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Ea»t FremantleY Easy Win.

1 Despite the absence ottwo of its leading players, Kingsbury andeWooda, East Fre mantle outclassed Sovrtlir Fremantle . at 'Promanflp Oval on Satutdav. the winning

margin being 13 goals lip behinds. Jixcent perhaps in high marking, South Fremantle showed none of the form it displayed against Subiaco and played like a beaten team from the beginning of the game. East Fremantle stripped in splendid condition, and its team-work ' was almost perfect. The latter factor conserved the side's energy, and enabled it to run South Fre mantle almost to a standstill, with the result that East Fremantle scored nine goals in the last quarter, while South Fre mantle employing laborious methods could merely «dd a goal. ?' . The mediocrity of Eaa$ Fremantle s ruck was counter-balanced by the brilliant anc skilful play of its rovers, McGlinn anc Reynolds. C. Doig, in wonderful form at centre, and Taylor on the right wing, totally eclipsed South Fremantle's centre line, which did little effective work throughout the match. South Fremantle's attack was made' up of too many small players, who were invariably beaten by Jarvis and Martiensen, both of whom were in great form. The misuse of the short pass, the general lack of understanding among the South Fremantle players, and tiie failure of quite a number to touch thejfball left the side at East Fremantle's mercy at half-time when the tallies were* — East Fremantle, 10.14; South Fremantle, 3.3. South Fre mantle improved a little in the third quarter, but quickly relapsed into its former state of inertia, and East Fre mantle kicked the last eight goals. The final scores were: — E. FREMANTLE .. 20 21 (114 pts.) S. FREMANTLE .. 7 9 ( 51 pts.) Goalkickers;— East Fremantle: G. Doig (8), W. James (3), Taylor (2), Reynolds (2) Fordham (2), McGlinn (2) and Done can. South Fremantle: Whitmore (2), Caratti (2), E. Lawn, Miguel and Methe While no player on the East Fremantle side fell below a satisfactory average, many excelled themselves. C. Doig added effectiveness to a classic style, and was closely approached by Taylor and McGlmn. The fatter's only fault was a pronounced individualism. C. James and Martiensen rendered Jarvis adequate support, the best of a solid remainder being Fordham, acting as substitute half-forward, Done gan and G. Doig, whose pace and anticipa tion frequently outwitted South Fre mantle's full-back. Ditchburn was probably the most ser viceable player for South Fremantle. With little support, Ditchburn battled along in attack and in the ruck. Brown was the most impressive of a weak defence, and played excellent football in the first half. Edgar, Matthews and Pead were the best of a poor remainder.