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East Perth Beats West Perth.

A sodden^ and in places water looged, turf, and Steady rain ' -' throughout . the H greater, part .of the mateh,~robbed the game at ? Perth' Oval' yesterday afternoon between'

Easij Perth and. West Perth, of much of the spectacular * football' invariably 1 pro duced when :these teams meet, but the fast, vigorous7 nature of the . play, arid the thrilling . finish in which * East - Perth emerged ,the winner by a narrow margin, compelled the interest 'of. the vast cr£wa Tvbich.jattended. Weather, conditions were most miserable, and in the third quarter a heavy cloud darkened the ground; mak ing it not only difficult to distinguish the players, but even to follow the flight of ..the ballv Though the match was never. ; spiteful, constant ;soccering tactics, and ^gruellingr play nn the crushes, made 'the game unusually vigorous and at .. times almost fierce. Surer in handling the ball, and accurate in front of goal, West Perth led throughout the- match;, until;' a few ! minutes i. before time, East Perth went .ahead in a great burst, scoring five goals 'to one in the final term. A: willing~game .was capably umpired iby P. Collins, who, gave a liberal interpretation of the new holding-th'e-ball rnle: The teams were: — ? WEST PERTH.— Backs: Roberts, Benton, Mc Guckiri. ? Half-backs: O'Keele, Tetley, 'P.-Walsh; Centres: I.. Walsh, Morgan, Dalziell. : Halffor ' wards: R. Green, Anderson, Kenna. Forwards: -?».? McDiannid,. Tyson, McNaughton. Followers: Marinko, Gregg. Rainoldi. JJineteenth pian: Mc Gatry (replaced R. Green, injured leg: 'in final quarter). EAST PERTH.— Backs: Mather, Baker, King. Bait-backs: Matson, Oswald,' Bennett: Centres: Garnaut, Miller, Guhl. Half -forwards: Booth,' Cronin, Crow. Forwards: 'Orr, LbckyerJ Bro'wri rigg. Followers: Little; Dempster, icreaigh. Nineteenth man: Sweeney (did-'not/plafV. UMPIRE.— F. ColUni , Jfy ' East Perth w.ere first in attack ; at' the commencement of play and- a .point front' Lockyer resulted. Surer in handling the 8lipp_ery ball, however, West Perth ,ear]y dominated the play, and Green punted a fine goal from a long way out. Other ?forward moves werer repulsed by Oswald and Matson. When Booth stopped ah ; other Westf Perth attack, he began a chain of passes which ended with a bril liant running goal from Orr. But gene rally, congested and scrambling football was produced. P. Walsh and Anderson were outstanding for West Perth during this quarter, which ended, after two snap; shots which, resulted in goals from Tyson, with, the scores:— East Perth, 1.2; West Perth, 3.2. , Anderson's fine kick to Marinko, and a 'great dash by the latter resulted in West Perth's fourth goal on . the resumption of play. But good work by Orr and Demp ' 6ter, capped by a goal from Cronin from 50 yards out, lessened East Perth's leeway. Screaigh snapped another goal soon after wards, and in a thrilling -burst Lockyer kicked two more. East Perth for a time ?were definitely on top, but West Perth steadied,, and two magnificent snap-shot goals by Anderson, who was playing bril liantly, and Tyson, reduced the deficit. Further East Perth attacks resulted in points, some from very easy positions. Due mainly to the efforts of P. Walsh (West Perth) in defence, at half-time the scores ?were level:— East Perth, 5.9; West Pert1;, 6.3. A goal from McNaughton sent West Perth ahead at the start of the third quar ter, and after Bennett and - Matson stop ped further determined moves, Tyson kicked another goal from an acute angle and Oswald and Cronin persisted with East Perth's i down-the-centre game and a goal followed from Dempster. Just on the be! v Kenna sent West Perth further ahead. During this quarter the light was very bad and the ground in parts, a quagmire. At th'e end of'the term the scores were: — East Perth, 6.10; West Perth, 9.7. McGuckin and P. Walsh stopped East Perth's early rushes at the commencemen' of the final quarter, but Screaiah snapped a goal. 'Another followed for West Perth from McNaughton. Brownrigg, Cronin and Dempster then combined excellently for East Perth, and two goals were scored in quick succession. With five minutes to go East Perth gained the lead. In a thrilling finish Screaifjh came through to ecore full points once again, and East Perth emerged the winner by seven points. The final scores were: — EAST PERTH ..» .. 11.11 (77 pts.) WEST PERTH .. .. 10.10 (70 pts.) Goalkickers:— East Perth: Screaigh. (3), Lockyer (2), Dempster (2), Orr, Cronin, Brownrigg and Little. West Perth: Tyson (4), McNaughton (2), Green, Marinko, An derson and Kenna. ,The two teams were very evenly matched, East Perth's only superiority being on the centre-line, where Miller and Guhl did good service. Cronin at half-forward, and Dempster in the ruck initiated most of the attacks, and Matson. Oswald and Ben nett (second half) were solid defenders. Matson made scarcely a mistake through out the afternoon, and was suited by the heavy going. West Perth were a little unlucky to lose, for the team led until the closing stages

Anderson at half-forward, and P. Walsh at half-back both played brilliantly, Kenna roved well, and Marinko followed splen didly. Tyson, Green, Gregg. McGuckin and McNaughton were the. best of the others.