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  • boab 24 Nov 2008 at 19:35
    A notice here that VL Solomon sells his interest in the NT Times to Walter Griffiths. The reason for this was that Solomon had just become a member of parliament and not allowed to run the newspaper. W. Griffiths would soon become the 2nd NT representative and would also have to give up the paper.

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PINE CREEK RAILWAY REVENUE.-The earnings on the Palmerston and Pine Creek Railway for the week ended May 10th,

amounted to £245.

STEAMER FROM WYNDHAM. - The s.s. "Adelaide" arrived from Wyndham on Monday last, bringing 7 passengers, and 138 ozs. of gold.

ABORIGINAL LEPER.-We understand that the aboriginal pronounced by Dr. Ternau to be suffering from leprosy, is to be brought down from the Katherine River, and placed on the Leper Station.

STEAMERS FOR SOUTH.-The s.s. " Tanna- dice " is advertised to leave for southern ports on the 19th inst., and thes.s "Tsinan" on the 20th. No southern steamer has yet been advised as leaving Sydney for this


RECEIVED.-We have to acknowledge the receipt of the printed reports, and list of awards at the Adelaide Jubilee Exhibition of 1887. It does not speak well for the smartness of our South Australian printers to find that such a work took considerably over two years to compile and issue.

N. T. TIMES AND GAZETTE.-An adver- tisement in another column announces that

Mr. V. L. Solomon, who intends to leave by the first steamer, has disposed of the whole of his interest in this Journal to Mr. Walter Griffiths, who is authorized to collect all outstanding accounts and pay all


POLICE COURT ITEMS.-The unfortunate man Patrick Lynn was brought before In- spector Foelsche, S.M., on Monday last, when medical evidence as to his sanity was given by Dr. O'Flaherty, and the Magistrate made an order for his removal to the Lunatic Asylum, Adelaide.

RAILWAY CHARGES.-Our telegrams in to-day's issue announce that Mr. Allan G. Pendleton, the Traffic Manager of the South Australian Railways, intends to visit the Northern Territory. We suggest that Mr. Pendleton should be interviewed by the residents, and requested to lower the fares and freights, especially the charges upon ore and mining machinery, on the Pine Creek railway line. If the matter is placed before him in a proper manner, he will prob- ably recommend the Commissioners of Rail- ways to revise the present high tariff.

OUR MEMBERS.-Our Adelaide telegrams state that Mr. Parsons is already interesting himself in Territory questions, and is evi- dently earnest in his desire to secure at least a fair hearing for the complaints and de- mands of our settlers. Mr. V. L. Solomon will leave by the " Tsinan " about Tuesday next, and travel overland from Brisbane in order to take his seat as early as possible after the opening of Parliament. If the two representatives work together earnestly, questions of Territory importance Will doubt' less receive the share of attention to Which

they are fairly entitled, but which ha«

hitherto been denied»

CRICKET IN ENGLAND.-The-, Australian Eleven have' made a very successful start, by winning their first two irïatch'es with ease, Iri the first iriatcb with Lofd Sheffield's All England Eleven the Australian's woti in one' irinirigs by 49> ruii^ and in the second match with the" Warwickshire' representatives* they again! scored à victory' by 1.32 runs.

LAND SALE.-At the Governifierit sale of township allotments ow Thursday last, the following allotments were' sold :-Union" Towri allotment No. 2, jrarchasef C. Halmes. Allotment 3, Mrs. Kilian. Allotment 6, A. G, Beresford, and allotment 32, Rev, Á. Strele, Only one allotment was sold in Burrundie, No. 78,- J.- F'. Dewar being the purchaser.- The total amount received by

the' Government for' the' five allotnfents was £113 5s,

TOWN IMPROVEMENTS -Now that the re erection: of the Southport telegraph build- ings in Mitchell-street is completed; we trust that Mr. Little will have a neat picket fence substituted for the 6 ft.- galvanized iron eyesore which has so long spoilt the appearance of the street.- The value of the old iron would go a considerable way to- wards paying tor a neat and substantial fence,- and the building would then be an

ornament to the town.

ROGUES AND VAGABONDS.-A Chínaman wha has been loafing, about Pide Creek for some time' past was b+ought before Mr. 0. Jensen,- J.F.-, charged with having: Ho visible means' of support, and promptly sentenced to two months''imprisonment in Fannie Bay Gaol. If our up-country Chinese once begin to understand, that absolute idleness will lead to their being sent down to enjoy the sea breeze and. plentiful supply of whole- some food at the " salubrious retreat," it will soon become' necessary to enlarge the accom-

modation at that establishment.

MINERAL EXHïMTïoN.^Referring' to the4 Northern Territory exhibits for the Crystal Palace London, we are requested to state that Mr. Knight will make a supplementary shipment of specimens after the first lot is despatched next month, and that he is desirous of showing some stone from the Howley District, Extended Union, and Maude Creek,- as these places are' not re- presented in the present show at all, Mr. Knight's1 exhibition, of specimens, and Con- versazione on Saturday evening last was an unqualified success, and a report of the

entertainment will be found in another


TREATMENT OF PYRITES.-The importance of testing large ribs or seam's of iron pyrites, - has often been referred to in these columns

(writes the Bendigo Advertiser). Recent occurrences have intensified that import tance, inasmuch as on several occasions we have had to chronicle good returns front the North Shenandoah tribUtors front a belt of mundic, which was left by a former party of tributbrsy as it was supposed to be of no value. Yesterday they crushed 20 loads, and obtained Ï18OZS. of amalgam, which when retorted, will prob- ably give 70 ozs. of gold, or an average of 3 J ozs, to the ton.

ATHLETIC SPORTS AT TOE UNION.-The residents at the Union have decided to' hold sports at that township on the Queen's Birthday, May 24th, and have provided an excellent programme for a day's amusement, which Will be found in' our ' advertising columns. Mr. George P. Smith; who acts as Hon. Secretary to the sports committee, is trying to induce the Railway authorities to permit the train front Pine Creek to Pal- merston on the day of the sports, to delay at the Union until the evening.- If this request is granted it Will enable Palmerston' people to leave on Friday morning, May 23rd, and return from the Union on Satur- day night. We might suggest that ex CUrsion fares would probably tempt a great many people to spend the holiday at the


NEW RACECOURSE:.-In spite of the fact that the majority of our settlers have a strong love for horse-racing and kindred sports, the Secretary of the N.T. Racing Club informs us that some thoughtless members of the community seem to be doing all they can to spoil the course, as fast as it is put in order. A few days ago some person drove a buggy round the course on the inner side of the running track, and cut up the ground which had just been cleared and levelled. We trust that our readers will in future avoid driving or riding on the inner portion of the course, as the Secretary and Committee have hard work to get up a day's sport for the public, and it is most dis- heartening to see their efforts frustrated by carelessness of persons who should know


CHINESE PROWLERS.-Three Chinese were brought before the presiding Magistrate at the Police Court on Monday, and charged with loitering about the streets of the town- ship between the hours of midnight and 2 a.m., and being unable to give any satisfac- tory account of themselves. Being the first case of the kind brought before the Court, Mr. Foelsche cautioned the men, and let them off with a fine of ten shillings each. We are glad to see this action taken by the police, as it will do much to check frequent thef ts, such as have been lately reported. In Hongkong and Singapore, Chinese are not permitted to wander about the streets at night without a permit or licence, and are forced to carry a lantern with the number of the permit on it ; if some similar regula- tions were adopted in the Territory, the police would be able to exercise a much greater check upon the movements of these wily scoundrels.

A COWARDLY ACT.-Some few days ago Mr. W. Lawrie discovered that some mis- chievous person had deliberately cut the girth of his saddle under the saddle-flap, and although such an act might have been the cause of a dangerous accident, he attri- buted it to some foolish person who had " done it for a lark." On Tuesday last how- ever, another attempt was made to give Mr. Lawrie a spill. This time his off-side stirrup leather was cut, and it now seems as if some cowardly fellow, who has a grudge against Mr. Lawrie, is trying deliberately to do him an injury. It is not likely that any Chinaman would perpetrate such an act, for he would hardly have sufficient knowledge to cut the girth under the flap, and the stirrip-leather on the off-side. It has, we believe, been the work of a Euro- pean, and of one who knows something about horses. We trust that Mr. Lawrie

will do his utmost to discover his cowardly enemy, for a more vicious trick could hardly


A DANGEROUS- Rd AU. - We* notice that the District Council have fenced hi the" well at the foot of the hill pathway in» the Gui- ñare Jetty y Which wa» previously' Unpro- tected' and dangerously near to the foot' path« If the well had been* under Govern' ment control the* authorities Would have* waited until some poor wretch had fallen ia to it, before attempting to ia anything. When some one slips on the footpath leading? to the Ship Jetty and breaks a Inffb, the railway authorities will expend st few' pounds to' make' the path somfewha* more' safe' and convenient, at present it is1 only fit forth« use of goats or bare-footed aborigines.

ALICE RILLS GOLD' MININO' Cb'.-Wé feartf from the' Secretary of this Co#p«ny thafr Mr. John McPherson, formerly manager of the Union Prospectors elainY arid buttery,* has telegraphed that the' machinery is- now' completed, and has beert shipped for Port Darwin by the s.s. " Chirigtu," whieb vessel is expected to leave Sydney in & few days« The plant consists of a Í5-héatí bat- tery, with pumping and winding geary and a 16 b. p. portable' engine. The Alice Hill* Gold Mining Company is & ptirefy local concern« and from what we know* of those interested, We feel srire that the management will he conducted With economy,- and with'a view to making the mine'dividend paying. The property is well spoken of by those' best qualified to exprès* a reliable opinion, and we heartily wish the shareholders1 all the" success* their' spirited venture' deserves* -