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West Perth's Narrow Victory.

Comparatively slow and lacking dash and concerted t'eam work for three quar ters, play in the match at Leederville Oral between West Perth and Subiaco

provided cause ior excitement in me jast term when Subiaco made a desperate bid for victory which proved unsuccessful. West Perth had a lead of eight points ?when the last quarter opened, but . dur ing the last five minutes Subiaco attacked ?trenuously but failed to kick accurately and lost by three points^ It was an . even tussle throughout, with the shooting for goal poor, particularly in West Perth's case. For nearly three quarters, Subiaco men were faster to the ball, and West Perth's high marking ability, possession of a strong band of followers, and cool, dependable back men, proved invaluable in the crisis. Realising West Perth's capa bilities in the air, Subiaco players concen trated on spoiling and keeping, the ball low, but excessive' short passing became a drag on the team. Without Anderson, the centre-half forward, and its regular rovers. West Perth did not play with the expected co-ordination and 'was sorely pressed when Subiaco made its final rally. With three minutes to go, West Perth's lead was a mere six points,- a minute later it had been reduced to five. Still Subiaco attacked vigorously, but inaccurate kick ing near back men of the calibre of Ben top, MeGuckin and P. Walsh, spelt failure. Excitement was tense and West Perth players and supporters breathed n sigh of relief when the bell rang to end a fast, grimly fought quarter. Follow ing were the teams: — WEST PERTH. — Backs: MeGuckin. Benton, Ford. Half-backs: O'Keefc. Tetley, .P. Walsh. Centres: Drew. Morgan, Dahdell. Half -forwards: B, Green, .N. McD-armid, .1. McDiarmid. For orwards: Sivioir, Ty*on. Greg?. Ruck: Marinko, McGarry. I*. Walsli (rover). Nineteenth man: JIcNaugbton (replaced D.ilziell in last quar ter). SUBIACO. — Backs: Strack. Rodger, navies: Half-backs: Roe, Daily, Richardson. Centres: Mackay, Stehn. Bowe. Half -forwards: Mills. M. Green, F. Brophy. Forwards: Ahearn. Jt-nninga, Kelly. Ruck: Herein. L. Toll. G. Smith (rover). Nineteenth man: Mullini-ux (replaced Toll in last quarter). UMPIRE. — T. Oliver. In the early stages of the first quarter the players were hurried and haphazard in their actions, and the fine individual efforts of Daily and Green for Subiaco and of the Walsh brothers for Weet Perth ?were bright features of the play. After seven minutes each side goaled, and West Perth pressed forward to score only be hinds. West Perth was superior in the air, but when M. Green began to mark and _ play as one inspired. Subiaco was dominant. Just as Weet Perth's inaccu rate shooting was proving costly, Subiaco's forwards wasted opportunities through persistent mistakes in passing. Nor was the umpiring an elevating influence. At quarter time Subiaco led with 4.3 to 1.8. The manner in which West Perth started the second term raised hopes of improved play, for long kicking and good marking resulted in two goals, in quick time. It was only a spasmodic effort, however, and Subiaco made a rally. The West Perth backs were strong, and Ben ton, although being drawn out a long way, was as sure as ever. As Subiaco's wing men, Mackay and Bowe, were winning. Subiaco was able to keep np the pres sure, and its small men were eager to get the ball from West Perth's knocks out. A goal to Merson, who was shaj-- ing well, increased the lead, out West Perth fought back to obtain a poster and several^ behinds. Ahearn's goal placed Su biaco in a sound position. A beautiful drop-kick goal by R. Green evened mat ters and at half-time West Perth had scored 4.14 to 6.5. With Marinko and Drew showing im proved form after the interval. West

Perth made greater headway. Daily was a stumbling block in defence, but Gregg managed to kick two goals. West Perth's followers were strong and Subiaco found the opposing full backs too good when systematic attacks were launched. Three behinds were added by Subiaco before West Perth relieved the pressure by a chain of marks. Merson kicked another goal and a point was the difference. From a scramble in front of goal, Tyson scored full pointSj and then started a willing passage of play. Tetley's coolness was evident and West Perth usually man aged to break through the crushes. At the bell West Perth led with 7.19 to 7.11. Within a minute of three-quarters, Su biaco had kicked two goals and West Perth one. The play became rough and a halt was called by the umpire. The lead fluctuated as each eide scored a goal Marinko was working hard, and _Mc Garry goaled nine minutes before time. Grimly Subiaco fought back and still West Perth s backs kept their opponents at bay. Then, from a free-kick, Merson scored his fifth goal and West Perth had only a six-point lead with three minutes to go. Shots went out of bounds an 1 two behinds were scored by Subiaco. Ben ton was -kicking off beautifully and two kicks were needed by Subiaco to bring the ball back. Smith marked and kicked a behind, dearly as he would have prized a goal. Marinko marked the kick-off and West Perth had saved the game. The final scores were:— ' WEST PERTH . . 10.24 (84pts.) SUBIACO .... 11.15 (8 1 pts.) Goal-kickers.— West Perth: Tyson (5). Gregg (3), R. Green and McGarry. Su biaco: Merson (5). Jennings (2), Mills (2), Ahearn and Smith. For West Perth, Benton was again an outstanding player, but not far behind him in ranking was L. Walsh. Beaton saved consistently and at the end his long kicking inconvenienced Subiaco. Fill ing the position of rover, L. Walsh was cast and clever. McGarry was the best of the followers. MeGuckin, Morgan, P. Walsh, K. McDiarmid, O'Keefe and J. ItlcDiarmid were the best of the others. Marinko was out of touch in the first balf. Tyson did- some fine things in ittack. . . . . Subiaco's most effective player was M. Green, whose, desperate efforts at half lorward were responsible for much of Subiaco's good work. Merson 'played well in the ruck and' in attack. Mackay arid Bowe won on the wings, and Daily, ilthough a little patchy, gave a good dis play at half-back. Toll and . Mills stood Dut among the' rest of the players.