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Wett Perth Beats Swan Districts.

Taking the lead soon- after the com mencement of play West Perth scored heavily against Swan; Districts at Leeder yille Oval. on Saturday and won, by .62

points. The new team was outclassed but by no means disgraced. Opposed to a machine-like, attack, a powerful defence, and a. strong ruck, Swan Districts played with great courage eyen; when hopelessly behind, but its inability to finish' off at tacks and its indifferent kicking were dis advantages. . Added to that, E. T'yson, the West Perth forward, was in top, form and he scored 13 of the team's 20 goals. The Swan Districts leader, G. Bee, and J. Ford, the West Perth back man, were unable to play on account of injuries. The teams were: — , ' ; WEST. PKRTH.— Backs:- . Gregg. Benton. Mo Guckin. Half-backs: ' O'Keefe. Tetley, P. ? Walsh. Centres: Drew, Morgan, It. Walsh. Half-forwards: R.' Green; Anderson. VN.' HcDiarmid. Forwards: Kenna, ? Tjrson/ J. McDiarmid. Ruck: Ilarinko, McGarry. Rainoldi (rover). - Nineteenth, man: O'Connor ? (replaced- It- Walsh -in last quartnr). SWAN. DISTRICTS.— Backs: Reilly, McRae, MUlward. Half-backs: Zilko. Buckley.. Clarke. Centres: Mosey. Grieve. Krepp. ? -Half-forwards: Parks, Forbes.' Ford. Forwards:. Cook, Gorn, Dawes. Buck: Penberthy, Mclnerney, Sweet apple (rover). Nineteenth man: Burge; (replaced Zilko in second .quarter). '. , ' UMPIRE;— F.,Fuhrmaii. , ' .'? ? ?,* ? . ( Gorn scored for Swan Districts a minute after -the' starti but several West' Perth attacks were fruitless until Tyson 'snapped' a goal from a ) crush. West Perth played indifferently in the opening 'stages; but uncertain play and fumbling in the .for ward line handicapped Swan Districts. A marked advantage in the ruck enabled West Perth to assume the lead. Tyson and J. McDiarmid kicked: goals from long distances, whereas Swan Districts failed to score from four deliberate shots. The absence of Bee on the half-forward was painfully obvious. West: Per th'' played faultlessly in the closing stages, of the quarter, at the' end' of which it led with 9.3 to 2.3. There Was a good deal of wild, scrambling play, in the second quarter during which Swan Districts, although 48 points ' be hind, persevered. West -Perth, however, was playing . well ? within itself . and '. its back line badly beat the opposing for wards. Swan Districts' kicking to the man was poory a notable exception being Parks, the centre-half-forward. When West Perth moved forward its efficiency in attack. : was .outstanding.. -By sheer . dog gedness Swan Districts kept the scoring down to a minimum. Led by Grieve the centre line did a great deal of excellent work and the defenders made a good, show ing against a deadly forward division. Swan Districts handled the ball uncer tainly, losing several chances in vital posi tions. To make matters worse the shoot ing for goal deteriorated, seven shots pro ducing only. one goal. West Perth had the gamewon at half-time when the scores were:— West Perth, 1£5; Swan Districts, ?3.9. ? ' . . ? ' _ ;??? ' ??? ;.' - Apart from a passage of play, which gave Tyson his eighth goal West Perth was out pointed in the first half .of the third term. Playing at half-forward Forbes led Swan Districts into attack time and again and two goals , were added. The Swan Dis tricts centre line was rarely beaten and West Perth was obliged to defend desper ately until a 70-yard goal from Green eased the pressure., . Swan* Districts continued its spirited rally as the quarter wore on put it 'gained : comparatively- little ground, having, score' 6.13 to 1610 at' the bell. ^ ? , Interest in the final. quarter of play was centred mainly invTy86n'8 goal score. He increased it to. 11: with two goals a few minutes after .the term started. Swan Districts, added two' goals. and then Tyson again goaled from a difficult angle, but he missed twice with screw kicks. In the last two minutes' he snapped his. 13th goal and the bell rang with the scores at:— WEST PERTH .. 20.16 (136 points) SWAN DISTRICTS 10.14 ( 74 points) Goal-kiclcers.— West Perth: Tyson (13), Kenna (4), Green (2), and J. McDiarmid; Swan Districts: Gorn (6), Cook (2), Forbes and K. Mclnerney. Almosf every man in the West Perth team played excellently.. Because of his big bag of goals Tyson stood out as an individual player. He missed several shots, but his kicking, generally, was good and his marking, ground-work and position play were faultless. Benton and Tetley led a brilliant defence and P. Walsh. Kenna, Green, Anderson,' Marinko and McGarry were also brilliant players. ' Swan Districts best player was Grieve, who beat Morgan at centre. Gorn scored well, considering his team's poor passing. At half-forward and following, Forbes was almost the equal of Grieve as an outstand ing player, and Mosey, Reilly and Cook were prominent throughout the game.