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Registered Companies.-The following companies were registered daring the week ending May 19 :-Nannino Island Sold Mining Company, Ltd., capita £7,000

in 7,000 Beaven of £1 each ¡ Western Aus tralia Supply Company, Ltd., capital ¿62,000 in 2,000 shares of bleach; Fre- mantle Smelting Works, Ltd. power of attorney to J. M. Sutherland, lease No. 351 E, Kalgoorlie.

W,A, Teachers' Union.-By error in last week's issue we announced that tho Perth branch of tho Wost Australian Teachers* Union decided to invite district boards to

publish school reports. 16 should have been " that the Education Department be asked if tho district boards, or individual members of tho same, are afc liberty to publish ia tha Press school reports or any part thereof."

Reserves. - Tho following "have been set apart as public reserves for the pur- poses set forth :-Viet iii a, resting place for travellers and stock ; Avon (near Boya- dine), sshoolsite ; Murchison goldfield (Mount Magnet), mechanics' institute (Morning Star mine) ; Susses, water ; Vic- toria (near Northampton), water j Kooky- nie, police; Williams, sanitary depot; Nelson (Greenbushes), water and stopping place.

Education Appointments.-The follow- ing appointments in connection with the . Education Department have been approved A. V. Cunningham, assistant afc Fremantle Boya' School ; Mrs. A. F. Gould, sewing mistress, Narrogin ; Frank J. O'Leary, head teacher. Leederville' west 5 Matilda Collins, monitress, Meckering; Florence E. Ashton, assistant, Fremantle Girls' School j Alfred Hatfield, head teacher, Sawyer's Valley; Norah M. O'Connell, assistant Fremantle Girls' School ; Gertrude Morris, pupil teacher, Bonnie Vale; Camille E. Marie, .head teacher, Coogee; Ellen Mulrooney, head teacher, Harvey.

. Electric Lighting.-The Boulder City Council has accepted the tender of Messrs. Splatt, Wall Co., Hay and Pier streets, for the duplication of its present electric lighting plant. The additions comprise a 100 h.p. locomotive tubular boiler, and 60 h.p. engine and dynamos of 440 volts, direct coupled. This per- mits of- the conversion bf the present two-wire system to a three-wire system. Evidence of the growth of the town is given by the council Authorising the erection of seventeen arc lights in ad- dition to the thirteen previously erected by the Perth firm mentioned. The con- tract has to be completed within four and a half months.

Probates and Letters of Administrations

-The following is a list of the probates and letters of administration granted dur- ing the week ended May 17 :-Probates e George Henry Bowe, late of Marine-têt** race, Geraldton, bookseller, toEosaMar* garet Bowe, £706 6s. Charlotte Bussell, late of Paris, France, formerly of the Vasse, W.A.> widow, to Edward Bevely Brockman and Caroline Mary Ommanny

Bussell, £2,600. Henry lornas Birt, formerly of the province of South Australia, then of Fremantle, bnt late of Kalgoorlie, W.A., railway fitter, to Margaret Coombe

Birt, £392 6s. 3d. Letters of Administrai « tion : Annie Massey,_ îàte -bf Kalgoorlie, married Woman, to 4&prge1 Albert Massey, £56. David Anderson; lately Fremantle, labourer, to Sarah Jane Anderson, £85.

The Murchison Floods. - Messrs.

Walsh and Sons of Mileura, Upper   Murchison, writing on, May 7, re-   mark ;- "The recent floods on the Mur-

chison have delayed the mails, and the mailman has not come through since the 27th March. He was caught in the   flood about Milly Milly on the Murchi-   son River, about the 1st April. Im- mense damage has been done to stock and property. : Thousands of sheep have been drowned, also some cattle and

horses. The fencing on all the stations has suffered, and has been swept away in all directions, and many buildings are washed down. In some of the paddocks on this run the water was over 4ft. deep out on the flats. Rivers and creeks are all running strong yet, and the country, is too boggy to "move about on horse- back."

Appointments.—The following have     been gazetted :—To be justices of the

peace:—John Swan Watkins, of Mount   Morgans, for the Mount Margaret magis- terial-district ; Douglas John Hearman, of Middalya, for the Gascoyne magisterial district; James Munro, of Doorawarra, for the Gascoyne magisterial district; William Ernest Rossiter, of Norseman, for the Dundas magisterial district ; William Henry Crane, of Norseman, for the Dun- das magisterial district. James Simpson, to be, temporarily, acting clerk of the Local Court, and acting derk to magis- trates, at Menzies. W. K. Adam to act temporarily as district registrar of births, deaths ana marriages for the Katanning registry district, during the absence, on leave, of T. H. Stanbury ; with effect from the 3rd May, 1900. Charles L. Gell, to be a member of the Wagin Local Board of Health, vice George Marfleet. James Bourke and Samson Saggers to constitute the Bevision Court, at Yalgoo, for the revision of the annual lists for 1900 for the electoral district bf Yalgoo.  

Bankruptcy.-The following were gaz- zetted last week:-Adjudications: 12th instant, S. A. Hutchinson,. agent« Cookernup ; 14th instant, J. A. Dunn, storekeeper, Kalgoorlie. First meeting and public examination : 4th June, wV Leman, storekeeper, Guildford-road* East Perth. Appointment bf trasteé:i 14th instant, ré A. Dunn, J. 14¡

Clarke. Notice of intended -dividends :i 1st June (proofs), Eastwood, Glover, and Co., storekeepers, Kanowna; 2nd June (proofs), W. Johnston (Albany Produce Company), produce merchant, Coolga^ die. Applications for discharge : lltht June, re S. A . Hutchinson ; 18th J une» W. Rayner, mechanical engineer* Coolgardie. Order made on application for discharge : 2nd December, 1899, M.; de Pedro, storekeeper, Mount Magnet, Conditional creditors' meeting under th« Bankruptcy Act Amendment Act, 1898 : 25th instant, M. Malatsky, produce dealer, Menzies; 2i th instant, Roberts Strachdee Climi\. trading as Climie Eastwood and Co., produce merchants, Hannans-street, Kalgoorlie.  

The Bursaries.—Examination.—The results     of the examination for the __ __

on April 5th and 6th has been announced by the Education Department. There were eight bursaries of £10 each, tenable for oho . year, offered by tho De- partment. Tho candidates who presented themselves numbered 22, twenty of whom "were examined at Perth and two^ on tho goldfields. As ll of the candidates secured over75 percent, of ithc marks obtainable, the department has increased tho number of bursaries to ll. The successful ll were : Dorothy L. Blundell, "Wickliffe Ladies* College j Ernest C. Foss, Perth Boys' Behool ; Clarence Taylor, Perth Boys' School ; Sidney Cohen, Newcastle-street School ; Lillian Baker, Wickcliffe Ladies' College ; Ihqs. J. Evans, Perth Boys' Behool ; Ethel B. Miller, Wickliffe Ladies' College; Thos. Eilbeck, Perth Boys* School ; Elizabeth Carrick, Perth Girls' School ; Allan Burnett, Perth Boys' School ; «nd Milicent A. Parsons, Perth Girls' School. Eight other students obtained over 66 per cent, of the marks, that being: the required number to secure a pass. These were s Murray Little, Perth Boys' School ; Emily Sherlock, Perth Girls' School j Eeginald G. Bott, Pert h Boys' School ; Duncan Ferguson, Perth Boys' School ; Mary Dwyer, Sfe. Brigid's School ; Beatrice McEwin, Cookernup School ;

Ethel Sheath, Perth Girls' School; and Lewis Nowlands, Kalgoorlie School.