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John Longden's Work in Title Role Expected to Lift Picture Into World Class.

Cinesound has completed the final scenes for 'The Silence of Dean Mait land,' and the company has now got down to a regular shooting schedule on its Aus

tralian features, and will maintain it throughout 1934. The general manager and director of the company's pictures (Mr. Ken G. Hall) pushed the new film, which stars John Longden, the English stage and screen actor, through in ten weeks. Shooting time on ' 'The Squatters Daughter ran into months, but this was chiefly attributable to adverse weather conditions on this mainly outdoor picture. With 'The Silence of Dean Maitland,' Mr. Hall concentrated upon making every scene possible within the limits of the sound stage at the Bondi No. 1 studios. This policy has been endorsed by the

Charlotte Francis, Val Douglas, John Longden, and Les Wharton, in a scene from Cinesound' s new Australian' film, 'The Silence of Dean Maitland.

Charlotte Francis, Val Douglas, John Longden, and Les Wharton, in a scene from Cinesound' s new Australian' film, 'The Silence of Dean Maitland.

bad weather conditions for film work in Sydney during the past few months, as only a very few days in many weeks have been suitable for exterior camera work. Since the final shots of the last pic ture many additions in camera and other equipment have been made at No. 1 studio, and 'The Silence of Dean Mait land' is anticipated to be the most polished Australian production yet. Cine sound is building up its organisation on an excellent permanent basis which sug gests that great progress will be made during this year. According to comment on the sequences already shown to executives, the acting of Mr. Longden will be a revelation of what can be done in this country with actors who know their jobs and possess screen personality. Mr. Longden is supported by Charlotte Francis, Jocelyn Howarth, Joh,n Warwick, Audrey Nicolson, Les

Warton, Leal Douglas, Claude Turton, W. Lane-Bayliff, Patricia Minchin, George Lloyd, Fred MacDonald and little Billy Kerr. During the past few months Cinesound has built up a strong producing organisa tion. With Mr. Hall directing, he has as his assistants, Capt. Frank Hurley as first cameraman, Bert Cross, technical director, George Cross as casting and dia logue director, with George D. Parker es pecially looking after dialogue direction on 'Dean Maitland'; John Warwick, produc tion manager, -and a large and capable staff in control of recording, lighting and laboratory work for its production. Fred Finley is in control of all the set design ing and construction, and the latest pro duction is certain to be acclaimed as be

ing equal to foreign productions in their excellent mounting. Mr. Stuart F. Doyle, as managing direc tor of the company, has not neglected   any avenue which will lead his produc tions to success. Nation-wide campaigns for each of the features produced at Cine sound has been proof of the excellent selling end of the organisation. During the past few months a big campaign has been got under way to sell the star value of Mr. Longden in his first role in Aus tralian pictures. A newspaper campaign has been conducted, and this, along with many unique methods of exploitation, is certain to make the picture as well known to the public, as 'The Squatter's Daugh ter.' The studio is now busily engaged in preparing Ralph Boldrewood's 'Robbery Under Arms' for production, in which Mr. Longden will play the part of Captain Starlight.