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Return of the Premier. *

THE Premier's trip to the Bastera colonies has resulted in a more definite understanding of how far the other colonies are prepared to meet us on several great questions. To some of tbese.refereuoe has already ^een made in these colonies. In thc interview, pub- lished in another column, Sir John Forrest refers chiefly to the mail steamers; to'Federation and to Separation. In regard to the first he seems to have, good hopes'that the mail steamers .will call at Fremantle. :This isnotljased on any willingness of the other colonies to make the slight concession asked for. The magnet, of trade seems to toa- the likeliest factor in bringing the steamers to out doors, for at present the P. and O. and Orient Companies are seeing a great section of their West [Australian passenger trade taken by the German liners, which were more alive to ' the commercial possibilities of Fremantle and less bound by troublesome contracts. As to Federation, Sir John naturally hopes that it will still be possible to have the chief alterations desired by the Select Committee of bur Houses of Par- liament, made in the Bill. Separation is not viewed the Premier. Sir John points out the "impossibility

of altering the Bill," which has been ยป used as au argument against the con- cession of the West Australian requests, equally prohibits the amendments that would be necessary to enable the new "colony to'enter as an'original state, and so destroys one of the' chief, arguments for the creation pf " Auralia," as the new state is-called by its foster parents of Kalgoorlie. -