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FURTHER DECLINE IN VALUES. Good Clearances Effected.

A marked decline, estimated ,at from 10 to 15 per cent:, from the levels of the first Perth wool sale of the current selling sea son, held on September 9, occurred yester

day at the second sale of the season. Bro kers offered approximately 23,000 bales, and, on the whole, good clearances were effected. * Since the first sale, Bradford 04's.tops have fallen from 28d. to 24d. per lb.-;' so th'at wool of that quality yield ing 60 per cent', is now 2d. per 1b. cheaper. Best spinning wool of 70's quality was most in demand, and the values for this. class of wqdl'did 'not recede to the same extent ?a those for some -of the lower counts. Short lamb's', wool, inferior and stained pieces, .and locks were neglected, and could be sold' only at extremely low prices. Good buying strength was in evidence through out, for 'suitable .descriptions, and compe tition was well spread. Values in Lon don^ and-'at- various Australian selling centres , having declined,: the arrival during the Veek^end of ,. a larger number' of buy ing- orders than was' anticipated was par ticularly^ pleasing. .Values. were equal to current- Eastern State quotations. For. Continental . types, competition was forthcoming front France,. Germany, Bel gium .'aid.^italr. --^Yprkshire's representa tives ,h.eld..heaVy .orders for top-making tvpes.s'-Theiselection .was generally more Buited toj'them. than that of the' previous ?ale, ' wh'en^fherb'u]k of the offerings con sisted-of'Kbrth-Wcst' wool, more or less of Continental types. Australian mills and XJnit-d States buyers who required stylish spinning- -descriptions, also provided com petition.'- *? Disbussing the sale, a promi nent broker said that the results were most depressing; Prices had ^fallen to the lowest level for 30 Years. The top ?price' of the day was 13jd., ob tained by Elder, Smith and Co. for bales of AA wethers' 'wool of superfine quality from the Springs Pastoral Co's. Curbur Station, on the Murchison. The next sale will be held on October 27. In the fol lowing brokers' reports the minimum price quoted/ for all districts is Sd. — West ral Ian Farmers, Ltd. AVESTKALLAJT FARMERS. LTD., report: — We offered approximately. 2,450 bales. The selection was principally dratoh from the agricultural dis tricts, and included some attractive and'woll frrown lines, though many were not eo sound us m expected.' and. carried thin, dusty backs. One or two clips were from the eastern Koldtields and the Murchison.' 'Our tup price was Hid., ?ccured lor Tullooli and Co., Leonora, for 38 bales. Since the opening eale in September, bnt particularly during last week, disquieting re ports have been coming to hand from tha London and Eastern States markets, indicating that values were falling heavily, and these were borno Out by the Kile. ' The decline since Sep tember has ? been fully 10 to 15 per 'cent. for ' fleece and pieces, but short, inferior and wasty lines are very irregular and difficult to sell. Owing to the fact that the Eastern States have had some droughty- years, there lias been an accumulation of nhort-flbred material in nmnufaoturiug centres. The ? result is that lodes, crutchings, and short lambs in particular are. at - an almost unsaleable level. Dags, heavy locks, crutchings,- aud pen sweep ings* are best held back on the farm until next year ii nece&uiry, us the prices realised will not pay freight and expenses. The sale- was up to expectations. Competition was good, and we se cured the average of our valuations, except for iuferior lines and' the short-fibred wools pre yiously. mentioned. Principal, prices were as follow: — Tulloch and Co., Leonora (38) HJd.. (6) lOld.. (0) 0d., (4) 8c; U. T. B. Sulathicl, Yealering (41 lOld.; .1. B. Hasxell, Kortluun. (4) 10 Id., 'CO. »3'u'., (2) lOld.; C F. Walter, Harrismith. (2) IOJoa, (S) lud., (2) 8jd.; Marwick Bros.. York, (1) 10id., (5) OJd., (1) Ud.; M. Lloyd, Toodyay. (1) 10 Jd., (1) 8Jd.; Ward and Martin, Kellerbeirin. (1) lOld., (1) 81d.; G. Howden, Yealerins (3), 10id.; Mrs. K. Howden, Yealering, (1) lOJd.; A.K. Wulshe, 1'ealering, (2) 10 Id.; W. D. Castle, Dumbleyung, (7) 10d.. (3) Hid.. (1) Ojd.; W. Lohoar. Gnowangerup, (7) ll'd., (2) 'Jid.. (2) SJd.. (1) Sid.; Ji. M. Leake. Kellerbeniu, (7) 10d., (3) 8id.; T. H. Leake, Kellerperrln. (8) 10d.. (3) s|d.; W. J. McClelland, JKellcrberrin, (4) 8Jd.; O. U. Rowan, Mcrredin, (7) OJd., (11) Sid.. (4) 84d.: b\ Swinlon. Xannine. (13) Sid. (5) 83d.; K.- Cart«r and Sons, Three Springs. (5) OJd., (7) 8jd.. (5). 8}d.; J. F. W. Met cnlf. Dowertn. (4) OJd., (7) 8id;: J.-W. Butts ivortli, Ar'datU, (4) «5d., (8) 9id.; Bland and Son, Voting, (10) Old.; ?(«) 8i|d.; Irwrn ts tate, Inviu, (10) OJd., (4) Ujd.. (7) 8d.; G. Waddell, Belka, (0) Old.; A. E. Green, Bencub liin, (I) Old.; C. N. Smith, QooranllinK. - 0 ) l)ja.; J. E. Green, Yealering (S) 9jd., (1) 94d., ^1) 8id.; Clias. Mizen, Baandee (3) 9jd., (4) Od.; J. A. Joyner; Uoodlakine, (1) «id., (2) 8d.; E. V. Wilson. Arrino. (5) Oid.. (5) 9d.; Mrs. U. Stubbs, Cunderdin, (5) D}d.; Gray Bros., 3faraling, (6) 9}d., (17) Sid.; l^ambert and Casey, Coorow, .(4) 9id.; E. Gardiner... leul ering, (U) 9 Id.; W. D.' Johnson, Bruce Bock. (7) Old., (7) 8Jd.; E. Mitchell and Sons, Kellerberrin. (3) Ojd., W ,*&*?*??:?? JTac^- Erekin. (1) 9id.. (3) 9Jd., (1) 9d.; J. «? Bremner and Sons, Corrigin. (3) Old., (7) 8ld.; V. ». Lock. Winehestec (1) Old., (1) 8 Ad.; AS JNewbon, Shackleton (2) 9id.; O. W. Heal, Quairading, (3) 9id., (7) 8jd.; J. C. Watt, Kellerberrin. (3) Old.. (1) 8jd.; W. E. Peters. Wyalkatchom (2), UJd.; A. v. Moore, Dqodla kino,-(2) Oid.; T. KeUy, Meckering, (11 Oid., (7) 8R; C. AVilson, Meckering. (1) Oid., (2) SJd.; N. E. Stokes, Arrino, (5) 0d.; 11. J. Bawlings. Baandee. (4) Pd.; J. Cooper. Nan ?on. (6) 0d.: F. Cooper, Barberton. (4) 9d.; 'C. Uphill. Tammin, (14) 9d.. (4) Sid.; H. N. Laurence. Ogilvie. (0) 9d.. (2) 8jd.| I. J. Shields, East Chapman, (7) 9d.; J. M. Tulley Carnaniah. (4) 0d.; A. A. Richards Ttoting. (71 '9d.; !C. W. Fraser, Quainjdjng, (22) 9u.; *,. Shields. East Cliapmau. (0) Ud.; D. Ludeman, Wattening, (2) 0d.. (2) Sjd.; V. C. BeUord, Ballidu, (11 0d.; J. Addison. Welbuugin (8) 83d.; Cannon and Holway. Bowes (0) 8Jd.; AvWBroB., Geraldtou, (8) 8Jd.; G. Battewby. Coorow.. (4) Sid.; C. L. Slark. Lake Grace. (0) S3d. (2) 8Jd.; J. E. Clothier. Jlerredlu, (8) SJd.' T C- Barnes. Kellerberrin, (0) 8jd.; A; W. Morrell. Waeel. (.4) 8id.; O. C Bothc. Coorow, (11)., 85d.; Cole ar-a Homer, Kellerberrin. (10) Sjd. Hobt, Wallace. Coorow. (uj Sid. (J) bd.. H.H. Slocum. Wyalkatclieiii (5), 8Jd., (?-) Sid.; J. Sullivan; Pantapm. (11) 8Jd.; S. B. Kuddnck. Coorow (20) Sjd^, (11) 8d.; F. foat. Dindiloii, (n) 8Jd.; Cousins Bros.. Ar MST (3) 83d.. 4) 8}d.; R. W. Clark, Carna jnah, (0) SJd.; B. D. Both.., Coorow (7) 8Jd.; X. A. Fmser, Quairadiug, (5) 8id-i A, Doust, Moora. (3) 8Jd.; T. Ledwith, Dudimn (1) 8Jd.: W. II. Sheehau, Howatharra, (3) SJd.: H. R. Hocking, Tammin, (4) 85d.; Mrs. E. , VanzetU, East ' Marcliagee, (4) 8.}d.; \i. IT. 'Watson,' Carnamah, (4) 8id.; R. Ihonwon and SknvMoya, (15V 8id.: A. E. Gigney. Baau dee. (4) 8W.;. J. K. Forrester, Carnaman, (0) 84d.; J. T. Heal.' Quairading, (14) 8*d.; C. Pannell. .Voting. (4) 8»d.; H., Bow, horbM, (2) 8jd.; W. Fraser, Dowerin, (3) 84d.;#w. ?Wallace, Ballidu, (1) 8*d.; J. S. llarwick York, (5) 8 Id.; G. S. Jasper. Cunderdin, (4) 8W.; Wongan Hills Light Lands Farm, Wongan Hills, (1) 8id., (1) SJd.; E. H Leeder, J.or tham, (1) 8Jd.; E. K. Byrne and Sons. Three Springs, (2) 8id.; H. E. Bear. Minnivalc. (5) Sid. (1) Sd.; S. A. Rudduck, Coorow (o) 8Jd.; C.Whitehurst, Kellerberrin, (8) Bid.; J. Undenvood, Coorow, (15) 8i,d.; J. K Tre genza. Danstin. (S) 8id.. (0) Sd.; A. K himber and Son, Balliduv (5) 81d.. (5) Sd^; J. W. Diver. Korreloeking, (4) Sid.; A. EG. Wal^r. Narcmbeen. (4) 8Jd.; F. S. Mitchell, . North- ampton; (14) SH.;* J. H. Stone, Dangin. (0- 8id.; A. R. McKcnrie, Corrigin, (5) SJd.; H. Hatfleld, Kellerberrin, (4) 8}d.; -A. G. HiHam, Konnongorring. (2) 8 id.; Chapman and _Far- roer, Kellerberrin, (2) 8id.; D. Stevens,. Ardath, (I) 81d.: C. R. .Mitohell, Northampton, (7) 8d:; X. h. Oill,v Morawa. (5) 8d.; J. A. O'Shannessy. Arrino, (5) 8d.; F. Carwardine, aioulyinning, (7) 8d.; E. Jacobien, TraynuiB (8) 8d.; A. J. Cunningham. Nangeenan, (2) 8d,: J. H. Larsen, Jennacubbine, (4) 8d.; C,: H. A.' Cox, Yorkrakine. (51 8d.: ' Craike Bros., -Trayning, (1) 8d.; E. Flack, -Qunderdin, (1) Sd. .. , Elder, Smith and Co. ELDER, SMITH and CO. report: — Our offer ing., of 11.918 bales (inclusive of fadges and hags) .wide an attractive showing. The pas toral aroas were represented by about C.000 Dales 'drawn- from the Ashburton (700 bales). Gas coyne (1.450 bales). Murchison (1,450 hales), and Eastern Goldticlds (2.2C5 bales.) The bal ance of our ? offering came from the Midlands and. agricultural districts, with a ,fow clips from the- Gieat' Southern. .Competition was spirited and general, and a good clearance was effected under 'the- hammer. Compared with the open ing sale ' 70's '-spinners' types showed the least reduction, whereas 64's and 60's fleece wool was -from lid. to 2d. per' lb. lower. This is the present ruling basis on the Eastern States mtfrkets. Our principal prices were as follow: — Murchison and Eastern Goldflelds. — Springs Pastoral Co., Curbur, Mullewa, (4) 13id., (6.) 12d., (11) lljd., (10) lid., (12 bks.) Old.; Mtv Malcolm Pastoral Co., Glenorn, Malcolm, ?5) 12Jd., (14) lljd.. (20) 11 Jd., (36) 11R, --19) 10id.. (31) lOid., (17) 8Jd.. (21) Sid., (6) *}d., (4) SJd.. (4) 0d.. (18) 8}d., (2) 8d., (4) Sid.; Tarmoola Pastoral Co., Leonora, (5) 12Jd.. (30) lOJd., (27) lOjd., (3S) 10d., (19) OJd., (13) 9id., (7) Ojd.. (14) Od:, (0) Sd.,,(O) S5d.. (4) OJd.. (17) Sid.. (12) Sd.; Mt. , Weld Pastoral Co., via Lavertoti. (14) 12(.i. (10) lid.. (4) 10.1.. Ifll) Old., (fi) Sid.. (5) Bid.; R. WilUie, ilalcolm.' (0) 12Jd.. (11) lljd., (4) Hid.. iS) lid., (10) lOjd.. (13) 0d.; Kalli Na tion Co., Cue, (10) 12d., (S) U4d., (IS) lijd., (0) 10}d., (5) lOJd.; Gillam Jftid Pearse, Madoonga Station^ Cue, (7) 11 }d.. (4) lid., -1G) 10|d., (13) lOid., (C) OJd., (12) OS., 012) SJd., (4) 9Jd.. (7) 8Jd., (5) SJd.; M.-- Cock and Son*, Ealuwiri, Sandstone, (6) lUd.; (7) lOJd., (11) OJd., (7) Oid:, (9) SJd.; H. P. Sprigs arid Co., Annean, Mecka tliarra, (13) lljd., (13) lid., (U) lOJd., (8) lOJd.. (1«) lOld., (11) 10d., (5) 92d., (24) ,91d., (11) Oid., (44) 0d., (12) 8d., -8) 81d., (22) 8d., (9) 8id., (4) K 8}d.; (2) 8{d., (8) 8Jd., (24) 9d., (4) 8d., (2) -9jd.; P. C. Allen, iArverton Downs, Lavertonv (24) lid., (4) 10d., (16) 9Jd., (7) 8Jd., (10) Sid., (12) Sid.; Weebo Station, Ltd., Lake Dar Kit,' (5) lid., (7) lOJd.. (23) OAd., (4) S)d., ?(7) 8i'd.; (1) 8?d., (0) 9d.: Mrs. M. E. JJames; -Mindoolah Station, Cue, (11) lid., (11) dO$d., (1) 8d., (1) SJd.; Mvlrose Stali-jii. ltd'.. Leonora. f4- 111.1.. (41 lOJd.. (13) lOJd., (ll/t U'J.. (4) aAd.. (10) Oj'l.. 't-'l I ftjd..' ('J-V ??«€(.. (1) s.!!. HI) M.. -!-- t-1 : CJaiksnn hmr' Sons, ^Meekatharra, (4) lid.. (I)1 0d.: ShoU Ucoe.. Sa:.dsloue. (Ui 11IJ.. (lij lojd., (4) i-jd.. (!) n-U.; PlnuMl'.s P'y., I^onora, (13) lOJd., (30) 99d., (12) yid.. (7) Ojd., (10) SJd.. (31) 8Ad.. (4) Sell, (7) SJd.-. R. H. Adamson and Co., Yakabindie, via liiwlers. (4) lOid., -12) 8Id.. (4) 8id., (9) Sd.; Clinch Bros., Butnerbinmah, Mt. Magnet, -6) lOid., (11) 9Jd.; Eritotoun Pastoral Co., Jiaverton, (5) JO£d., (11) lOid., ,-2S) 8Jd.

(5) 9}d., (14) 9d., (5) 0d.; M. Loughnan, Mullewa, (4) lOJd.. (6) 9d.; E. L. Lukin, Jessop's Well, (6) lOid., (21) 10d.,' (11) 9id., (11) Oid^ (8) 9d.; Mrs. F. P. Mitchell, Won dinong, Murchigon f6) 10d., (6) Oid., (1) 8id., (1) 8id., (1) 0W.; Thomas and Co., Jibber ding, via Wubin, (4) 10d., (Z) OJd., (2) 9id., (11 S3d., (6) iid.; Mt. Keith Pastoral Co., Fimiston. (6) 10d.. (4) OJd.. (4) 9jd.. (1)' Old., (1) Oid., (1) Sid.; Hvrwker, Chomley and Co., Ltd., Sturt Meadows,. via Leonora, (10). 10d., (0) 91d., (38) Old., (71) 9d., (46) 8jd., (20) SJd.. (17) 8Jd.. (4) Sid., (15) 0d. ; Morrison and Calder, Sandstone, (6) 10d., (13) OJd. (C) »d.. (12) 8jd., (5) 8}d.; T. E. Barr Smith, Ninghan. via Wubin, (37) »|d., (14) 9jd., (4) 9id.; Depot Springs Ltd., Law* ]crs, (I) OJd., (3) 9d., (2) Sid.; R. W. Bell, Nannine, (4) 9}d., (1) 9jd.. (1) 9d.; Warren Bros., Darlbt, (4) 9d.; H. O. and M. KiUicoat, Menzies. (5) 8id., (1) Sid.; Lake Mason Pas toral Co., Ltd., Sandstone, (5) 8Jd.; E. Bain, Meekathany, (3) lOJd., (3) 9id., (3) 8ld., (2) Sid., (5) 10d.. (4).9Jd., (4) Sd. Xorth-West. — G. H. Burt, Yinnetharra, Car narvon, (7) 101-L, (7) lOjd., (9) »id., (4) 9}d., (4) 8|d., (5) 8jd., (-5) 8d., (10), 8d.; Mt. Phillip Station, Ltd., Carnarvon, (6) lOJd., (5) lOJd., (5) ioid., (19) 10d., (39) 9Jd., (20) 9id., (8) Oid., (4) 9d., (10) 8Id., (7) 8ld.: Minderoo Pastoral Co., Onslow, (0) lOid., (12) OJd.. (4) Oid., (7) 9u:, (*) OJd., (I) SJd.. (13) 8Jd., (10) 8id., (4) 8-L. (5) R 8jd. (20) 8id.; Phillips and Viveash, Jinba Jimbi, Gascoyne Junction, (13) 10»d;, - (12) OJd.. (20) 9id., (7) 9d., (18) S|d.; Doora warrah Pastoral Co., Carnarvon, (7) lOid., (5) lOJd., (17) OJd.. (28) Old., (5) 9d., (II) Oid., (15) 8jd. (C) Sd., (4) ©id., (C) Sid.; Minnie Creek Pastoral Co., Carnarvon, (13) 10+d., (5) 10d., (2) 9}d., (5) OJd., (12) 9id. (14) 9d., (11) Sjd., (5) Sid., (14) 8d., (8) 8d., (10) Sid., (4) Sid., (19) 8id.; Dalgety Downs Pastoral Co., Carnarvon, (18) Oid., (15) 9d., (4) SJd., (10) Sjd., (8) 83d., (5) 81d.; Robe. River Pastoral Co., Onslow, (9) Ojd., (8) OR (17) 8Jd., (12) 8jd.; A. E. Watts, Ullawam, Beadon, (0) Oh'l., (11) Oid., (o) 9d., (8) 8Jd., (16) 8.}d., (4) 8id., (10) 8id., (5) 8Jd.;' Corbett Bros and Sanderson, Kooline Station, Onslow, (11.) ,9}d., (7) 9d., (7) S]d., (14) 8d.; Mia Mia Pas toral Co., Ltd., Carnarvon (30) 9d., (22) 8id., (25) 8d.; Gifford Creek Pastoral Co., Car narvon, (B) 82d. Agricultural and Great Southern Districts. — A. Kelly. Broomehlll (6), Hid.; Edgar Bros., Glentromie, New Norcia (4) lid., (18) 10d., (5) 9Jd., (4) 8|d., (4) 8d., (7) 9jd., (6) Sid.; W. Harrison, Kukerin (13) lOid.; F. J. Dawes, Dudimn (4) lOid., (1) 8|d.; R. F. Davies, Dinnimip (4) lOid., (5) 10d.. (7) 9Jd.; P. Piani, Kojonup (6) lOid.; C. J. J. Jones, Gnowant'erup(5) 10 Jd.; V. P. Davidson, Moora (0) 10d.; R. A. F. Soiling, Invin (5) 10d., (5)vl»}d., (15) 82d., 0') 8d.; W. J. Faulkner, Kukerin (6) * 10d., (11) Oid.; J. B. Taylor, Corrigiu (5) 10d.; (8) 8Jd., (4)' 8id.; W. .G. Burges, Burges' Siding (8) 10d., (8) Oid., (4) Od., (1) 8id. (4) 0d., (6) 8d., (4) 8d.; Salmon and Lowe, Yarramony (4) Oid., (4) 9d.,' (C) SJd.; G. II. Hodgius, Gnowangerup (4) 10d.; E. M. Wellstead, Borden (7) 10d., (1) 0d.; B. Forsyth, Kellerberrin (10) 9d.; G. M. Silver, Ballidu. (4) 10d.: Mrs. A. P. Cullinane, Meckering (10) 9jd.; K. P. Bui-ges, Surges' Siding (C) 10J., -.(9) 9Jd.; Rockliffe .Grazing Co., Katanning (4) 10d.; O. S. Livesey. Bullock Hills (5) 10d.; J.' Genoni, Tambellup (6) 10d.; J. and M. Cook, Moulyinning (4) 10d.; R. L. Baxter and Sons, Candordin (5) OJd., (4) 8Jd., (1) Sid.; L. Lenni, Cunderdin, (5) 0|d.; A. W. Edwards, Beverley (5) »id.; L. R. Hamersley, Muresk (5) 9id.; R. J. Mc Keever, Jnr., Moora (S) 9}d., (2) Oid.;. Nat. Ball, Cnowangerup (0) 10d., (0) 9£d.; J. I. Mann, Beverley (4) 0?d. (8) 0d., (7) 8|d., (1) 0d.; Boroondara Grazing Co., Toompup, (15) 'Jid.; W. H. and F. C. Kay, Lake Grace, (4) OJd., (4) Old.; J. S. Mills. Waggrakine (10) OJd., (5) »d., (T-) 7id.; G. J. Powell, Quairading (7) OJd., (7) 8Jd.; W. Caley, Cor rigin (11) Old.; E. Trim, Goomberdale (7) Old., (5) 9d.; J. Tregenza, Itowerin (7) Old.; A. W. Padbury, Koogan, (7) 9id., (4) Oid., (8) 8Jd., (4) 8id., (2) 8Jd., (4) OJd., (1) 8d., (1) 8 id.; G. H. White, Dinninup (5) OJd.; B. E. Hames, Tambellup (9) OJd.; A. J. Cooke, Grass ValleyV(4) 9ld. (6) 9fd., (5) 9d., (4) 8}d.; P. J. Donovan, Cunderdin (6) 9Jd.; A. B. C. Whiteford. Bullarinir (5) Oid.; K. Lindcmeier, Lomos (5) 9 id.; J. Hodgson and Sons, WJckepin (S) OJd.: G. M. T. Oliver. Meckering (S) 9 id., (1) SJd.; H. K. Jasper, Cunderdin (6) OJd.; H. D. Gray, Harrismith (8) Ojd., (1) 8d.; S. B. H. Ung, Wickepin (t) OJd.: F. H. White, Meckering, (5) OJd., (1) Sid.; R. t: Kings. Northam (6) OJd.. (0) 9d., (4) Sjd.; P. and A. Desmond, Walkaway (6) OJd., (4) 8Jd.; W. , H. Henderer, Kondinin (5) OJd.; K. Poultney, Bulyee (u) OJd.; J. McNamara, Guarming (0) Oid.; Mrs. S. E. Park, Karaling (6) O.Jd., -7) 8»d.; O. O. Oliver, Cunderdin (4) Old.; II. Horsmun and Sons, Bilbarin (4) OJd., (4) 9d.; T. P. Duggan, Yerlcoin (5) 9{d.; John Robinson and Sons, Wobpuu Hills (4) OJd.. (5) 8id.; Mrs. I. McLellan, Kellerberrin (ii) 9id.; J. A. Dare, HaiTismith (10) Ola:,' (5) 8id.; W. P. Line han, Kellerberrin (.4) 9}d.; Cook and Hutton, East Wickepin (8) Oid.;' C. Snell and Son, Nan geenan (G) Oid.; E. 'W. Stone, Jnr., Wieke pin (4) 9|d.; A. Lumbers, Moora («) Oid.; S. M. E. and E. H. Elliott, Bruce Hock (4) OJd.; Egan and O'Brien, Kellerberrin (5) 9}d.; G, S. Eves, Tenindewa (7) 9id.; . ? R. Dver, Kellerbeirin (5) 9id.; G. S. Wliarton, Gnow anserup (4) Oid.. (1) Sd.; A. J. Youn£, Kon dinin (0) Oid., (8) 0d.; F. E. Morrell Waeel (0) Old. (4) Sid.; Jas. Ganzell, Dowerin (0) 9id.; A.- E. Duncan, Walebing (1) fljd.; W. C. Neumann, Moora (1) OJd., (1) 8id.; W. M. Ttembath, Kondinin (6) 9id.; G., Prior, Baandee '(5) »Jd., (4) 8Jd.; J. Baxter, Gnow ferup (4) »id.; Dr. F. M. House, Gnowan lp (5) 9id.; R. E. Burges, Meckering (4) (4) 8fd.; L. Butcher, Moora (4) 0d.; Dr. K. G. 'Aberdeen, Sortham. (21) 0d., (4) Sid.; A. Casey, Kulin (4) Sd.: B. P. Chidlow, Nor tham (8) 9d., (4) 8Jd.; A. Dickens. Pithara (6) 9il.: A. V. Moir. Ongerup (1) 9d.; Harris and Bunlield, Cunderdin (1) 9d.; «. Wilson, Meckering (1) 0d., (1) 8 id.; J. Situnders, Tardun (0), Od. ; O. J. Gent, Kel lerberrin (5), Od. (1). 8d.; H. C. T. Jensen, Cunderdin (4)'. 0d.; ,W. H. Pratt. Kellerberrin (4),.0d.; G. L. Smith, Nokaning (5). 0.1; Rood and Son. Shackleton (4), 0d., (16) 8jd.; Rob erts Bruce Rock (4), 0d.; Oliver and Brown, East Dumbleyung (5), 9d.; J. C. Perry, Bclka (05, 9,1.; T. Tiernej-. Walebing (8), 9d.; Mrs. E. Barrett, narrismith (4). 0d.; P. J Quick, Cundenlin (4), 9d.; F. Fisher Beard. Nambin (1), Old.. (5), SJd., (9), 8*d.; Robertson Bros., JS'angeenan (11), 0d.; A. A. Pomeroy, Cunderdin (4), 9d.; G. L. Elsegood. Sewell's Rock (1G), 0d.. (4) SJd.; F. S. Freebaim, Ku lin (0), Bd., (6), SJd.; Hesford Bros., Peren jori (4), 0d.; R. Nicholls, Kulin (7). 9d.: J. S. Jones, Kjanding (7). 9d.; R. F. Dearlove, junior, Dudinin (4), 9d.; N. W. Mills, Uarri siuith (0), 9d.; J. A. McQueen and Co., Berk shire Valley (6), 0d.; Freeguard and Norris, Gnowangerup (8), 9d.; Sim Bros.. Yealering (1), 9d., (1), R 0d.; T. H. Wilsop, Wyal katchem (8), 9d., (1) 8id.; Holmes and Holmes. Ltd., MingeneW (4), 9d., (4) 8jd., (2) 8jd.; E. W. Sheuton. Quairading (7), 0d., (1) SJd.; Carr Bros., Yandanooka (7), »d., (4) 8jd.; C. G. Latham, Narembeen (4), 9d., (6), 8Jd.; John Packham, junior, Tammin (0), 8Jd.; H. H. Copping, Brooktou (G), 8Jd.; J. Read, Coorow (11), 8|d.: Leathard Bros., Dumbleyung (5), 8|d.; H. T. Ward, Namban, (4), SJd.; W. R. Swineer, Pithara (5), 8}d.; Bradford Bros., Bulliiiu (5), 8Sd.; W. Padburv, Mooliabeenee (11), 8|d., (15) (4), 8d.: J. Lawson, Cunderdin (1). 8}d.; F. A. Green, Danduiragan (1), 8Jd.: H. Perry, Korbel (10), 81d.; S. Snooke. Cunderdin (6), SJd.; n. V. Creek aud Sons. Corrigin (8). SJd.; E. E. Hennig, Toolibin (21), hjd.; Woolyeenyah Pas toral Co., Norseman (7). SJd.; A. ' aud J. Cunie, Bruce Rock (0), 83d. ; A. Saunders, Dow erin (4), SJd., (10) 8jd.; Young Bros, Kon dinin (6) , SJd., C4) 81d.; McKay and McKay, East Damboring (4), 8Jd.; C. M Polain, Lake Grace (C), SJd.: J. B. Y. Thompson, Gerald ton (9), SJd.; N. W. Roe. Grass Vallcv (4), 8Jd.; A. W. Mutter. Northern (4), 85d.;'Walter T. Stone. Quairadinjr (5). SJd.: A. W. ilorrell, Waeel (2), 82d:; J. Tighe, Kellerberrin (5), SJd., (13). 7Jd.: F. J. Mackin, Tammin (4), 8Jd.; Senator E. B. Johnston, Kulin (4), 8Jd.; O. H. Kennedy, Cunderdin (5), 8Jd.; L. Rigoll, Jitaroing (6), 8Jd.; Brown Bros., Coorow (6), 8Jd.; Barham and Webb, Nolba (4), 8Jd.; S. Deveretsky, Bnrracoppin (ll), 8jd.; C. C. Mac kin and Sons, Tammin (11), 8Jd. (G), Sjd.; Mrs F.' P. Mitchell, Irwin (13), 7Jd., (8), 8Jd.; R. A. Davies, Kulin (12). 8Ad.; A. G. Colliver and Son, Tammin (9). SJd.; W. R. Anderson. Baandee (4), Sid.; Mrs. A. Ilamers lev, Beverley (6), 8Jd.: Anderson and Son, East Pifhara (8), 8jd.; G. Lundy. Dowerin (4), SJd.; D. J. Nolan, Coorow (1), Sid; Glasfurd Bros., Walebing (1). SJd.; R, McMillan, Spen cer's Brook (1). 8jd.; S. G. Colliver. Doodla kine (1). 8Jd.; H. T. Ward, Namban (1), 8Jd.; C. E. Pond, Bendering (5), SJd., (1), 8d.; J. S. Gray, Kulin (10), 8Jd.; A. Gigney and Son, Baandee (4), SJd.; II. L. Yewers, Yandanooka, (4), 8Jd.; W. G. Pettit, Cunderdin (4). SJd.; Curtis and Wilson, Yandanooka (7), 8Jd.; H. Cousins. Pithara (4), 8jd.; R. Talbot, Corrigin. (5), 8Jd.; Mrs. O. E. Dempster, Southern Brook (5), Sjd.; L. G. James, Cunderdin (10), 8Jd.; F. A. Silsbury, Kellerberrin (6), 8Jd.; C. E. Malcy, Arrino (S), 81d.; J. W. Marsh, Harri smith (7). 8jd.; J. T. Waters, Yericoin (4), 8Jd.; E. McManus, Northam (11), SJd.; A. E. Grant, Geraldton (4), 8jd.; A. C. Johnstone and Sons, Kulin (13) 8Jd.; H. W. Sweetman, Arrino (5), 8Jd.. (4), 8d.; J. J. Haggerty, Quairading (7), 8Jd.; W. Padbury. Three Springs (15). Sid.; L. Butcher, Moora (8), Sid; Caley and Jackson, Oorrigin (4), SJd; Cooke and Cooke. Tammin' (13). Sid:, (6), Sd.; Estate late W. Trcgonning, Moora (4). Sid.; R. Chcri ton, Waeel (8), 8Jd.; H. J. Cathell, Tammin (4). 8 id.; O'Dea and Towngend. Pithara (9), Sid.; John Bowman, Carnamah, (8). 81(1.; R. J. A. Smith, Belka (6). SR: K N Roberts, Moora (1), 8id; L. and H. Larke. Corrigin (6). Bid.. (*) 7id-: F- w- Maley, Greenough (8). 8id.j W. T. Curtis, Tenindewa' (4). 84-d.; W. H. Coumbe, TJungarin (5), 8id.: R. H. For ,ward, Cunderdin (6), 8id.; T. J. Farrell. Peren jori (5), 8 id.; O. E. Hyde and Sons, Dalwallinu (13), 8d.: W. Collins, Bencubbin (4). 8d.; F. J. Hollins, Dowerin' (4). 8d.; F. J. Mc Guiness, Bootanel (8), 8d.; F. Whelan, Yanda nooka (4), 8d.; J. McQueen, Baandee (6). 8d.; J. A. ltutter, Nangeenan (C), 8d.; T. G. and J. Maujjhan, Nukarni (4), Sd.: R. Gangell. Wyal Icitchem (7), Sd.; H. F. McNoill, Arrino (5), Sd.; M. F. Griffen, Bencubbin (9), Sd.; Cain and Bassett, Perenjori (5), 8d.: W. L. Ullyott, Cor rigin (1), Sd.; R. E. Jones, Dowerin (1). Sd.; J. 0'She.a. Ballidu (2), Sd.; Mrs. F. Maley, Three Springs, (1), 8d.; V. T. Wilson, Mecker ing (1), Sd.; E. McQueen. Goomallins (1). Sd.: T. C Graham, Meckering (1), Sid.: C. Cour houles and Co., Bilbariu (1). Sd.: W. L. R. Donnell, Tammin (0). 8d.; W. S. Hedges, Bure kup (6). 8d.; J. Goonev, Boddalin (4). sd.: E J. Hanlev, Bullflncli (6). Sd.; Tarrangower, Ltd., Dalwallinu (7), Sd.; G.J. Parkins, Tood yay, (9), 8d. Inter-lots.— For various owners: 17 bales, lOJd (5) lOJd., (40) lOd., (42) 9id., (58), Ojd., '(79) 9id.. (152). 9d. Daloely and Co., Ltd. Dalgety and Co. report. — The wools -were drawn from practically the whole of the pastoral areas, as well as the Midland Line, Wongan Hills, tnd Eastern Goldflelds, with a few early-shorn clips from the Great Southern. There was a full room of buyers and competition was generally keen, with the exception of low-grade, unat tractive sorts which were difficult of sale. Com pared with our first tale, values were from 10 per cent, to 15 per cent, lower, with strong de mand at this level, and parallel with those prices rulinir at other selling centres durinir last week. Our 'highest price was 13d. which was obtsiincl foi Mi'; rou lines of Mt. WitVenor-m. s'M en ac i-oinl of II II. 'liirticr. VaijjOf: fjrlnia'n^a. ji ? j count Ali'lv-:ii:a Bros., Ynlgoo; ::n.l f^/MuiiSinia. account of Morrissey and Co.. Yaltroo. Yorkshire an-.l French buyers were (ho chief opcTiitors. uhil-' a fair amount was bought for Ttaly.N but Ger wan competition was restricted to a few lots of very fine Merinos. There was also a demand from America for stylish spinners' types of Merino. We sold 80 per cent of our catalogue at auction, and hope to clear up th« withdrawn wools quickly, ai there is at the moment no indication what

ever that a recovery of values will take place. It is most unfortunate that the market should fall right at the commencement of the season, when manufacturers' stocks should be relatively ?low. This does not augur well for a' rise in the immediate future, when the large weight of Australian wool comes on to _ the market. The following were our main prices: — Kimberley. — Kimberley Pastoral Co, Upper Liv erinjra (8) »d.; Noonkanbah Pastoral Co., Derby (20) lOJd.; Mrs. E. H. Bell-Blay, EUendale. (7) lOJd. ' * Port Hedland. — F. B. Worner and Co.. Mt. Edgar, (10) 9jd., (30) »id., (5) 9d. -«, ' Boebourne. — S. G. Meares, Pj-ramid, (18) loar. (18) 81d., (5) SJd.; Cusack and Ferguson, iTambrey (4) 12id., (15) lid.; Stove Bros., Mt. Welcome (32) 9d., (10) SJd., (15) 8d. Ashburton. — Wogoola Station, Onslow (4) lOJd., (6) 10d., (18) 10d., (7) 9Jd.; Glen florrie Pastoral Co. (5) 9jd., (6) SJd., (5) 8Jd.; B. H. Sharpe and Co., .Mardie (10) 10d., (5) 9d.; B. H. Sharpe and. Co., Balmoral (5) 8d. Gascoyne. — Bidgemia Pastoral Co.. Gascovne Junction, (10) lOd., (4).9id., (28) 0d.; Lyndon Station Ltd., Carnarvon (20) Hid., (15) 10d., (11) lid., (40) 10d.,: (26) 10d.', ,(20) Oid., (27) 0d.; G. Gordon Gooch, Wandagee, (4) lid., (17) 0}d., (0) 9d.,^ (10) 9jd.; Endamullah and Arthur River Pastoral Co.. Carnarvon (8) lid.. (8) 30id., (C) lOd:, (14)-i01d.-j Dairy Creek Pastoral Co., Carnarvon (A) lid. ' . Murchison. — Boolardy Pastoral Co., Boolardy,' (I) 12d., (7) lid., 0). lid., (7)- lljd.; H. H. Turner, Mt. Wittenoom, (5) lljd., (4) Hid., (5) lOid.. (4) lOJd.; F. W. Walsh, Judal (9) lid., (5) lOJd.; J.,W. Atkinson, Be lillie. (4) lljd.; G. F. Power, Mulgal, (0) 12id., (10) lOid., (10) lOid.; A. G. Moses, Windsor (11) lljd.. . (7) lOid., (11) 9jd.; E. and II. Nairn, Yanpbubba, (4) lljd., (C) 10*d., (35) lOid., (13) 10d.; Le Jeuue and Sewell, Boodanoo South. (11) Hid., (12) lOid., (9) Oid.; A. W. Butler, Maranalgo (0) Hid., (12) lid.. (7) Oid.; McKenna Bros., Carla ininda (4) 13d., (15) 12d.. (5) 12d., (4) 12d., (13) 10d.; Stewart and Wehl. Bryan, (31) 10d.. (20) 9Jd., (23) 9jd., (12) 9d.; G. N. M. Johns, Edenhope .(7) 10d.; Clark and Broad, Pulla garroo (4) 10d.; Dalgaranga Ltd.. (4) 9Jd., (0) lOJd.; Kookawarra Pastoral Co.. Nooka warra, (10) 10d.. (11) lljd.. (15) lid.; Mc Call Bros.; Russell and Rutter (16) lOJd., (21) lOld., (5) lOjd.; F. R. Walsh, Mileura, (4) 12d., (4) lljd., (7) lljd.; Morrissey and Co., Munbinia, (5) 13d., (10) 12Jd.; (6) 12id. Eastern Goldfielde. — Edjudina Pastoral Co., Kalgotfrlie, (17) lid., (26) lOJd.. (28) lOJd.; J. H. Martin, Perkolilli, (4) 9jd., (4) Sjd., (4) Sd.; K. Acton Adams, Pinjin, (13) 9id., (4) 8idj Agricultural.- — Corriodale Stud Pty., Ltd., Wagin, (7) lljd.. (5) lOJd.; It. and E. Blunt ish. Broomehill, (8) lljd., (0) lOid., (8) lOid.; J. Silverlhorne, Kojonup (4) lOid.; J. Dw-er, Meenaar. (4) 10d., (4) 9-d.; Estate late A. G. Loton, Spencer's Brook. (8) 10d.. (7) gjd., (7) OJd.; Beard and Manvick, East Brook ton, '(0) 10d.; A. J. Sabbley. StrettDn, (2) lOid.; A. L. Loton, Popanyinning. (3) lOid.; J. and R. Parker, York, (5) lOJd.. (0) Oid., (6) lOJd.; A. D. Brand Northampton. (6) 10d.; A. T. Paschke. Toodyay, (5) OJd.. (5) 0d.; D. M. Barr, Baandee, (4)'0d.; G. J. Williamson, Dindiloa, (11) Sd.: Sykes aud Perry, Pithara, (5) Sd.. (7) 8d.; U. J. Hopkinsou. Miling, (6) 8Jd.; II. Watman. Bulyee,. (4) OJd.; J. J. Maiden, Whelarra, (0) 8Jd.; S. B. Meares, Green hills. (6) SJd.; Clontarf Farm School, tardun, (5) Sd.; E. Greaves, Wongan Hills, (5) Sid.; G. F. Fowler, Wongan Hills, (4) Sd.: II. B. Smith, Yandanooka, (6) 9d.; A. O. Mitchell, Northampton, (7) OJd.; D. E. Grant, Geraldton, (0) OJd.. (8) Sid., (5) 8Jd.: England Br.cs., Moora, (4) 8Jd.; II. T. Glass. Northampton. (5) 8Jd.; K. C. Andrews, Carnamah, (4) Sid.: J. O. Broad, Strawberry, (11) Sjd.; R. AI. Hamer glcy, Walkaway, (12) OJd.; Growden Bros., Xan geenan, (17) Sid.; Clapman Statv Farm, Na bawali, (4) 8J.I. (4) Sjd.: Munckton Bros., Hamerslcy, (4) OJd.; S. T. Jones, Kondinin, (4) OJd.; W. Suckling, Northampton. (5) 0d.; W. Tremlett, Tamraiu, (11) SJd.; .1. A. Stoveiis, Kellerberrin, (4) 8Jd.; W. MtGuiness. Dudinin, (5) Sjd., (4) Sid.; J. B. Williams, Northamp ton. (4) Sid., (5) D. McAuliffe, Wongoondv, (5) 8Jd.; V. A. Humphrey, Kortham, (5) 0d., (4) Old.; J. G. Cook, Qjielliflgton. (0) 8Jd.; A. Baty, York. (4) 9d.; E. AI. Riley, Moora, (4) OJd. Lambs: Stewart and Wehl, Bryah, (2) 10d., (S) Oid.; Dairy Creek Pastoral Co., (2) 9d., (1) Od.; Eudamullah and Arthur River Pas toral Co., (1) 9ld.; G. F. Power, Mulgul, (1) Sid. Scoured: Yanrey Pastoral Co. (23) ll.!d., (26) lid * Goldsbrough, Mort and Co. 'GOLDSBROUGH, MORT and CO. report. — We offered an average selection of 1,084 bales, drawn chiefly from the agricultural and Great Southern districts with a sprinkling of clips from the Murchison and Eastern Goldfields. Since the Sep tember sale reports from overseas and the East ern .States have indicated a decided fall in the market, and this was fully reflected in the values obtained. Competition was good, and came prin cipally from Bradford to whom the bulk of our catalogue was suited, the Continent also being in evidence on lines particularly suitable to its requirements. Compared with1 our last sale aver age to good Merinos showed a decline of from 10 per cent, to 15 per cent., shabby and low yielding sorts showing a good deal of irregularity and were being difficult of sale. Lambs' wool o'f short length and inferior quality, locks and crutchings met with little demand and were al most unsaleable. These descriptions constituted the greatest portion of the withdrawals. Among our sales were the following: — ' Murchison. — G. Badoola, Bulgabardoo, Mt. Magnet (10) 12id.. (14) lljd.. (10) lOJd., (II) lOid., (10) 10d.. (41) 9jd.. (1) Old., (22) 0d.; Trillbar Pastoral Co., Trillbar, Meeka tharra (17) 10J-L, (10) lOid.. (11) 9Jd., (3) OJd.. (4) Old.; T. . A. Clinch, Ooodingnow. Payne's Find, (1) lOJd., (1)' Od.: C. W. Dow den, Challa, Mt. Magnet,. (0) lOid., (3) 10d., (4) OJd.. (4) 9id., (1) 9d.: Connolly and Mas len, Mt. Gibson. Wubiu (7) Ojd.; Mrs. M. A.^IJ. Nichols. Sherwood, Meekatharm, (0) 9d. Eastern Goldflelds. — Lowe and Lynch, Mt. Re markable, Murrin Murrin, (15) OJd., (5) Oid. Agricultural and Great Southern! — « F. Bes wick. East Pingelly (1) 10 id.; John Rogie, Pin (relly, (7) lOid., (1) Ojd.; Mrs. M. D. Gjllespie, Pallinup, (1) 10d.. (5) 9jd., (11) 9d.; F. J. Grocock, Gnowangerup, (5).10d.; Hosken Bmi., Wickepin (7) 10d., (10) Oid., (4) SJd.; T/'Dj Phillips, ' Katanniiuj, (6) 10d., (1) 8Jd.'; £. Chambers, Gnowangerup, (3) 9Jd., (1) Oid., (1) 0d., (1) 8d.; E. U. Wright, Pallinup, (3) 9Jd., (1) 9id., (1) Sd.; A. W. Dawson, Tam bellup, (1) 8Jd., (1) 8jd.; C. E. Elliott, Wicke pin, (3) OJd.; Guinness and Goyder, Jubuk, (3) OJd., (2) 8jd.; K. M. McNeil, Kellerberrin, (6) 'OJd.,- (9) 8Jd., (2) 8Jd.; J. Tulloch, Bilbarin, (4) 9Jd.; A. V. Carpenter, Toompup, (5) 9id.: W. A. Larter, East Kataninng, (7) Oid.; R. & Parnell, Gnowangerup, (1) Oid.. (4) 8jd.; C. E. Barnard, Gnowangerup, (I-) Od.,^2) 8id.; B. T. Lewis, Yealerinj,', (1) 9d.; L. OT Michael, Moora (10) 9d.; C. F. Peterson, Bilbarin (5) 0d., (8) 8id.; H. Sayer, Bendering. (5) 9d.., (1) Sid.; Norman Scott, Moulyinning, (5) ' Od.; C. T. Taylor, Gnowangerup, (2) 0d.. (1) 8id.. (1) 8d.; Walker Bros., Ongerup, (5) 0d.; H. C. J. Wise, Onjrerup (5) Od.; M. Kerrigan, Dudinin, (6) 8Jd.; C. V.- Loton, Kel lerberrin, (7) 8Jd.; A. G. Metcalf, Dowerin, (3) 8Jd., (4) 8d.; P. J. McMahon, Lake Grace, (0) 8Jd.; J. O'Brien, Kellerberrin, (2) SJd.; W. T. Stone, Quairading (0) 8?d., D. Tolerton, Kellerberrin (2) 8Jd.; H. W. Biglin, Kondinin (4) 8Jd., (2) Sd.; W. T. Clark. Moulyinning. (3) 8Jd.. (2) Sid.; J. J. S. Cuming, Korbel (16) 8jd., (6) 8id.; A. Dunn, Bilbarin, (8) 8jd;; W. E. Giles, Baandee, (5), 8Jd., (4) 8d.; R. S. Halbert, Bruce Rock, (0) 8*d.; T. H. Harrison, Doodlakine, (2) 8jd.; J. D.' Uuile, Kellerberrin, (2) bjd. : Johns Bros., Doodiakine, (4) 8Jd., (1) Sd.; John Lang, Carnamah, (2) 8Jd., (2) 8Jd.; J. S. Linton, Kwoivin, (4) 8Jd., (2) 8d.; Leo. Naughton, Yorkrakine, (4) 8 Id.; W. Stallwood, Moulyinning, (3) 8Jd.; E. M. Telfer. Merredin (4) Sjd.; D. Whyte, Balli du, (4) 8Jd., (8) 8d.; A. W. Clark, Dalwallinu, (4), Sid.; C. Denny, Gnowaligerup, (1) Sid., (1). Sd.; D. S. Giles, Ilines Hill, (1) 8id.; H. Lewtas, Bruce Rock (1) 8id.; J. Piggin, Trayning, (2) 8 id.; W. Place, Dowerin, (6) 8id.; 1. S. Powel, Bruce Rock (0), 8id., (1) 8d.; W. H. and D. W. Roberts, Dowerin, (2), Sid., (1) sd.; R. Robertson, Carnamah, (4) 8}d.; O. C. Southcott, Baandee, (3) 8id.; E. F. Taylor, Doodlakine, (2) 8id.; S. N. Ayoub, Wiekepin, (3) 8d.; A. E. Clements, . junior, Kwolyin (12) 8d.; J. Cronin, Corrigin (2) 8d.; J. Cullerton, Kondut (4) Sd.; Dorrington and Whistler, Merredin, (4) 8d.; J. M. Downsbrough, Burracoppin, (3) 8d.; Jas. Gardiner, Kellerberrin, (7), Sd.; A. W. and D. Hardingham, Bruce Rock, (1) 8id.; Uinkley and Co., Shackleton. (1) Sd.j Kitto and King, Tammin, (10) 8d.; John Miller, Brace Rock, (1) 8d.; Gilbert Monks, Coomberdale, (6) 8d.; T. Nixon and Sons, Dal wallinu, (4), 8d.; F. T. Peterson, Dalwallinu. (6) 8d.; J. A. Stevens. Kellerberrin, (0) 8d.; A. Whyte, Bendering, (4) 8d.; A. E. Wilson. Cor rigin (5), 8d.