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.taster has been appointed by the Execu- tive Council a justice bf the peace tor the ^ Blackwood magisterial district.

SOUTH AUSTRALIAN TEME.-Telegraph- ing to the Postmaster-General on Saturday, Sir Charles Todd, the Postmaster-General of South Australia, stated :-" Wo shall put al), tho clocks here forward half an honr immediately af ter midnight on Sun- day for Monday morning."

THE VICTORIA PDBLIO LIBBAET.-During the past month8,337 persons visited the Vic- toria Public Library, including 5G9. ladies. .Tho attendance during tho corresponding month of last year was 6,020, including ,154 ladies. The number ot books received at the library during the past month was 287, making the total now on tho shelves of the institution 32,258.

' NEW JUSTICES OP THE PEACE.-The fol- lowing gentlemen have been* appointed justices of the peace for the magisterial districts mentioned!-Mr. Robt. Forrest, Wellington; Mr. Robt. W. Harvey, East .- t Coolgardie; Mr. John M. Thompson, Vic-

toria; Mr. J. E. Walter, Blackwood; Mr. 3. J. Holmes, Perth and Fremantlo ; and Mr. W. H. Hoskin and Mr. E. Duplock,


DB. SPENOEB.-Dr. Spencer, Resident Medical Officer at the Perth Hospital, who recently received tho appointment of Resi- dent Medical Officer at Katanning, de- cided, in consequence of ill-health, not to . take up the latter appointment, but to re- s' turn to England. Dr. Spencer has boen a ii".' resident of Western Australia for five years, 1 during four of which he has filled tho posi § - tion of Resident Medical Officer at tho

Perth Hospital, fe',.- <

I DE. LOVEQBOVE.-Tho principal medici Í officer (Dr. Lovegrove) hopes, we undei

stand, to leave on his twelve months' holi day ott tho 11th May. He will travel b the s.s. Karrakatta as far as Singapore where it is his intention to join one of tho J and O. mail steamers hound from China t England. We understand that in a probability Dr. Black, of Esperance, will b appointed to carry out most, if not ail, c Dr. Lovogrove's duties during that gontl«

man's leave of absence.


During April 67 new members of the S wa Biver Mechanics' Instituto w«re enrollee 45 books wore added to the library, an thero were 1,512 visitors to the library. Í literary and debating society has bcei formed and meets etch Monday eveninc Concerts have bees arranged for ead

week. The Perth Chess Club has beoi incorporated with the institute and meet each Wednesday evening.

SUPBEME COUBT INCONVENIENCES.-Ii No. 2 Supreme Court on Monday Mr. Justic Hensman made further referenco to tb inconveniences under which the bueines of tho Supreme Court is conducted. " W sit in sordid buildings," remarked hi Honour, " and have very little assistant in tho Way of reports and matters of tha kind." He further expressed the hope tha semeone who had the power would move ii tho matter in the proper quarter, and con eluded with tho observation that the publi

in the moantimo had to suffer.

IIB. E. T- fiCAMKEit'S " APPOINTMENT. The Premier on being seen on th subject of Mr. E. T. Scammell's apppint ment in London, stated that the en gageinent was only of a temporary characte; being: for one year. Mr. Scammeil has fo: some time past been engaged in connectioi with the Coolgardie Exhibition, and in thi opinion of the Agent-General (Mr. E. H Wittenoom) it would be a wise act to en . gage Mr. Scammeil to lecture in different portions of Great Britain with a view o! inducing persons with small capital t< settlo in this colony. For his services it this direction Mr. Scammeil will be grantee

an honorarium of £200.

SALE OP CITY PEOPEETT.-It will be re- membered that about two years ago, al aa auction of the Samson estate, held h Perth, Mr. Alex. Forrest, M.L.A., becami the purchaser, of the land at the corner oi St. Oeorgo's-terrace and Barrack-street which at ono time formed the old Welt Club premises, .and has latterly beet known as the Post Office Chambers.. Thi property has again changed hands, thi Commercial Bank having purchased il from Mr. Forrest for JE18,<KX), or close upoi treble the amount that gentleman paid foi It when he purchased it. It is understood to be tho intention of the purchasers tc erect large and commodious banking pre

mises on the site.

SCHOLASTIC APPÓESTKEKTS.-The foi lowing appointments in the Education De piurtmont are announced:-George Everett pupil teacher at Albany school; Miss E M. Dingle, assistant at North Fremantle school; Miss A. Feley, assistant at Fro nantie infants' school; Miss F. Connolly, teacher at Greenough North Back Flats school; L. C. Wood, assistant Albany school; J. BJ. Parkes, master Pingelly school; Miss M. Ashe, assistant Beverley school; Miss E. L Mackay, assistant Geraldton school; Mrs. E. Blackman, mistress Honman Mill school; Mrs. L. Willis, sewing mistress Mundaring school; Miss L. Clarke, sewing mistress Cookernup school; C.. J. Webb, assistant North Fre- mantle school; W. Holmes, mastor Bin- doon north and .south half-timaschools; A. P. Lyhane, master Clackline school, and Miss E. Nielsen, assistant North Fremantle


APEIBENT PBOKTHEQÜEEN.-The Maori King, which left London on the 18th of March, is bringing a further present of deer from Her Majesty for the Acclimatisa- tion Committee. It will bo remembered that during the latter part of last year a gif t'of four red dear, consisting of two stags and two hinds, was received from the Soya! Parks, at Windsor. Tho second present from the Queen, which, as stated, is now on the way to the colony, comprises four fallow deer, two. malos and two females, which will complete thc collection presented by Her Majesty, The Acclimati- sation Committee aro once more indebted to Mr. C. Bethell for his kindness in per- mitting the deer to bo brought to this colony in the Maori King free of charge. The Agent-General, Mr. E. H. Wittenoom, has written to the Secretary of State for the Colonies, convoying his thanks, on be- half of tho colony, to Her Ma jesty for the gift.

THE CoiiMiasioNEE OT EAILWATS. Yesterday Mr. F. . H. Piesse, M.L.A. (tho Commissioner of Railways), left Perth for Sydney, where, while on his way to Brisbane, he will attend the gathering which is to be held in the New South Wales capital ia cele- bration of tile jubilee of the A.M.P. Socioty. Mr. Piesse is «ne of the directors of tho society for this colony, and the gathering will be attended by a director from each of the Australian colonies and also from Tasmania and New Zealand. At

tho conclusion of the celebration Mr. ? Piesse will continue bis journey to Queens- ¡ land in order to attend tho conference of . Ballway Commissioners to be held in Bris-

bane at which many subjects connected with tho management and working of railways will be discussed. The Minister lias also mado arrangements for the General Manager of Bail ways (Mr. John Davis) to attend the conference in Bris- bane. Mr. Davis, however, will not leave for the Queensland capital for another fortnight. The Minister will bo away from the city about six weeks.

ME. G. H. REID'S VISIT.-A meeting of the sub-committee lately appointed at tho Perth Town Hall to consider some steps to give a reception to tho Premier of New South Wales, was convened on Monday to learn tho result of à telegram sent to Mr. Eoid by Mr. E. S. Haynes on Friday night. The following telegram was received in tho course of Monday afternoon, by Mr. Haynes, and read to the meeting :-" As. I am going to Albany for tho sake of my health, I much regret that I cannot

copt the compliment yeu propose. G. H. Reid, Premier" Tho business ef the meeting over, the -desirableness of estab- lishing an annual »-union of New South Walesmen, resident in the colony, was mooted and discussed in an informal way. It was unanimously felt that a dinnor on tho anniversary of Foundation Day, would be a popular function, but further discus- sion was postponed for about«, week, when a meeting will be called of all interested in tho matter. Tho Premior (Sir John Forrest) has received a telegram from Mr. G. H. Koid, Premier of New South Wales, regretting that ha will be uaablo to visit Perth. Mr. Eoid added :-" My trip is fer rest, alad the railway journey is too long:, as I catch the next stoamor. Many thanks for your kind invitation."