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VICTORIA PARK BEATEN. ? ' . i . ? i. . - ' . - &

East Fremantle'* 15-ppint Win.

A much bigger crowd than usual, wit nessed the match at Fremantle Oval on Saturday, when VVifetoria Park was beaten by East Fremantle: the winning margin

being 15 points. '. Victoria .Park tailed1 to handle a slightly greasy * ball jto the first quarter, and though East Fremantle's team work was up- to its usual standard, its score of 7.3 as against Victoria Park's 2.1 was in a great measure due to the fumbling and mistakes) made 'by Victoria Park's backs. The undue frequency of its hand ball and failure to kick the ball also cost Victoria Park dearly. East Fremantle again had the better of the game in the second quarter and leading by 9.8 to 3.4 at half-time had sufficient points in hand to withstand Victoria Park's meritorious re covery in the latter part of the game. Vic toria Park was much the better side in the last two terms, but its forwards missed a number of reasonable opportunities to goal. Following were the teams:— ' EAST FBEMANTLE.— Backs: F. Mann, Woods, N. Doig. Half-backs: 0. James, Jarvia, Munro. Centres: Hiffro, O. Dole, W. Doigr. Halffor wards: Prosser, Fordbam, Kingsbury. Forwards: Reynolds,' G. Dois;, Hartiensen. Suck: W. James, G. Mann, XcGlinn (rover). Nineteenth man: Enright (replaced Kingionry . in' first quarter). VICTORIA PARK.— Backs: Wormald. Brown. Crooks. ' Half-backs: Hungerford, Shepherd, P. Fitzgerald. Centres: Ransom. H. Grinr, H. Davey. Half-forwards: Dewar, Wilson, Johnston. Forwards: A. Grixg*. Gook, Bobson. Ruck: P. Davey, Eeightley, Lucas, (rover). Nineteenth man: Cooper (replaced Keiffhtley in last quarter). UMPIRE.— F. Collins. It was soon apparent that East Fremantle would lead comfortably at the end of 'the quarter, as a result of surer marking^and infinitely better team-work. Though Shep herd was- playing- a wonderful game for Victoria Park at half-back, his colleagues in defence frequently missed- the bounce or fumbled the ball. East Fremantle's at tack was extremely accurate and Martien een was a' telling factor near the goal. Victoria Park seldom succeeded in^ crossing the centre line, and East Fremantle had registered its fifth goal before Lucas opened Victoria Park's Major account, which he immediately followed with a second- goal: Shepherd, H. Grigg and Lucas were play ing ' good footbalT but the remainder of the Victoria Park team committed too many errors. .At quarter-time the scores were:— East Fremantle, 7.3; Victoria Park. 2.1. Concerted, non-stop play made East Fre mantle the better team. Victoria Park's defence lines, inspired by Shepherd, were at last functioning, and scoring proved dif ficult. Twelve minutes' play yielded a point to each side. With eight minutes to go, Gook kicked Victoria Park's third goal, but some wonderful football by G. Doig was finished off with two goals before the bell, which left the scores at:— East Fre mantle, 9.8; Victoria Park, 3:4. Victoria Park began the third quarter well when Dewar goaled splendidly on the run and Brown's rushes blocked East Fremantle's attacks. Victoria Park's hopes were raised when Dewar ecored another goal. East Fremantle found it necessary to strengthen its defences, and Fordham was accordingly withdrawn from the at tack where he had played with distinction in the first half. Victoria Park strove valiantly to reduce its deficit of 4.1, and had improved its football in a remarkable manner. The best of the East Fremantle players were reduced to an ordinary level, and Victoria Park had risen superior in every department of the game. East Fre mantle's only chance for the quarter was again converted by G. Doig into a goal, but this was offset by Deware third goal for the term. Surpassing East Fremantle in combination, and with Keightlev, A. Grigg and Shepherd at their best, Victoria Park added two goals, leaving it with ? distinct

chance of victory at three-quarter time, the scores being:— East Fremantle, 10.8; Vic toria Park, 8.11. East Fremantle felt more comfortable after Martiensen scored full points with a. running ehot. Bain was falling, and in the bad light, a fierce struggle worked up. Hungerford was most prominent for Vic toria Park, but misfortune fell upon Vic toria Park at this stase- when Kleightley was forced to leave the field. The ball was heavy and greasy and the football wild and mediocre, but there was no doubt ing its vim and earnestness. Victoria Park missed several opportunities of scoring, but Wilson atoned with a fine goal. With six minutes to go, East Fremantle led by 10 points, but a goal by McGlinn within four minutes of time placed East Fremantle in a position from which Victoria Park's stamina and determination could not shake it. The final scores were: — EAST FREMANTLE . 12.12 (84 pts.) VICTORIA PARK .. 9.15 (69 pts.) Goal-kickers: — E,ast Fremantle: G. Doig (7), Martiensen (3), Prosser and McGlinn. Victoria Park: Dewar (3), Lucas (2), Gook (2), Johnston and Wilson. On the East Fremantle side, preference must be given to McGlinn and G. Doig. McGlinn continually figured in East Fre mantle's attacks, and gave a fine exhibition of speed, ground play, and stamina. G. Doig's seven goals, clean high-marking and leading turned the scale. While G. James, Jarvis and Munro formed, a powerful first line of defence, G. Mann gave promise of developing into an. excellent follower, and of the remainder C. Doig, Fordham, Pros ser, Martie'nBen and W. Doig. excelled. For Victoria.' Park, Shepherd gave an astonishing display at half-back,. and was. undoubtedly' the- best player on the ground. He marked well throughout, and- came through with rare power. Hungerford was strong on Shepherd s right, with Brown and P. 'Fitzgerald often under notice after the first quarter. H. .Grigg .rivalled C. Doig in general usefulness at centre, while others who- took a prominent part in Victoria Park's recovery were Dewar, ' A.; Grigg, Ransom, Wilson, Keightley and Lucas. .