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Family Notices

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Births and Deaths, Bereavement Notices, Mar riages and In Memoriam Notices, up to six lines, 8/ ; each succeeding line. 6d. per line extra. In order to guard against imposition, notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths must be authenticated by some respectable person to ensure insertion. BIRTHS. COOK. — On March 20, 1934. to Dr. and Mrs. C. E. Cook, Midland Junction — a son. DANIELS (nee Stella Slater). — On March 19 to Mr. and Mrs. K. J. -Daniels, of Jarrahwood — a daughter (Dorothy Winnifred). Both welL GREEN— At Hill Crest, to Mr. and Mrs. Green, of Hubble-street Fremantle — a son (Brian Charles). HISLOP (nee Florence Sloan).— On March 17 to Mr. and Mrs- W- J- Hislop— a son (Ernest Alfred James). Both well. LAURISCH (nee Kathleen Parkinson).— On March 18. at Geraldton, to Mr. and Mrs C Laurisch — a son. Both well.     SCREAIGH (nee Jean Marwick). — On March 18 at the Malvern Hospital, to the wife of H G. Screaigh, of Mt. Lawley— a daughter (Maureen Eleanor). Both well. MARRIAGE. GAMBLE— CHESSON.— On February 17 at St Patrick's Church, West Perth, -by Rev. Mons. Verling, Arthur J., second son of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. GambIe- North Perth, to Anne, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Chesson, SUDiflCO.

DEATHS. COCKRAM.— On March 21, at Children's Hospi tal, result of accident. Eric, loving son of Mr. and Mis. Edgar Cockram, of Canninjrton. ? Peace, perfect peace. de MOLE. — On March 19, at Newcastleon Tyne, England, Clive Moulden de Mole (late 11th Battalion A.I.F.), younger son of W. F. de Mole, Hyde -Park, S.A.; aged 47 years. ILLINGWORTH.— On March 21, 1934, at his late residence, 67 First-avenue, Mt. Lawley Herbert, dearly beloved husband of Ethel Illingworth, and loving father of Marjorie (Mrs. J. Anderson, South Perth), Constance (Mrs. N. Stanbury, Melbourne). Kenneth (Carnarvon), Ralph, Phyllis and Winnie Illing worth (Mt. Lawley). ILLINGWORTH.— On March 21, 1934, at his residence, First-avenue, Inglewo'od, Herbert dearly beloved father of Marjorie, father in law of Jack Anderson (247 Suburban-road, South Perth). MERRICK - On March 21, at Wooroloo, Mary Catherine, dearly beloved Wife of Joseph   Merrick, of York; aged 32 years. REST in Peace.     MERRICK (nee Kitty O'Mara) - On March 21, at Wooroloo, Kitty, beloved Wife of Joe, loving only daughter of John & late Mary O'Mara, loved Sister & Sister-in-Law of Clarrie & Lena O'Mara; fond Aunt of Jack & Peter. AT REST.   MERRICK.-On March 21, at Wooroloo, Kitty, beloved Sister of P. J. O'Mara (Midland Junction) aged 82 years. RIP. IN MEMORIAM. BRENTON.— -In loving memory of our dear dad. who passed away March 21', 1933. Peacefully sleeping. Inserted by hte loving daughter, Jean, son Jn-law Joe, and George. BRUCE. — In loving memory of our dear son and orotner, Allan, passed away March 22 1930 'Peace, perfect peace. ^Inserted by his loving parents and his sister, For us, cherished memories, For our loved one, perfect peatce in w^t -bjr hj? lo^n*f br°ther, Harry.. sister- in-law, Jessie and nephews. BRUCE.— In loving memory of our dear brother, Allan, who passed away, March 22, 1930. t J& I681'!? loved« '° sadly missed. law^S? y.h!8 lov}°e brotber- Ja-*. sisterin Iaw, Linda, niece and nephew. BRUCE. — In loving memory of our brother, Allan who passed away on March 22, 1930. . Death divides, but memory clings i.i'^^? hy hf» lovI»g sister and brotherin Itwraie * '* WlUker- Dieces- Ber*1 and CHARLTON.— In loving memory of my dear hus S id82° pa88ed away at Fremantle- »««* I-onely and sad I sit' at night, Thinking of . the days gone. by j ? ''JSB^fe.jSjt/.atrthe old^jttreside. ^t?'1 ?*** te]1 to *he morning, . When fall the shades of night, ?And the- stars; shine out in the heavens. If our hearts will be sad or bright. Requiescat in pace. Inserted by his loving wife, Ellen Charlton. CHARLTON. — In loving memory of our darling dad, who passed away at Fremantle, March 22, Not a day do we forget you, , And this little verse will show. You will never be forgotten, dear dad, 1 As the yean may come and go. . ' Our dad. Inserted by his sons; Chris, Val and Kevin.

CHARLTON— In loving memory of my dear «» J'n,» Passed away at Fremantle, March 22,- 1 9 S *? * Those who knew him need never be told That a warmer heart death never made cold: A beautiful life, full of kindly deeds. A helping hand to all in need. Always unselflesh, loving and kind. Few in this world his equal to find. THat loving memory lingers still, 'Not just today, but always will. Inserted by his loving daughter, Maisie. sonin law Reg and grandson, Dennis. CHARLTON.— In loving memory of my dear lather, who passed away, March 22,1932. When days are dark and friends are few, Dear dad, how I long for you; Friends are friends when they are true, But. dear dad, there is none like you. .Inserted by his loving daughter and sonin law, Mona and Jack and baby John. OREGON. — In loving memory of our dear wife ' and mother, Jessie' Elizabeth, who passed away xra March 21, 1910. One of God's best. Inserted by her loving husband and children. DOEHRTNG. — In loving remembrance of our dear ?on Lacrie, passed away March 22, 1932. To have, to love, and then to part, Is the saddest story of a mother's heart. Inserted by his loving parents, and brothers, Charlie, Bonnie and Allan. HARBISON. — In loving' memory of my dear son, Jack, late of New Norcia, who died March 22 1931. la memory a constant thought. In heart a silent sorrow. Inserted by his sorrowing mother, brothers, Frank and Harry (m.v. Koolinda). HENDERSON. — In memory of our dear friend, Mrs. Aleck \ Henderson, who passed awav March 22, 1933. *' In true and loving thoughts we still remember ?70U. Inserted by L.H., A.P., M.J., G.S. LEIGHTQN. — In loving memory of our dear brother, Clarry, accidentally killed at Bucking ham's Mill; March 22, 1925. Ever remembered. Inserted by his loving brother, Albert (Mick), ?diter-in-law, Clarice, and nephew, Freddy. ' LLOYD. — In loving, memory of my dear hus ' band and father, who was accidentally drowned at Bunker's Bay, March. 22, 1931. We cherish still, with love sincere, Memories of one we loved so dear. Irserted by his loving wife and daughter and little grandson, John. .$ MORGAN. — In fond memory of our dear wife and mother, who passed away at Bayswater, on March 22, 1933. Inserted by her loving husband Jim, and daughters. Doris Mose, Beverly, Yvonne and Gladys Morgan. MORGAN. — In sad but loving memory, of our dear mother, who passed away, March 22, 1933. Inserted by her loving son Bill, daughter-in- law Molly, and grandson, Billie. MURRAY. — In loving memory of our darling Pamela, who was accidentally killed on March 22, 1933; aged 10 years 10 months. : Deep' in our hearts' there's a memory, More precious than wealth untold; Tis 'a picture of our darling Pam, Whose memory will never grow cold. Inserted by her loving mother, father and sister.

PETERS. — In sad and loving memory of our dear son and brother, who passed away March 22, 1982. Beautiful memories are all we have left of our darling. Inserted by his loving father, mother, sisters and brothers, Evelyn, Valma, Jeffery and Ken neth. PETERS. — In loving memory of dear little Regie, who passed away March 22, 1932. Gone unto a land of beauty, To a place of joy and love; 'Midst the never-fading flowers, In his Saviour's home above. Inserted by his dear Wharty. PRITCHARD. — In memory of my dearly beloved husband and our loving father, Rupert Charles, who passed away, suddenly, at the Collie Hos pital on March 22. 1933; late of the 3rd Tunnelling .Company; also our dearly loved children, Willie, died June. 1915; also Gladys, died June, 1916. Some may think you are forgotten When st times they see us anile. But they little know the heartache That the smile hides all the while. All those who have a father. Cherish him with care. For you never know how much you love him Till you see his vacant chair. Inserted by his loving wife, Agnes, and dauph tero. Ethel and Nellie (Collie-Cardiii). PUMPHRET. — In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away just four years ago today, March 22. Inserted by her loving daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren, Bingham (Armadale). ROBERTS.— -In loving memory of my dear friend, Mi-s.. Roberts, who passed away March 21, 1033. Loved by all who knew her. Inserted bjr Fie Daw.es (Guildford).

IN MEMORIAM. ROBERTSON.— To the sacred and everlasting memory of a loving wife and mother, Mar garet Robertson, late of Bullion Farm, Inver gowrie, Scotland, who died March 22 1926 at Dwellingup. * Until the day dawn and the shadows flee away Inserted by her loving husband, George v»™eIwm?nd h™ 1^v!lI(f sons and daughters, Vera, William. Harold, Gordon, Janie. Olive Frank, Margaret and George. ROBERTSON. — In sacred and loving memory of our dearly loved wife' and mother, Margaret Robertson (late of Bullion Farm, Invert-Tie, SsSTM^m^- who died at Dwei»D^p: Until the day break, and the shadows flee away. , Inserted by her loving husband, George Robert Ion sons and daughters, Vera, William, Harold, Gordon. Janie, Olive, Frank, Margaret and George (2 Cargill-street, Victoria Park)? ROCKS. — In loving memory of our dear mother Stars ^33.^ Bocks- who paased away . ' R.I.P. A year has passed and gone, Yet love and grief remain: In life you were so dear to us, In death you are the same. Inserted by her loving daughters. May and Kit and sisters and brothers. BOCKS.— In loving memory of our dear friend, Marc^22^1»33 '''^ aW3y ** P°iDt Walter- Ever remembered. Inserted by her -friends, Mr. and Mrs. Milli kan and family. TAZLi-?K'~?n l??*'1* memoTy -* our beloved darling daughter and sister Marion Gertrude liKo' who deParted this life, March 22. XffOa, With Christ, which is far better. Inserted by her father and sister. W'h^i?J?T(iNT~rn,loving meta°*y ot our dear ?«o7 ! Arch' who Passed away March 22 '^.iJoving daddy of Irene and Gloria? ' with tender love and deep regret TmW&jW£°«l0Ted you' vrU1 never forget. Inserted by George, Roy. Les and Effi..

/ BEREAVEMENT NOTICES ~ M^^ fEAC?WT ,and Fan-H» of Mandurah, 4JX desire to sincerely THANK all friends for letters, telegrams, floral tributes and expressions of sympathy during their recent sudden bereave ment; especially do they thank his brother^ Lionel and sistertn-law, also Mrs. James Eacott telegrams, floral tributes and personal expres ^SJ of Jg™WMy in their recent sad bereave ment. Will all please accept thia as a per wnal expressions of gratitude. M^' ;D£MENE0 '-d Family, of Narrogin, wish BL to THANK aU kind friends for letters, tele rrama, cards and personal expressions of sympathy n their recent sad bereavement Will all kind Mends please accept this as a personal expres aon of gratitude.

FUNERAL NOTICES. OOCKRAM.— The Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Cj£s??m' of kefee-street, Cannington, are respectfully informed that the remainT of their late dearly loved second son. Eric, loved brother tl ^S^L I7^*nd Don*w. «01*be interred in Jie Church of England portion of tte Karrakatta SSSmSSL*4 JL1'20 °'clo6k' TOMORROW -(Friday) MORNING. The Cortege will move from Messri ^^J- jChiPPer and Son's Service Chapel. iSSIn^*^ ^ert£ at u o-clock- Friend» wishing to attend the Funeral may proceed bv the 11.5 o'clock train from Perth. DONALD J. CHIPPER and SON, Funeral Direc tors. 1023-1027 Hay-street (corner George^ street), Perth. Tel. B3232 and B3772. ML Lawley Branch: 735 Beaufort-Btreet [TODGE.— The- Friends of the late Captain W ££.£$*' /*. 71 Donfcwtoet, Subiaco, are respectfully informed that his remains will be Fnends wishing to attend the Funeral may pro C-H?Lb£,,the '-5 °'clock ?*»»' from Perth! PROSSER. SCOTT and CO., LTD., Undertak Jr^ B^la*:o^»Leederville' Fremantle. Cottesloe, Tel. B3680. B3309, FM2682. F1066. LLC'ue' TLLINGWORTH.— The Friends of the late Mr ^. Herbert Illingworth, of 67 First-avenue. Mt *wley, formerly of Millars' Timber and Trad ng Co. Ltd., are respectfully informed that his remains will be interred in the Methodist IKirtieni of the Karrakatta Cemetery at 2.30 o'clock THIS (Thursday) AFTERNOON The Lortege will move . from Meters. Donald J Chipper and,.Son's Service^ Chapel, 1023 Hav X'^ ?SrtK4sat ? ,6'^k-' F^»^i«.tag^tb S&!* wkWrSS ***??* the l5' DONALD J. CHIPPER' and SON Funeral W!'V»SW2?7 'V^V (corner. GcS street). Perth. Tel. B3232 and B3772. fit Lawley Branch: -7351 Beaufort-street. TtttwJ4T£™ L0DGE No- 29« WAC ?LLINGWORTH.— Brethren of the above Lodge JTf Jl 1 lux !?ft in KeneraI are respectfully ofonned that the remains of their late Brb. erbert Illingworth, will be interred in the Methodist portion of the Karrakatta Cemetery at 2.30 o'clock THIS (Thursday) AFTERNOON. Brethren wishing to attend the Funeral may proceed by the 2.5 o'clock train from Perth N. B. BRICE, WJL ? C. J. MACE, Secretary. MERRICK — The Friends of Mr. Eric J. Merrick of Suburban Road, York, are respectfully     informed that the Remains of his late dearly beloved Wife, Mary Catherine, fond Daughter   of Mr. J. O'Mara. of 34 Knebsworth Avenue, Highgate Hill, fond Sister of Patrick (Midland Junction & of Clarence (Highgate Hill) & Harold (of Maylands), will be Interred in the RC Portion of the Karrakatta Cemetery, THIS (Thursday) AFTERNOON at 3.15 o'clock. The Funeral is timed to arrive at the Cemetery at that time. Friends wishing to attend may proceed by the 2.30 o'clock Train leaving PERTH. E BULLEN & SON, Undertakers, WOOROLOO. Telephone 4.