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South Fremantle'i Decisive Win.

Displaying greater pace and skill in handling the ball, adapting themselves to the new style of umpiring much better than their opponents, and assisting each

orner m suca a manner as to produce team-work, the. South Fremantle; players gained a decisive victory over Subiaco, at Subiaco Oval on Saturday. While Subiaco had some outstanding players, it badly lacked the balance and all-round strength of South Fremantle, whose for wards co-operated in a far more able style than the Subiaco forwards. Early South Fremantle was beaten in the ruck and

J. Ford (West Perth) jumping for the ball in the goal mouth. He touched the ball, a point being scored.

J. Ford (West Perth) jumping for the ball in the goal mouth. He touched the ball, a point being scored.

across the centre, but it steadily became stronger in those departments, and on the whole its players made Subiaco ap pear sluggish in comparison. One bad feature of South Fremantle's play was its tendency to overdo short, useless passes across the field, but in view of the side's previous inability to achieve team-work it gave supporters some encouragement. South Fremantle had all its players avail able. The teams were: — SUBIACO. — Backs: Briggs, Rodger, Strack. Half backs: navies, Ahearn, Mereon. Centres: Mackay, Angus, Richardson, Stelin. Half for wards: L. Toll, a Daily, McCallum. Forwards: G. Brown, J. Jennings, Kelly. Followers: M. Green, Mills. Rover: G. Smith. Nineteenth man: Daniels (replaced Briggs in first quarter). SOUTH FREMAXTLE. — Backs: Back, C. Jen nings, Hagan. Half backs: White, Edgar. F. Brown Centres: * J. Doig, Arthur Richardson, Matthews. Half forwards: W. Smith, Mctherell, D. Smith. Forwards: Caratti, Whitmore, E. Lawn. Followers: Ditchburn, R. Richardson. Rover: Farmer. Nineteenth maa: Pead (re placed D. Smith in first quarter). UMPIRE: J. Tanner. In the first quarter the play was of a poor standard until South Fremantle's kicking improved and its forwards opened out and gave their team mates good leads. Subiaco had much of the play, chiefly due to the work of Green and Daily in the ruck, but South Fremantle was able to gain a commanding lead. Nippy men like Caratti were a menace to Subiaco's backs. Briggs (Subiaco) and D. Smith (South Fremantle) both left the field owing to an injured knee. At quarter time South Fremantle led— 3.3 to 0.4. Hopes of an interesting finish were raised in the second term when Subiaco made a determined effort, dominating the ruck securing better service from its 6mall men. With five minutes to go Sub iaco was in front, but suddenly South Fremantle smartened up, Subiaco's defence was broken up by the forwards, and at half time South Fremantle had a lead of six points. The placing of Ditchburn at centre-half forward and Metherell in a forward pocket brought excellent results. In the second half South Fremantle steadily forged ahead. Its players helped

one another, kept on the move through out the third quarter, and disposed of the ball quickly to greater advantage than the Subiaco men. Angus Richardson's lapse of form in the centre was a big factor in the side's failure, and haphaz ard methods in attack wasted many op portunities of scoring. There were very few men on South Fremantle's side who did not do their share, while Mackay, on the wing, and Daily, whose high marking was brilliant, stood out in Subiaco's team. At three-quarter time the scores were: — South Fremantle 13.9, Subiaco 7.13. South Fremantle continued to show greater pace and eureness in the last term, and Subiaco could not make bead way. For some strange reason players developed a mania for handball. Mether ell's accurate kicking helped South Fre mantle considerably, although the failure of so many Subiaco men to strike form made the visiting team absolutely confid ent of success. Green battled hard but few of his team mates had the same dash and vigour. An injured ankle caused Mills to leave the field. The final scores were: — SOUTH F'TLE. . .. 17.14 (116 pts.). SUBIACO ? ,. 10.14(74 pts.). Goal-kickers.— South Fremantle: Meth erell (4), Whitmore (3), Caratti (2), W. Smith. (2), Lawn (2), Farmer, Ditch burn, Pead and Hagan. Subiaco: J. Jen nings (4), Green (2), Mills (2), Daily and Daniels. In South Fremantle's even side Caratti was probably the best player.. He roved cleverly and -was associated with most of the team's scoring moves. Ditchburn -was a power in the ruck and in attack, and he was ably assisted by W. Smith, Meth erell and Whitmore. Brown, Back and Edgar were prominent backs. Of the others R. Richardson, Doig and Farmer were the best. For Subiaco Mackay was the most con sistent. He was as nippy and clever as ever on the wing. Daily and Green were hard workers in the ruck and at half forward. Jtferson, at half back, gave a fine display and Ahearn was reliable. Mills, J. Jennings, Kelly and Strack were others who shaped well.