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East Perth Beats Claremont-Cotteslpe.

^ciuie a moderate attendance at the Uaremont Oval on Saturday, East Perth won comfortably from ClaremontCottes ioe, in a match productive of fast, visrir

ous, dot comparatively unsystematic foot ball. Play during the first half was some what congested and scrambling, due; no doubt, to over-anxiety on the part of players in their first match of the season. Owing solely to superiority in front of goal, where Lockyer made the most oi his opportunities. East Perth Jed by two goals at half time. Winning in the air systematic in attack, .and well-served by its little men, Orr and Guhl, who opened up the play, East Perth demoralised Claremont-Cottesloe in the third term, and would have scored more than six goals to one, but for magnificent defence work by S. Clarke in the final quarter Claremont-Cottesloe was in attack, , but found Little and Bennett almost impass able, and East Perth increased , its lead to win by nine goals. It was a most im pressive victory. Claremont-Gottesloe's defeat was mainly due to inferiority in the air and a failure to finish off the* many forward moves initiated by Hough and Clarke. The teams were:— ' CLAREMONT-COTTEaOE. — Backs: Buzzard Deans, DingwalL Half-backs: J. White Clarke' Garside, Centres: Keilson, Hough, Edmeadcs. HalMorwards: Harria, Batt. taidlaw? Forwards: Williams, O'Reilly, Skinner. Followers: Grow cott, I. White. Rover: Steward. Nineteenth man: a Moloney (replaced Harris after half time). EAST PERTH.— Backs: Mather. Baker, Booth. Half-backs: Bennett. Oswald. O. Matson. Centres: Garoaut,. Miller, Guhl. Half-forwards: King, Cronin, Crow. Forwards: Brownrigg, Lockyer, Orr. Followers: Lit tie, Dempster. Screaigh. N'ineteenti man: Edelman (replaced Screaigh, in jured hip, in the final quarter). UMPIRE.— JS. Gannon. Scrambling football characterised the opening of the play, but East Perth was first in attack, and after it had been re pulsed several times by Clarke, Dempster scored a point. Buzzard, a ClaremontCot tesloe full-back, then ran down the field, and another point resulted. Orr and Crow started a forward move for East Perth and Dempster snapped a goal, but Cronin missed another shot soon after wards from an easy position. Though there were few concerted moves, the play was exceedingly vigorous and even. Clare mont-Cottesloe's first goal came from Skinner at the end of the quarter when the scores were level — 1.4 each. In the second term. East Perth com bined better in attack, Crow, Orr and Lockyer playing well together, and three long punts by Lockyer scored goals in the course of a few minutes. Buzzard, Clarke and Batt broke down further for ward moves, and put Claremont-Cottesloe in attack. From a mark in front Wil liams kicked his team's second eoal. Un

iu tne ena ot tne quarter, .Bennett, Os- , wald and Mather, defended dashingly for East Perth, while Clarke proved a stumb ling block at the other end. Scores: — Claremont-Cottesloe, 2.5; East Perth 4.5. On the resumption of play Orr snapped East Perth's fifth goal. His accurate foot passing also, often proved a menace to Claremont-Cottesloe, and was an import ant link in the systematic football East Perth revealed during this quarter. As a result, Lockyer again kicked three goals in as many minutes, and Dempster scored two more. Claremont-Cottesloe was tem porarily demoralised, but at the end of the term, Steward came through to snap the 'side's solitary goal, making the scores: — East Perth, 10.11; Claremont-Cottesloe, East Perth's forwards -were again prom inent at the commencement of the final term, and Orr drop-kicked his team's eleventh goal. Growcott then sent Clare mont-Cottesloe in attack, and Williams snapped full points. Little's magnificent marking and Bonnett's dash, however, prevented further scoring, and East Perth obtained two goals from Dempster and Lockyer. The play was very fast in the concluding stages, but congested football developed. A goal was scored by Booth, and the match finished in a scramble. The final scores were: — EAST PERTH .. .. 14.13 (97 pts.). C'MONT-COTT ? 5.13 (43 pts.). Goalkickers.— East Perth: Lockyer (7), Demnster (4), Orr (2), and Boqth. Clare mont-Cottesloe: Williams (2), 'Moloney, Skinner and Steward. East Perth was best served by Orr, Little, Lockyer and Bennett, who made few mistakes all day. With his nippy roving work, and neat passing in the for ward lines. Orr was outstanding, and ful filled the promise he showed in the scratch games. Little's marking in the second half was the best, on the ground, his kicking was excellent, and he seemed to stir him self much more than last year. Bennett, as usual, was a dashing defender, Lock yer s seven goals were the reward of fine position play and accurate kicking. Others who were outstanding in a team

which carried no passengers were Demp ster. Crow,- Guhl, Miller, Mather and Cronin. lu defence for Claremont-Cottesloe, Clarke gave a splendfd exhibition, mark ing well, and seldom being out of posi tion. Batt and Steward played rugged football, Growcott was. a useful' follower, and Deans showed - distinct promise as1 a forward, a department where- the 'team was very week. He was moved from the goal in the first quarter.