempster scored for East Perth* East

Fremantle players, almost without excep tion, were now coming through in fine style, and fine efforts were made by Cronin and Guhl to counter-balance with con certed rallies. A hard quarter, full of in cident, ended with the scores as follows: — East Fremantle, 10.9; East Perth, 7.1. Prospects of a close finish were soon shattered by the evident ease with which East Fremantle saved and attacked. Demp ster, by brilliant high marking, was play ing practically a lone hand in East Perth s forward line, but he, too, kicked astray. East Perth scored only one more goal, while East Fremantle steadily increased its lead. Perhaps the brightest incident of the quarter occurred when Fordham s shorts were ripped off. He kicked the ball, watched it pass outside the goal post, and then calmly sat down and waited tor another pair of shorts. The final scores were: — EAST FREMANTLE .. 16.11 (107 pts.) EAST PERTH ? 8.4 (52 pts.) & (3)d ii^Doian^em^; ^f'Frema^had few players below made few mistakes. Reynolds and McGlmn and he now seems to have recovered his best form. Had he been given reasonable support the team would have fared much better. Dempster, although he did not [n the last quarter he left the field owing to an injured ankle. Cronin played hard in the centre. Oswald made many fine clearances at half-back. Garnaut was a great trier. King and Matson were the iest of the others.