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Victoria Park's Sicce«$.

? Although the football 'was .seldom) of & high; standard, for thre£ quarters Victoria Park' was 'clearly superior to Claremont CbtteBloe at the 'W.A.C.A.. eround on Sat

urday: At' tMee^uartCT tame Victoria Park held a- lead of 62 points,- and was in a posi tion toifinish the match with a huge advan tage calculated ;t6 'help ''the clnb' to attain a high percentage ^Butthejyictpria'Park playeri' 'did not press- home. 'their' aflvail1' tagfi and Claremont-Cottesloe, f, . revealed glimpses ,bf .system^and open forward w.ork which had been' complexly-lacking; in. the previous' terms. Victoria .'Park's winning margin was thus reduced to 29 points. Wilson and Gook, on the half-forward line,, together- with the; nippy, play ,of Keightlfy,vat centre, and H. Davey, ^on the right '^ing.- enabled Victoria Park to draw ahead.' The efforts ?? of' the' Victoria Park players^ to assist eacli other, to lead well andito break a^ray from their immedi ate opponents kept Clamnorit^Cottesloe on the defensive in the. second quarter, and. only' Skmner'Sv accuracy and. Batt s. solid' defence enabled their side, to retain a grip' of the game. ?.'??.-? In the thirdiquarttrf Victoria. Park went further 'ahead vattd-re-ented Claremont Cottesloei from scpxiiig.; Victoria;. Parks, ruck was now {'stronger than at any pre vious stage, aid th'e JGlaremoht-C6ttesloe backs cbuldVnbt- check!. their fast^movirig opponents. The Victoria Park men tore through with determination and dash, while few of the Claremont-Cottesloe play ers showed anticipation or even consist ency1' With O'Reilly most prominent, the Claremont-Cottesloe forwards- showed, in creased the last term and adopte spoiling** tactics. ' Harris 'was leading rout well on' the half-forward wing and now drove 'the 'ball into the centre instead of deeper into the pocket. The~final scores were:— ;?'?': . ? -: ,? I . ? ./. VICTORIA PARK .:. J5.17 (107 pts.) C'MONT-COTT. . . '. 11.12 (78 pts.) Goal-kickers-^Victoria'-Park: Hethering ton (3), A. Griwc (2). Robson (2); Gook (2). Lucas (2), Keijhtley. Lyqn, Ransom, and Wilson. : Glaremont-Cottesloe: Swain f3) , Skinner (3). O'.Reilly (2), Deans, Growcott and Qliff. - For' Victoria Park H. Davey was an outstanding player onUthe ; wing. Wilson was the^ outstanding forward and KeiRnt le/s workat the pivot was fast and effec tive. Others who 'did- well were Gook, A. Grigg, Brown, G. Davey; Shepherd .and Robson. / ? ? ? . ? .'? ™ . Batt, the goal-keeper, was easily Uare mont-Cottesloe'B best player. The form of the others was very patchy -and most did best in the final quarter. When on the win* Hough was heady, -and the best of the others were Swain, Harris, Buzzard 'firown (Victoria Park), left the field just before the end owing to an injured aiikle, and Deans (Claremont-Cottesloe) was taken off the-field in the secondsjiuartei^owing to ft lfeir iniury Clarke, whd had one or nis few off days, injured his left shoulder.