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Sooth Fremantle Outclassed.

Playing well in. every quarter and with standine a strong challenge in the third term. Victoria Park ' continued its match winning sequence on Saturday when it. de

feated noutn rremantie ay 'li, points at Mie W.A.C.A.' eround. Greater pace, a marked advantage in the air and a fast moving, systematic attack gave Victoria Park victory agains( a team which rarely managed to instil any sort of system into its football and which lost manv oppor tunities through poor foot-passing. The winning team w;is_not at full strength. A. Brown, who is injm-ed and W. Fitzgerald being out of the team.s A new ruc-k forma tion was adopted, only one regular ruck nian (G. Davey) being on the hall at the start of the _ game. the remaining two players (Keislitley and Lucas) being rovers. The teams were: — VICTORIA PARK. — Backs: Worinald, Crooks, O'Callaghan. Half-backs: Hungerford, Shepherd, P. Fitzgerald. .Centres: Ransom, H. Grigg, H. Davey. Half-fbrwards: Dewar, Wilson, John ston. Forwards: A. Grigg, Gook, Robson. Ruck: G. Davey, Keifrhtley. Lucas (rover). Nineteenth man': Cooper (replaced Robson in last quarter). SOUTH FBEMA5TLE. — Backs: Back. C. Jen ni-!g8, A. Richardson. Half-backf: Edwards, Rrown, Hngan. Centres: J. Doig, White, Mat thews. Half-forwards: R. Richardson, Edgar, Diprains. Forwards: Fanner. Jones, Whitmnre. Ruck: Ditchburn. Lawn. C'aratti (rover). Nine teenth man: Metherell (replaced R. Richardson in third quarter. UMPIRE. — G. Gannon. Victoria Park went into attack immed iately the ball was bounced and a pretty pnssine movement culminated in Johnston zoaling. 'South Fremantle successfully countered the peculiar opposing ruck formation and. after an indifferent start. «varmed to' its work. It coped with ' the fast pace of Victoria Park but was ser iously troubled by the long kicking and high markine of its opponents. From a mark close in Jones kicked the Fre mantle team's first goal. South Fremantle ivas unable to ftop the fast, passing move ments of Victoria Park's small men and it was beaten at half-forward. A vital factor in Victoria Park's success was the play of H. Grigg at centre. At quarter time the scores were: — Victoria Park, 5.4: South Fremantle, 2.2. Although it was continually in attack for eight minutes at the start of the second term South Fremantle scored, only one coal. Making a sudden onslaught tLrough its ruck South Fremantle rallied and. re duced Victoria Park's lead to 12 points, Victoria Park, hard-pressed, played with

renewed spirit. Gook, marking over a crowd of players, goaled, but South Fre mantle obtained a goal from Whitmore after he had fought through a crush. Play ing brilliantly and making eood use of handball and short passing, Victoria Park attacked with great speed and added two goals. At the bell Victoria Park led with 10.4 to 6.5. In a desperate effort to reduce the lead South Fremantle flung itself into the game and reduced the leeway to five points. Led by its captain (R. Edgar), South Fre mantle attacked time and again and Vic toria Park's usually safe half-backs failed. South Fremantle played at terrific pace and its forwards eradicated glannc de fects. What it lacked in polish South Fre mantle compensated for jn pace and vigour. Aiter 15 minutes Victoria Park set its sys tem in motion but it was not until after several attempts that a goal was scored bv A Grigg. The same player goaled R:hen the ball went forward from the bounce. Victoria Park had re-established its winning position when the bell rang with the scores:— Victoria Park, 13.9; South Fremantle, 9.6. . Victoria Park was in attack during the whole of the first stage of the final term and a goal from Gook placed it 30 point* ahead. South Fremantle was ragged and its faulty leading betokened the beaten team. Jones reduced the lead by. a goal but the Victoria Park backs then proved dependable. South Fremantle made a typ ical fighting effort but its forwards wero at fault. Although attacking during a dreat part, of the last quarter it could not score goals and Victoria Park held its lead without trouble until tlie end. The final scores were: — VICTORIA PARK .. . 14.13 (97 pts.) SOUTH FREMANTLE 10.10 (70 pts.) Goal-kickers.— Victoria Park: Gook (6). A. Grigg (4). Jphnston (2). Dewar and Lucas. South Fremantle: Whitmore (4), Jones .(3). Lawn, Caratti and Edgar. Again Victoria Park's small men— Keightley. . Lucas and A. Grigg — played, a big part in the victory. There was no better player in the game ? than Keightley. Gook was excellent in front of goal.. mark- ing and kicking well, while P. -Fitzgerald and A. Shepherd at half-back often held off South Fremantle attacks without 'as- sistance. A notable performance was that of Wormald.a recruit, who was stationed in a back pocket. At centre H. Grigg soundly beat 'G. White and initiated many attacks. Every man in the team played well. ^ ? ' ' . ? In a ragged South Fremantle side. Edgnr, following and placed, was out standing. Matthews played good foot ball . on a wing, although his ' disposal at times was poor.^and Back. Whitmofe, Caratti.. J. Doig, Lawn and Diggins were the best of the others. ,