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This township is gradually. fading away. All the European stores have been closed for some time, arid all the Chinese storekeepers but two have sought fresh fields, and it is probable that they too will make an early exit. The only European resident is the Postmaster : he can hardly be called a telegraph master, for his occupation is gone, and he, with his two Chinese assistants, will desert the place as soon as ever the up-country mail is despatched by rail, instead of road, which should be very soon now. Our only constable has been away for some time on the sick list. His occupation too. is almost gone as far as Southport is concerned. The mail contractors by road and river must be losing money on every? trip, for a passenger either way is now quite a

rara arts.


An aboriginal in the employ of W;. Rose, teamster, died suddenly on Mori day night or Tuesday morning. It was reported to the police,' who had the body buried. There" was not %hß slightest foundation, for the ruinoùr that the man was in a trancé and buried before he was dead.

The., crushing plant for Maudie's Creek, and the pumping, machinery for the Eveleen have reached here all right, and are being despatched to their des- tinations with, all speedy Phil Ray is superintending the removal of Ffrencb & Brownes battery,'and » tnrprismg everybody by the way he tackles hard work, and at the same time brings con- siderable skill to bear upon the work in


Platelaying on the railway is still stuck np by the bridge, over Burrell's Creek Solderbloom is busy on the cutting that Marker started upon ; it is doubtful if it will be finished without further delaying the platelaying.


The Union battery, which has been hung up for à short time, will start crushing again on Monday, 14th irist;

Many cricketers have head the story of Fuller Pilch's refusal to give "the Doctor " (E. M. Grace) out on his first appearance at Canterbury. The bats-: man was palpably out before he had scored. On being remonstrated with Pilch defended himself with the ingeni- ous explanation that he "wanted to see if this ere Muster Grace could bat."

Mr. Fitzgerald, President of the Irish National League, has issued a special appeal for aid, to the wealtheir Irishmen in America, in which he says :-" If England needed assistance 1000 Englishmen would be found in America within- 30 days who would each subscribe $1000. Let 5000 Irish do the same for Ireland, who on her knees in chains begs that, aid without

which she must die. Ireland 1__kaLl0QflL_. Irishmen in America for $500 or $1000 each." Mr. Fitzgerald himself heads the subscription with $1000..

A skipper of a coasting vessel called at the village inn and asked the land- lady, a young widow : " Do you know where I can get a mate ? I have lost

my mate. " " I am very sorry for jox^* Mr.-," she said, smiling. "I want a mate, too, and cannot get one. As we are in the same position, 111 tell you what 111 do : if you will be mine,

I will be yours ! " He closed with the, bargain, and the widow keeping to her word, he is now supplied with two