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PLIGHT OF THE YEMEN. Defence of the Capital.

CAIRO, May 6.— The latest reports of the Arabian situation following the Wahabi invasion of the Yemen indicate that the Imam Yahya of the Yemen is preparing

to make a stand to save his capital, Sana, and that King Ibn Saud (ruler of the Kingdoms of the Hejas and of Nejd) has tightened up his terms for an armistice. The dispute arose from the recent oc cupation by the troops of the Imam of the Yemen of townships in the highlands of Tehama, a district on the eastern coast of the Bed Sea contiguous to both the in dependent Arab States, which were created after the war from the former Turkish ^ter ritory in Asia. It was reported that King Ibn Saud. having exhausted diplomatic measures, had ordered a sweeping invasion of the Yemen towards the port of Hodeida, which was evacuated by the Imam Yahya's troops. In the meantime, the British sloop Pen zance has transferred the British and In dian residents of Hodeida, and 300 foreigners, to Kamaran Island for safety. The Imam Yahya yesterday delivered a moving address to his war council at Sana, after which it was decided to defend the capital to the last gasp. The mountainous terrain between Sana and Hodeida will handicap King Ibn Saud's tanks and assist the Yemenis, who are masters of mountain guerilla fighting. It is likely, therefore, that the task of conquest will be pro longed. Pjrince Seif al Islam, the eldest son of the' Imam, is assembling his scattered

forces and is organising the defence of Sana. King Ibn Saud, who has undertaken re sponsibility for the administration of the territory of the Yemen, which is occupied by his forces, promising justice to all and protection for foreigners, has made more stringent the conditions of an armistice for the defeated Yemenis. He demands the abdication of the Imam, five# years' occupation' of the frontier regions and the expulsion of the Asir Princes from the Yemen. ROME, May 6.— Three Italian warships have been dispatched to Hodeida to pro tect Italian interests.