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Dolu Makes a Reappearance.

Except for the third quarter, East Perth played) superior football against Subiaco at Perth Oval on Saturday, and won by 37 points; In arrears to the extent

of 4.1 at half -time, Subiaco. made a des perate-effort to recover, and at one stage towards the end of the quarter it was less than two goals behind. - Its small men had improved considerably, and there was far more dash and determination in the team's play. In the last quarter, how ever, East Perth was not worried and more or less leisurely it increased its: advantage over the spent and ragged Subiaco players. On the whole East Perth's handling of the ball was much surer and cleaner than that of Subiaco; in the ruck it was strong; its forwards helped each- other and were always on the alert, and it possessed re liable defenders.- On 'Guhl'e'wing East Perth was dominant, and Crohin did well in the centre, but Bowe was successful on the other Subiaco wing, and J. Dolari, playing for the first time with East Perth, kept the forward lines under control. Following were the teams: — ' ;- ?/; ?? EAST PERTH.— Backs: M, Ryan', Booth, Mat son. Half backs: Boundy, Oswald/ Bennett. '.-.Cen- tres: Miller, Cronln,, Guhl. Half-forwards: Wood, Dolan, King. Forwards: Mather, Lockyer, Gar? nsut. Ruck: Little; Dempster, Screaish (rover). Nineteenth man: Crow (did not play). ?*??,: SUBIACO.— Backs: Davies, Rodger, Strack. Half-backs: Roe. Daily, L. Toll. Centres: Mackay, Stehn.'Bowe. Half-forwards: Mills,- M. Green; F. Brophy. Forwards: Ahearn, J.' Jennings, Kelly Ruck: Mullineux. MerabnX Smith (rover). Nine teenth man: R, Toll (did not play). :, ' ? ?? UMPIRE: G. Gannon. ._ -;- In i the first -six .minutes of the match East Perth scored three goals, owing to the work ofLittle and Dempster in the ruck, Guhl's cleverness on -the wing and the speed of the forwards. Screaigh set an example in attack' by' getting away jfrom his immediate opponent. Through Bowe's nippy play on the wing Merson finished off a chain of passes with a goal for Subiaco. East Perth was handling and marking the greasy ball remarkably well,, and but for inaccurate kicking near the goal— a num ber of shots went out of bounds — it would have led by more than 4.0 to 1.1 at quarter time. Soon after the change-over, East. Perth had scored ite sixth goal without a behind, as against Subiaco's 2.2. Subiaco, now kicking with the wind, was inclined to play into-, the wrong pocket. After East Perth Had scored three TjBhinds, Daily, spec tacularly began a Subiaco, attack which resulted' in a goal from; Jennings. East Perth was pressing- forward; steadily, and few opportunities of ecoring_ were wasted. Little and. Screaigh were- in -good form* while Matson /? invariably ' prevented Subiaco's efforts to score from the right wing. The foolish practice, of many Subiaco players to bounce the ball proved costly; and at thalf-tiirie East' Perth led with %& to 4.4. ... ;: Immediately after the interval, Screaigh goaled for;'East Perth. The transference of E.^Brophy into' the centre had. a. good eiFect on 'Subiaco's pilay, but East Perth scored '.another goal before Subiaco began its rally. In. the rain. Subiaco- increased its; pace and vigour,- three goal* brought the side into a promising 'position. A great angle shot by Jennings produced an otner.:goal, and East Perth. waB. tempor arily at a standstill. During a lone period of Subiaco supremacy, -East Perth ? made only ctwo' attacks, but just. before .the bell Screaigh. coolly kicked a goal, making the scoresr-^-East Perth, 11^; Subiaco, 85. .'Subiaco then began to, fade out of ' the picture. Little was playing like a champion for. East Perth, which played with com bination and kicked deliberately, in con trast . to Subiaco's hurried . style. East Perth's- backs shepherded well. .With ten minutes to go Subiaco obtained a goal, but jt 'was its' only score for the quarter. Following were the final scores:— EAST PERTH .. 14.15 (99 points). SUBIACO ..... 94 (62 points). Goal-kickers:— East Perth: Screaigh (4), Mather (4), Little (2), Dempster $, Lockyer and Miller. Subiaco: Merson (2), Jennings (2), Ahearn (2), Mills, Smith and Kelly. For East Perth the outstanding players were Little, Matson and Guhl. Little was a powers in the ruck, Matson made scarcely a. mistake in defence, and Guhl had the call over Mackay on the wing. Of the others, Garnaut, Dolan, Screaigh, Boundy, Cronin, Dempster, Wood and Mather were the best. Subiaco's leading player was -Bowe, who was the inspiration of the side in the third quarter. Strack, Merson, F. Brophy, Mills, Rodger, Daily, Smith and, Kelly were the best of. the remainder..