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ITb» 84. Bigiitar writes r-An Adelaide

visitorto Melboarae recently wetMc. Bjtyley's fl*«», whfm ft« efcsoribea wi * «basant, nu» smnimy, jfMUjr**** «wH-reuant man. Ont oorr«ssrôçd*ntoontinueai-Heit shy.aod vary 'thenlfal Ut» elaina doe« not bear bia name. He pegged eal eearly-I am not oertaia he did not say be ws* the fleet-at Croydon, (fcoeea* ? land. He did well there, and wehfcto Broken Sill, where he took . fancy to/Bbok 14. For» tanaUly a little taste of that luxury waa enoogh for him," t and he left for Wettern Australia, where he oame aéross Bayley, who hadbeena mate of hisin Queensland. They had both done* deal of roQghing in their tim«. He, ea the elder and mo-ifc experienced, had, of ooaree, mach greater Vtardthps than Bayley,

and no two ines wer» Iftas afraid of the bash. They fonod gold, and dad pretty welL Ban iiing shaH ^ prorisio^they bad to fall bask on Boothera <fcoss, «¿nd, lest (hey might be followed, a*díoresto'ded, they had ta' adopt many a little arefió<> well known to prospec- ter*, first pdeo« of gold they fauod weighed abolit habt an «me», and that were mon exmtei'^owes/that specimen than they were eah««anant)y .'in the disoorery of big lamps. Toe exjsiasation is simple. They knew they were» wa it. They found a food deal of gold by,-Us reft On the reef itsäf .-^7ft.re8f~4roldwou,dbeeeeaat adisjkyioe of Soft. BayAey went to the Warden to teg.

leter tbeeUkm. That is bow it was oslled after bim. , Bayley was fil. He had «am

spitting W'*oa, and his mate was «Iso oat of

sorts. . Ke has been fire months under a deot»r, «ndl«a*qute well yet:, "Health,'* he lava, " is more to me than all täte goM rf Australia*' It was his tara ti goaway Car . sp^,aràBirlir^<v Broiratarnedap. 3*oey wanted ¡«¿iftipjftit^

and they did sot «are whether fae oompleted the purchase of flve-slxtfct of tee claim foe M,m «îlot. They bad don« wen, and wi* this money «mid retire. The Baak la Wei. bonne wasin*troet«d ts keep the jgold from the roer, "Hftey began to work fte reef aftes? " Betsy "Brown, ai he was nailed on the Bar* vier,, arrived. When Mr. Brown erövet ia Melbourne h*foond tb« Commercial Banlcbsd

.eut th« wo^erfuUy rioh sjpseiÉiénf le>^be> Mint, walsh had «bnverted them into, ingots. At this s&n the Commercial Bank hsisfosed its door* *nd it wa« .«on» time before átr. Brown "w|s enabled i» final the Comply. The two partners are quit« aonteat$lUi their a,000ohare*apleoe. They had a titi, dend of á pound à share this «soath. I bs> lie»» he ssld thar» wen 34,0M> ehares in OM Oempany, abd that Mr. S. Brow* dthsrTheld 4,000 or wa* interested in ÀflQO. yhojifoim

were then about £18 eaob, aad títer» ,ares dividing them into «mallar ons«. . "Whydid you not havo the obum «amad

after yo* »a vrelir' I enquired. "I was asked if I would Uk« the tmtne altered, but I eiid I

was o^tesstiafied with it" He added withs» «mil», "It has oost Beyleye&me hundreds al. ready, basante Ms name is Bayley. I esgaps sfl gwtraabl^

while no oa* knows ins when I em a^^