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The following letter was forwarded to the-ijarents of the late Stanley Spencer Reid by Captain Campbell, the officer commanding the Sixth West Australian Contingent, and has been sent to us for publication : -

"Rudde Kraal Camp, with Colonel Pitcairn-Caiapbell's column. June 30, 1901.-From Captain Campbell, officer

commanding Sixth W.A.M.I.-It is , with very great regret that I have to apprise you of the death of your son, Lieut. Stanley S. Reid, who was wound- ed in an engagement with the enemy at Spitz Kop on tho 23rd inst., and died this morning-, from the result of his wound. From the time of receiving his wound he was attended without inter- mission by the officer commanding tho field hospital- of General Kitchener's column, and his brother, our own medical officer, who was untiring; in his attend- ance, and who-was with him constantly night and- dav until the-time of his death. Both officers- and: men under my command feel acutely the loss of your gallant son, who by his kindliness and. manlv bearing; had endeared himself to everybody with whom he was associated. His conduct ou the field was most exem- plary. During, our engagement at Break-pan he was severely wounded in the stomaoh. but, notwithstanding the severity of his wound, he continued in action, and led his division until the close of operations. For this conspicuous bravery I mentioned him in despatches, and the general commanding this column WÎ-.S pleased to forward it on to the Com- mander-in-Chief. He was buried this morning close to our camp here at 8 o'clock, with all due military honours, th* funeral beui<* attended by Colonel Campbell and his staff, together with re- presentatives from all the regiments comprising this column, the bunal ser- vice being performed by bis friend, our chaplain, Mr. Collick. The grave is situated under a clump of Australian wattle« and a large wooden cross hus been placed substantially at the head, bearing his name. etc. The men who were lately under his command, compris jr- his division, have taken upon them- selves the arrangement of the grave nice- ly, with stone device, etc., being anxious to do all in their power to show their re- gard towards_their late officer. Will you please accept from mg^and also from Tbhe officers and men tinder my command, our sincerest sympathy* with you in your sorrowy,ahd may we hone that the fact of your son dying as an officer on the field of battle. leading his men for his country, ms« reconcile you and the other mem- bers of your familv and those who were dear to him to his loss."