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I For Afternoon Teas or Children's Parties . . APRICOT SMILES [ Ingredients : Method : | ' 2 tablespoons butter; 4 Cream the butter and sugar, add tablespoons sugar; 2 custard powder and mix to a smooth Custard Powder; self- and sp^ad wjtn apVicot jam; roll as raising flour, apricot though for Swiss roll; place on a greased jam. paper and bake in hot oven from ten to fifteen minutes. '--% ^V** ? rf f* l# , /^^pP^ * ,«»w-.. A leading Perth Dental Surgeon A QEPTHR says Lk -^ W\ rill l\ 'Wherever a patient of mine * mKJM+m M ^J *» shows even the slightest symp toms of infection of the gums, Mf v 'B^ I invariably recommend Aseptor I A*iL rOCY A Tooth Paste. Its cleansing pro J, llUUl * d«lC perties are good, and it is also a powerful detoxifying agent that ASEPTOR is a Tooth Paste assists In destroying the oral -with a double objective. It Is bacteria responsible for dental not only a splendid cleansing decay. In many cases, I have paste, but also contains a spe- also advised my patients to mas cial ingredient (sodium recino- sage their gums with Aseptor.' leate) which Is widely recom mended for all conditions of in- '4 I f flamed gums, and which also I \r\ assists in destroying all oral I I II bacteria. Aseptor is a product / ^'^ of the Faulding Laboratories. It _ _.«,__. is pleasing to the taste, and costs |n a I Arv( tr K only 1/6 for a much larger tube '?*? -* *-*^** YVJJ-U. *. than usual. It Is available wher- rr* -i 1 1 ever Tooth Paste is sold. I UDC tHan USlial WATCH ENCHANTED jgp AS SWIFT, NEW LOVELINESS COMES TO YOUR Mi^Nil SKIN— NOW. .PERHAPS. AGEING PREMATURELY j|gjg3| If time is taking its toll, use the Facial X^J-~-g^K&l Youth — Golden Youth Beauty Idea, and, at t-4'*'- «'-- - trifling cost, get back the charm you've lost. .- ^SsST^ISH At night, cleanse your pores (as soap and /^^^*\ r-*. CBH9^ ''^^3 water can never cleanse them) by using £^^ \/\ ? v5^-—~3Bi Facial Youth Cleansing Cream. Each morn- JL^ l^\ 'S??' \r~~~£li-*rJi ing use Facial Youth Day Cream, and Mlow^|&jfi£iM££^\ JSsSStk 3*'JLn%SZ'.?i with Golden Youth Powder. Three simple ytm&^\J\ Y^lZ*\ EzzMdzzm tteps to thrilling . attractiveness! In these \®mTifnl07i\ /tf£S?H fc''^^^^^^™« beautifiers, secret cosmetic ingredients are Ws&X&ir^ \xt\n\ used to secure for 'you the delight of a clear, \8z%(GtS$tZ\ YOUTH I clean, pliant skin, heightened in ^lli!l sS*2«»i TWG— ' I loveliness to an extent that ^^^^^^ vlP\'D*'SL' ?^i'*^!. 1 ? 1 1 .1. ? ' ^R^^^V '** & ^^^B Made in ' lH^^^H& ? ^^H Australia I ^Tnfc ^Stt^^^^^^^W BI^B I EtMl^ll wn. _ .r lift I ml^^^^l^^^vfr vMl^^^^^i I ftlul 1^1 *% II 5 TOR all your cleaning — this safe, scratchless cleanser ... in either Powder or Cake form For baths . . . for sinks ... for pots and pans . . . for aU your household cleaning Bon Ami is the perfect cleanser! Bon Ami doesn't scratch, dull and gradu ally wear away the surfaces, as coarse gritty cleansers do. Instead, it leaves what it is used on smooth ... unmarred . . . and nicely polished. To suit your taste, Bon Ami comes in a handy, longJasting Cake or in a conveni ent sifter-top can of snow-white Powder. Both are the same pure, quick-working, scratchless, odourless, material. BON AMI ? ? ? cleans quickly and easily doesn't redden your hands

'I* MA--fc»-lm# mafic* 'There was I, sitting as nice as it neany mauc you please- ^ quietiy resting. my blood run Thenauddenly ' V ? n 'What happened, Mother? COlCi* You look quite scared.' 'Suddenly something seemed to tear through the air, there was a noise like thunder ... then a blood-curdling shriek. It made me go goosey all over.. I haven't got over it yet . . .' 'But who or what was it, Mother?' 'Oh, just one of those thrillers from the radio. I'd forgotten the switch was on ? ? ? ? 'In that case, my dear, what you need is a couple of 'Minties' to settle your nerves, and here they are. I'll charge 'em up to 2B Careful. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^iGoliliiffiiiisil -^ i i hi ' wBfc^lfiWpl^^wi I i Miff f iil|||ll||l|ill!iff i 'ij^^^^BB^^^^^^^^B Made only by James Sted- ^T^^ ^f #B^H^PBBIBII% ^T^^ man - Henderson's Sweet* ^^k ^^H ^^_^— ^ ___ BJ ^^_ ^__|_ . ^^. Ltd.. 'Sweetacre..' Rom- ffM#H ? ??Vl I ? I* ^^ - sNsd A k JTlliN 11 JbtJL THE UNIVERSAL SWEET 'It's moments like these you need 'MINTIES'' HP 4