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AUCTIONS. TODAY (FRIDAY), MARCH 9. At Half-past Two o'Clock. 97 PAKENHAM-STREET, FREMASTLE. THOMAS W. NEWBOLD will SELL by PUB LIC AUCTIOX on account owners: — Furniture, Household Sundries, Gent.'s Bicycle, Building Materials, John Danks and Son's Force Pump, Canaries and Aviary, nice lot Poultry and many popu lar sundries. Receiving Goods for Sale Every Day. METROPOLITAN FAT STOCK MARKETS. A SSOCIATED AGENTS will OFFER by AUC J\ TION as under: — MIDLAND JUNCTION. TUESDAY. March 13, 193*. CATTLE.' 10.30 a.m. Eldor, Smith and Co., Limited . . 289 Dalffety and Company. Limited . . . 255 Westralian Farmers, Limited .... 50 Goldsbrough, Mort and Co., Limited! . 90 WEDNESDAY, March 14, 1934. SHEEP, 8 a.m. CATTLE following sheep. PIGS, 1 p.m. Elder, Smith and Co., Limited: 4,290 Sheep. 52 'Cattle. 638 Pigs. Dalgety and Company, Limited: 4.400 Sheep. 16 Cattle. 250 Pigs. Westralian Farmers. Limited: 2,020 Sheep. 12 Cattle. 330 Pigs. Goldsbrough, Mort and Company, Limited: 900 Sheep. 16 Cattle. 170 Pigs.

AUCTIONS. ? (6/ per Inch; 7/ Saturday. Minimum jlnch.) SUMMARY OF AUCTIONS. TODAY'S SALES. GREGSON and MADDREN. — U.G. piano, house hold furniture and effects, in 'mart, 367-371 Murray-6t. ; 2.15 p.m. ASHENDEN and CO. — I.F. piano, household fur niture and sundries, in rooms, 577 Hay-st.; 2.30 p.m. ELDER, SMITH and CO., LTD. — Cattle and horses, at Elder's Horse and Dairy Cow Market, Subiaco; 10.30 a.m. BAILIFF'S SALE. — Sulk}-, at Gregson and Mad dren's mart, 367-371 Murray-st.: 11 a.m. THOS. W. NEWBOLD. — Furniture, poultry and sundries, at 97 Pakenham-st., Fremantl?; 2.30 p.m. H. S. JONES and CO. — Furniture and effects, in mart, '120 Barrack-st.; 2.15 p.m. FORTHCOMING SALES. TOMORROW. — P. C. Eerr: Furniture and furnish inss of Victoria Hotel, Midland Junction: also Morris motor car, on premises, 149 York-rd.. Midland Junction; 10.30 a.m. MARCH 12. — H. D. Pell and Co.: Player piano wireless set, furniture and furnishings, on premises, 74 Bruce-st., Nedlands; 11 a.m. MARCH 13. — Elder, Smith and Co., Ltd.: Sp» cial sheep sale (3,600), at Mullewa; 2 p.m. MARCH 13 and 14. — Associated Agents: Marcl) 13, cattle, at 'Midland Junction; 10.30 a.m. March 14, sheep, cattle and pigs, ai Midland Junction; 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. MARCH 14. — Robertson Bros.. Ltd.: Larg* bungalow residence. Cliff House. Bindarinjf par . Swanboume; also brick villa. No. 12 Stirling-rd.; Claremont, in rooms, 91 St. George's-ter. ; 3 p.m. Robertson Bros.. Ltd.: Shop and dwelling, No. 25 Napoleon at.. Cottesloe, in rooms, 91 St. GeorgeV tnr. ; 3 p.m. Robertson Bros., Ltd.: Brick residence, 15 Storthes-st.. Mt. Lawley, in roams, 91 St. George's-ter.; 3 p.m. Robert son Bros.. Ltd.: Brick residence and resi dential sites, Swanboume, in rooms, 91 St. George's-ter. ; 3 p.m. MARCH 15. — Elder. Smith and Co., Ltd.: Cattle and pigs, at Serpentine market; 1 p.m. MARCH 16. — Elder. Smith and Co.,* Ltd.: Spe cial sheep sale, Carnamah; 2 p.m. Goldt brough, Mort and Co., Ltd.: Property and farming plant, near Calingari, at Wool Exchange, Economic Buildings, Pert a; 3 p.m. MARCH 19. — Hodd, Cuthbertson and North, Ltd.: Market garden land at Osborne Park. in rooms, Warwick House, St. George'* ter.; 3 p.m. MARCH 20. — Elder, Smith and Co., Ltd.: 150 imported hones, at Elder's Hone Yards. Subiaco; 10.30 a.m. MARCH 23. — Elder. Smith and Co., Ltd.: Clydes dale mares and fillies, at Elder's Horse and Dairy Cow Market, Subiaco; 12 noon. MARCH 24. — Government Land Sale: 42 Seedy town lots, at the Court House, Cue: 11 a.m. APRIL 11. — Robertson Bros., Ltd., and Lear month, Duffy and Co. (auctioneers in con junction): Central Hay-st., freehold pro perty of G. and R. Wills and Co., Ltd.. in rooms, 91 St. George'g-ter. ; 3 p.m. APRIL 12. — Dalgety and Co.. Ltd.. and Joseph Charles (auctioneers in conjunction) : Well known Yoweragabbie sheep station, Mur chison (354.796 acres), at the Palace Hotel. Perth; 3 p.m. MAY 2. — Robertson Bros. Ltd.: Barnett Bros., Ltd., building, central Hay-st., in room*. 91 St. George's-ter.; 3 p.m. TODAY (FRIDAY), MARCH 9, 1934. At Quarter-pait Two o'Clock. . IN THEIR NEW AUCTION MART. 367-371 MURRAY-STREET. S^REGSON and MADDREN. Auctioneers, will \JT SELL bv PUBLIC AUCTION: — AN ASSORTMENT OF HOUSEHOLD FURNI TURE, EFFECTS AND SUNDRIES. Including: ? Black Oak Bedroom SUITE, with double Bedstead to match.' 2 Eaiy CHAIRS, in red leatherette; Cane Chairs. LOUNGE SUITES, Chest of Drawers, Com bination Wardrobe and Dressing Table, Kitchenette*. BILLIARD TABLE, Top: Cot, Ice Chest, Eleclrolux Vacuum Cleaner, oak Book case, oak Tab'es. GRAMOPHONES, Safes, Tables, Set Cur tains, Blinds. Bicycle, quantity Music Covers, Dressing Table, Office Tables, large Dressrr, small Tables, Pusher, Bed ding, Dressing Tables, Canvas Blinds. Small U.G. PIANO, small Folding Table. COCS, P.-ams and the usual assortment of Sundries. SALE Quarter-past Two o'Clock. GREGSON and MADDREN, ? Auctioneers. ? TODAY. TODAY. At Half-past Two o'Clock. IN OUR NEWLY RENOVATED AND ENLARGED SALEROOMS, 577 HAY-STREET, Opposite Bon Marche.

ASHENDEN and CO. have received instruc tions to SELL a HOME OF FURNITURE from Anzac-road.' Leederville, and from Midland Junction. ALL TO BE CLEARED WITHOUT RESERVE. BEAUTIFUL MERRY WIDOW 3-PD3CE LOUNGE SUITE. ^. Iron-frame Piano, Superior Oak BJt. Suite, D.W. Bedroom Suite, 2 g.-door Dressers, D. Beds and W.,- Oak Sideboard, Dining Table, Dining-room Chairs, Hearth Rugs. Fire Grate, Office Table, Lino. Squares, Pictures, Glassware, Chinajware, Fire : Screen, Copper Fender, Kerb, Hall Run ner, Bedding. Hall Runner and Lino.. Armchairs, Kitchenette, Cyclone, and Combination. Hall, Lino., Congo Square, Kitchen Tables. Chest Drawers, Cupboard and a host of SUNDRIES. - SALE TODAY AT 2.30 O'CLOCK. ALL TO BE CLEARED WITHOUT RESERVE. TOMORROW. TOMORROW. At Half-past Ten o'Clock. UNDER EXECUTOR'S INSTRUCTIONS. FURNITURE OF TWO-STOREY BRICK BUILDING KNOWN AS VICTORIA HOTEL, ' MIDLAND JUNCTION. ON THE PREMISES. 149 YORK-ROAD, MIDLAND JUNCTION. LOUNGE AND DININvJ-ROOM FURNITURE AND LINOS. ' SUPERIOR RADIO. LARGE QUANTITIES BED ROOM FURNITURE, MORRIS COWLEY MOTOR CAR. ETC.. ETC. + P. C. KERR, Auctioneer, has been favoured with instructions from The West Australian Trustee. Executor and Agency Company, Limited. Executor of the Will of the late (Mrs.) E. J. Mitett, to SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION as above: — HALLS. PASSAGE and BALCONY: 7 YARDS 6ft. LINO. ' 10 YARDS 6ft. LINO. 15 YARDS 3ft. LINO., Hallstand, Hall Seat, Couch, GAR DEN SEAT. Deck Chairs. 2 Occ. Tables. s.g. Chair, 2 Pedestals, quantity Pot Plants and Hanging Basket Ferns. LOUNGE ROOM: FLOOR RUGS. 3-PIECE LOUNGE SUITE' (Rexine), MORRIS CHAIR. COUCH. OVAr. TABLE (WALNUT VENEER), 2 Occ. Tables, Music Stand. Settee. PEBFEC TONE CABINET GRAMOPHONE (rose wood polish). SUPERIOR 4-VALVE CONSOLE SUPERHET MODEL WIRELESS (a beautiful cabi net). DINING-ROOM: 3 TABLES. 2 CARVERS and 4. D.R. CHAIRS (pol. jarrah), Sundry Chairs, OAK SIDEBOARD. SINGER SEWING MACniNE. ICE CHEST, Settee, quan tity Glassware, Crockery and Cutlery. BEDROOMS: A Large Offering, including 12 COMB. BEDSTEADS (single), 14 KAPOK MAT TRESSES, 16 CHAIRS. S DUCHESSE ? CHESTS. 9 SKEL. WARDROBES.. 2 STRETCHERS, ?« Ped. Mirrors, Floor Rugs, Linos.. Occ Tables, Club Chair, Base Rocking Chair. OAK DRESS ING TABLE. ALSO 3-PIECE SUITE, IN OAK, comp. WARDROBE (g. bev. mirror and drawer), DRESSING TABLE (swing bev. mirror,. 2 drawers), WASHSTAND (tile hack). Club Chairs. Toilet Set, ANOTHER 3-PIECE SUITE, in OAK, «nd a SUB STANTIAL 3-PreCE POLISHED SUITE with double bedstead. Curtains, Blinds, etc. Toilet Ware, etc KITCHEN, ETC.t 2 P.T. Tables.* 3 Chairs. 2 Safe* large Coolgardie Safe, Saucepans, UtenHls, Un used Stove, etc — and outside, usual Tools, Spades, Axe, etc FAR QUANTITY HOUSEHOLD LINEN. Sheets, Towels, Bedspreads. Blankets, etc. MOTOR CAR: MORRIS COWLEY SINGLE-SEATER SPORT? ROADSTER (dickey seat), well shod, in goc-d condition and repair. Trial* given from 9.30 a.m. tomorrow'. INSPECTION*: PREMISES WILL BE OPEN and sinpection may be made THIS DAY from 3.30 to 5.30. P. C. KERR, Auctioneer, W.A. Trustee Buildings, 135 St. GeOfge's-ter.. Perth. Phone B3232. MARKET GARDEN LANTX BALCATTA-RD., -OSBORNE PARK. UNDER' MORTGAGEE'S INSTRUCTIONS. IN' THE ROOMS, WARWICK HOUSE, ST. GEORGE'S-TER., PERTH. MONDAY. MARCH 19. At Three' o'Clock. HODD, CUTHBERTSON and NORTH. LIMITED, have received instructions to OFFER at PUBLIC AUCTION ai above: — Portion of Perthshire Location At, being' the Southern Moiety of Lot 69 of Section K as shown on Plan 925. and bein£ the whole of the land comprised in Certificate of Title registered in Volume 858. Folio 108. THE LAND is situate on the main Balcatta road. has a frontage of 618.2 links (formerly known as Stubbcrfield-street), and . an even depth nf 520 links on the north* and south boundaries. ? THE AREA is 3 acres 35 6-10 perches, and has been cultivated as a market garden. IMPROVEMENTS include clearing, cultivation, fencing of posts and five wires, shed and one well. The -property is situate near Mt. Karrinrup Onlf Links and adjoins the Balratta School. RIGHT Photographs, full of life, movement, and humour are sought by 'The Western Mail.' If vou have any, send them along with title* and other descriptive matter written nn the back in pencil or on an accompanying thtei. . . ? . -

? AUCTIONS. ? ELDER'S HORSE AND DAIRY COW MARKET. SUBIACO. TODAY (FRIDAY), MARCH 9. At Half-past Ten o'Clock Sharp. ELDER, SMITH and CO., LIMITED, have re ceived instructions to OFFER by AUCTION as above: — CATTLE: For B. W. Prowse. Capel: S cows described as forward in calf. 1 choice yojnir cows with calves at foot. For E. Challis, Armada!*: 3 choice cows with calves at foot. For J. Robinson and Sons, Piawaning: 1 truck dairy heifers. For W. Johnston. Manjimup: 1 trutk dairy cons. For C. Neil, Jandakot: 1 cow with calf at foot For O. J. Smith, Womjong 1 cow with calf at foot. For J. M. E. Butler. Ginzin: 2 cows with calve? at foot. For F. B. Horwood, Darkan: 9 steers. For A. S. Blackwood, Pinjarra. 1 young cow with calf at foot. For E. McManus, Northaiu: 1 cow with calf at foot. S heifers. For C. S. Spencer. Lower Cluttering: 1 cow in full profit. For M. Clancv, Wattle Grove: 1 A.I.S. bull. 'Richlands Murray.' *'or E. E. SchelL Bytord: 'I good cows with olives at foot. HORSES: For Lewis and Medlow: 25 handy to weighty farm mares and geldings, .right apes, good condition. For G. W. Ferguson. Byford: 2 horses. For E. Schell. Byford: 1 horse. For R, M. McBride. North Dandalup: 1 horse. * For R. Wallace, Coorow: 2 farm hones. For Owner, Pithara: 1 bogie truck h-ases. For G. H. Owens, Dalwallinu: 2 farm workers. For F. X Fewings, Doodarocking: S hones. For J.* W. Brennan, Calingld; N 2 farm workers. For Owner, Mukinbudin: 8tud Book Clydesdale mare, 'Obas Ethel, stinted to 'Bloomfield.' Bay colt, 1} years. Also two farm workers with harness. For Various Owners, Kellerberrin: 5 farm workers. For R. Hetherington, Collie Burn: Bay gelding. Star Arran, Isle of Arran; — ColUe Girl. For Owner, tindi Hindi: -f farm workers. For E. Rogers, Harvey: 2 horses. For C. Lynch. Mandurah: 1 draught mare. For Owner, Eastern Districts: 6 horses. For Various Country Owners: 25 to 30 farm mares and geldings, hacks and delivery soris. ? TERMS NET CASH. ? SPECIAL SHEEP SALE. MULLEWA. 3,600 SHEEP. 3,600. TUESDAY. MARCH 13. At Two o'Clock. ELDER, SMITH and CO., LIMITED, have re ceived instructiots to OFFER by AUC TION as 'above:— For J. and- L. Craig, Yalbalgo Station, Car narvon: 8,600 Yalbalgo Station-bred Eewes, de scribed mixed ages, early November shorn. 850 Wethers, right ages, forward to fat order, early November shorn. Ttese. will be carefully drafted on arrival and offered in lots to suit all purchasers. For F. D. Keeffe, Mullewa: 600 Wethers, forward to fat order, early November shorn. . Account Mortgagee: 46 Wethers, right ages, forward condi tion. 13 good Farm Horses, with collars. 2 young Cows with calves at foot. Account Owner: 6 good Farm Horses. K.B. — Any clients requiring terms must make arrangements with the Auctioneers prior to the ?ale.

Arrangements will be made with the W.A. Government Railways to provide an adequate suprjly of stock trucks to permit of prompt dispatch ' by rail immediately after the sale. Further Particulars from — ELDER. SMITH and CO.. LIMITED, Perth, Geraldton or Mullewa. SERPENTINE MARKET. THURSDAY, MARCH 15. 'At One o'Clock. 100 Cattle 100 20 Pigs 20 CATTLE: 100, comprising a large percentage of Jersey-Shorthorn- cross Heifers^.from. 9 -to- 18 months; a few good trade' cows and a number of cows backward and forward in calf. PIGS: 20, comprising Slips, Weaners and Pork- - ere, in forward condition to good trade order. Also One Set Masher Cart Harness. N.B.— All clients requiring terms must make arrangements with the Auctioneer prior to the sale. FURTHER ENTRIES INVITED. Further Particulars from ELDER, SMITH and CO.,i LIMITED, Perth, or Local Agent: ? - R. G. SEXTY, Annadale. ? SPECIAL SHEEP SALE. v CARNAMAH. FRIDAY, MARCH 16. At Two o'Clock. 2,140 SHEEP, 2,140. ELDER, SMITH AND CO., LIMITED, have received instructions from various owners, to offer by AUCTION, as above — SHEEP. 1,100 Merino ewes, up to fresh full mouth, Bungaree blood, big frames, carrying good skins, mated to Koonoona blood rams. 600 Merino wethers, up to sound full mouth, large frames, early shorn. 200 Merino ewes, \\ and 24 years old, in good order, early shorn, mated to Koo noona. blood rams. 100 Merino wethers, 1} years old, in for ward order, early shorn. 100 Crossbred hoggets, mixed sexes, well grown. 40 Merino wethers, 1J years old, carrying good skins. RAMS. 8 Merino rams. CATTLE. 1 Milking Shorthorn bull, 2} yean, regis tered. FARM MACHINERY. 10ft. Big. E. Harvester. 4-fnrrow Mouldboard Plough. Further Entries invited with the Auctioneers, Perth, or R. LAFFAN, Carnamah. 150 IMPORTED HORSES 150. ELDER'S HORSE YARDS. SUBIACO. TUESDAY. MARCH 20. At Half-past Ten o'clock. ELDER. SMITH and CO., LIMITED, have re ceived instructions to OFFER by AUCTION, as above, on account of Messrs. Lewis and Mod low, of South Australia: — 150 IMPORTED HORSES 150 Comprising: 50 Clydesdale mares, and fillies, all right ages, good condition, described as an ex ceptionally good lot. 20 young heavy draught geldings, suitable for shifter and heavy work. 40 weighty farm mares and geldings, all right ages, good condition, broken in. 40 handy to weighty farm mares and geld ings, food condition, right ages. The above horses will be ariving by the Katoomba and trans, train and we are advised that they will be an exceptionally good lot quite equal to the high-class consignments that these vendor* have been sending over of late. They will be available for inspection at our yards a . few days prior to sale, and this should be a good opportunity for contractors, farmers and others to securp their requirements. We can recommend buyers- to attend. ? TERMS NET CASH. SPECIAL SALE. ~ CLYDESDALE MARES AND FILLIES. ? ELDER'S HORSE ANT» DAIRY COW MARKET. SUBIACO. FRIDAY. MARCH 23. \ At 12 o'Clock. ELDER, SMITH and CO., LIMITED, have re ceived instruction* from Mr. ALLAN JONES, Ejanding. to offer by AUCTION as above, the following: — INGLEMERE DAMSEL, foaled 27/10/30. 4894 N-Z.C.S.B. ' WHITE LADY, foaled 1/9/25. 2578 C.OS.B. WIIM3IEWA MELLISH, foaled 26/9/21 5008 C-C.S.B. QUEEN, foaled November, 1923. 2852 C.C.S.B INVERELL ROSEBUD, foaled 20/9/33. App. A. KIT. not registered. FILLY, risirnr 3 years, dam White Lady. BAY FOLLY. 3 years. All the above have been served by ANAMA FOOTSTEP. FURTHER PARTICULARS LATER. /GOVERNMENT LAND SALE 42 REEDY TOWN LOTS 42. WILL BE SUBMITTED FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION At the COURTHOUSE. CUE. SATURDAY. MARCH 24. 1934. At Eleven o'Clock. UPSET PRICES: £25 to £30. AREA: Approximately Quarter-acre Each. THESE LOTS ARE EXCELLENT BUSINESS SITES. SITUATE ADJOINING THE TRITON GOLDMINE. Plans and full particulars from the DEPARTMENT OF LANDS AND SURVEYS, Perth, and the MINES DEPARTMENT, WILUNA. CUE. MEEKATHARRA and MT. MAGNET. W. P. ODELL. Acting; Under-Sccretary fur Lands.

? AUCTIONS. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14. IN THE ROOMS, 91 ST. GEORGE'S-TERRACE. At Three o'clock. IMPORTANT SUBDIVISIONAL SALE SPLENDID BRICK RESIDENCE. AND THREE MAGNIFICENT RESIDENTIAL SITES, CORNER BINDARING-PARADE AND MRT.TK. STREET, SWANBOURNE. EXTENSIVE RIVER VIEWS. ROBERTSON BROS., LTD., have been in - structed by the Executors of the Estate of the late James Pearse, to SELL as above — Lots 91, 92, 93 and 94 of Swan Loc. 679, 183ft. to Bindaring-parade bv 274 along Airlie-street, with HANDSOME MODERN BRICK RESIDENCE, roofed with tiles, containing spacious verandahs, entrance hall and passage, lounge, dining room, smoke room, seven bedrooms, two well fitted bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, elec tric light and spectic tank installed, twi. garages, spacious cellar, detached ball rooms, grounds beautifully laid out in lawns and garden. The property commands an EXCEPTIONALLY VALUABLE CORNER POSITION, with extensive VIEWS OVER FRESHWATER BAY and CLARE MONT. An IDEAL FAMILY HOME, with every poB sible modern convenience, in perfect order. Plans of proposed conversion into flats on view at the auctioneer's office. SPECIAL NOTE: The property will first be offered as a whole; if not sold, the house with land, 73ft. llin. x 215ft., will be offered separately; Lot 91, 6Gft. to Bindaring-parade by 207ft. 2in.; LOT 92, 58ft. x 211ft 2in., INCLUDING THE BALLROOM OR BACHELOR'S QUARTERS; and Lot 94, 59ft. 4in. x 198ft., will all be offered separately. Plan of Subdivision and Full Particulars may be obtained from the Auctioneers. Inspection Confidently Invited. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14. IN THE ROOMS. 91 ST. GEORGE'S-TER. At Three o'clock. EXECUTOR'S SALE. LARGE BUNGALOW RESIDENCE. CUFF HOUSE, BINDARING-PARADE, SWANBOURNE. ALSO BRICK VILLA/ No. 12 STIRLING-ROAD, CLAREMONT. ROBERTSON BROS., LTD., have been in structed by the Executors of the Will of S. J. F. Moore (deceased) to SELL as above: — CUFF HOUSE. BINDARING-PARADE, SWANBOURNE. fa) Lots 81, 82 and 83 of Swan Loo. 699, 198ft. 4 in: by an average depth of about 277ft. to Freshwater Bay. The dwelling is substantially constructed of stone, containing spacious verandahs overlooking the river, large lounge, dining-room; library, morning room, 6 Jbedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, pantry, scullery and_ laundry; also two large rooms and three small ones in the semi basement; internal and external lavatories con nected with septic tank; W.B. stables and sheds; large underground rain water tank; grass 'tennis court. This property is in the picked- position in this favourite residential area, commanding MOST WONDERFUL VIEWS over the river and Claremont, which can never be built out. There is ample room on the land for the erection of another house. The building is admirably adapted for con version into flats. ' There is no better residential site between Perth and Fremantle. Inspection is confidently invited by arrange ment with the Auctioneers. (b) No. 12 Stirling-road. Claremont. Lot 4 of Swan Loc 701, 40ft x 118fL 9in. to r.o.w. NEAT BRICK DWELLING, with roof of iron, containing 3 good main rooms, kitchen, maid's room, bathroom, laundry and conveniences, e.L installed. A VERY ATTRACTIVE LITTLE PROPERTY, close to Claremont railway station and Perth Fremantle-road taxi route. TERMS ARRANGED.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14. IN THE ROOMS, 01 ST. GEORGE'S-TERRACE. At Three o'Clock. A SOUND INVESTMENT. SHOP and DWELLING. ? No. 25 Napoleon-street, Cottesloe. ROBERTSON BROS., LTD., have been In structed by the Owner to SELL aB above: — Lot 18 of Swan Loc. 349, 39ft. Tin. x 138ft. 7in. to a r.o.w., with Lock-up Shop constructed of brick, with roof of . ' iron, and verandah across footpath;_also ? ' COMMODIOUS BRICK RESIDENCE,' ad V joining, with passage, five main rooms, kitchen, bathroom, w.h.. with c. and t's \ fitted; W.B. motor shed, brick E.C., cL installed. This property is well situated in the business centre of Cottesloe between railway station and hotel. ' EASY TERMS. Full Particulars from the Auctioneers. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11. IN THE ROOMS, 91 ST. GEORGE'S-TERRACE. At Three o'Clock. CENTRAL HAY-ST., FREEHOLD. THE WELL-KNOWN PROPERTY OF G. and R. WILLS and CO., LTD., Situated Between FOY and GIBSON PTY., LTD., and ZIMPEL'S. LTD., IN THE HEART OF THE CITY. A MAGNIFICENT BUILDING COMPRISING BASEMENT. GROUND FLOOR and TWO FLOORS ABOVE. Admirably adapted for conversion into RETAIL SHOP. . Land 59ft. by 180ft, with Right-of-way into St. George's-terrace. ROBERTSON BROS., LTD., and LEARMONTH, DUFFY and CO., Auctioneers, in conjunc tion, have been instructed by Messrs. G. and R. Wills and Co., Ltd. (who have recently sold their St. George's-ter building to- the Pastoral Ists* Association) .to OFFER their HAY-ST. PROPERTY at AUCTION as above: — Portion of Perth Town Lots G4 and G5 and being Lot 1 on diagram 9100, having a frontage of 59ft. to Hay-st by a depth of 180ft. Sin. on one side and 100ft 6in. on the other side, with right of carriage way over spacious yard at rear and over right-of-way into St George's-ter. EXCEPTIONALLY EASY TERMS. BROCHURES NOW BEING PREPARED. Full Particulars from the Auctioneers. SPECIAL NOTE. — Messrs. G. and R. Wills and Co., Ltd.. are carrying on their business on the two top floors of the building, and are prepared to negotiate with the purchaser for a lease.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 2. IN THE ROOMS. 91 ST. GEORGE'S-TERRACE. At Three o'clock. THE MOST IMPORTANT SALE OF RECENT YEARS. CENTRAL HAY-ST. BARNETT BROS.. LTD., SUBSTANTIAL BRICK BUILDING . OF FOUR FLOORS. KOBERTSON BROS., LTD., have been in : structed by Barnett Bros., Ltd., who intend transferring their business to more suitable pre mises, to SELL as above — Lots 12 and 14 on Deposited Diagram 7771. together with party wall rights over Lot 13 on the said Diagram and riprht-of-carriaffe-way over the covered yard at rear and r.o.w. running from ''Hay-street to Murray-street The land has a frontage of 21ft. to Hay-st for a depth of 94ft 2in.. thereafter, widening to 42ft. 7in. for a further depth of 61ft 10in.. ?total depth 156ft. with spacious covered yard at the rear, and an extensive frontage to Cen tral-ave., running through from Hay-st to Mur ray-st, almost opposite Forrest-place, giving direct access from the Central Railway Station to Hay-st. The BUILDING is PARTICULARLY WELL CONSTRUCTED of BRICK, containing basement ground floor, first and second floors, passenger lift, goods lift and hoist. The whole of the building is at present occupied by the owners as wholesale and retail hardware store. It occupies one cf the BEST RETAIL POSITIONS IN PERTH, being about midway between Barrack and William streets, and the oxeollnit provision for ingress and egress is undoubtedly an added- attraction to the pro perty. IT IS RARELY THAT A PROPERTY IN THIS BLOCK BECOMES AVAILABLE AND THE SPECIAL ATTENTION OF RETAILERS AND INVESTORS IS DIRECTED TO THIS AUCTION TERMS AND FULL PARTICULARS MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE AUCTIONEERS. SPECIAL NOTE. — Barnett Bros., Ltd., find that, owing to the steady growth of their busi ness, it is necessary for them to provide con siderably greattT accommMation for the con venience of their clients. They have, therefore, definitely decided to vacate this building and transfer the whole of their business to more suitable premises. BB0CHUB£S NOW BEING PREPARED.

AUCTIONS. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14. IN THE ROOMS, 91 ST. GEORGE'S-TERRACE. At Three o'Clock. MORTGAGEE'S SALE. COMMODIOUS BRICK RESIDENCE. 15 STORTHES-STREET, MT. LAWLEY. ROBERTSON BROS., LTD., have been in structed by the Mortgagee to SELL as above — Portion of Swan Loc. Z, and being Lot 1168 on diagram 3588, C.T., Vol. 590, FoL 114, 66ft. frontage to Storthes-street by 250ft depth to a r.o.w., with BRICK RESIDENCE, containing front verandah, entrance hall, five main' rooms, kitchen, linen press, back verandah, maid's room, w.h. with c. and t's, also bathroom, with enamel bath snd pantry constructed of jarrah; e.1.. gas and sewerage system in stalled; motor garage; well situated, close to the Beaufort-street tram, on a good elevation. One of the best sites in Mt. Lawley. Inspection Confidently Invited. Full particulars may be obtained from MESSRS. STONE, JAMES and CO., Solicitors for the Mortgagee, 47 St George's- terrace, Perth, or the Auctioneers. MONDAY, MARCH 12. ON THE PREMISES, 74 BRUCE-STREET (corner Princess-road), NEDLANDS. ?Take Dalkeith Bus to Door. At Eleven o'Clock. UNRESERVED CLEARING SALE. MAGNIFICENT No. S3 BEALE PLAYER PIANO, HANDSOME LOUNGE SUITE, SUP. BED and DINING ROOM FURNITURE and FUR NISHINGS; RADIOLO WIRELESS SET. H. D. PELL and CO. have received instruc tions from Mr. P. F. Watkins (who is leaving the State) to SELL: — 1 MAG. No. 53 BEALE PLAYER PIANO (in perfect order), 60 Rolls. 1 HAN. 3-PCE. LOUNGE SUITE' (well sprung, in best quality moquette). 1 SUP. PIANO BENCH. 1 NICE ROLL CABINET 1 HIGHLY POLISHED OCC. TABLE. 1 12 x 9 SUPER AXMINSTER CARPET. NICE BRIC-A-BRAC ORNAMENTS. 3-LEG POL. STOOL, PICTURES. 2 INDIRECT SHADES. 2 SUP. TRAYMOBILES. POPLIN and APPLIQUE CURTAINS. 10FT. PASS. CARPET, HALL MIRROR. SUP. FUMED 8-PCE. DINING SUITE. 1 12 x 9 CONGO SQUARE. 1 HAN. PILLAR PEDESTAL 5-VALVE RADIOLA WIRELESS SET. FULL DINNER SET. HEARTHRUGS. 1 SUP OAK ICE CHEST. 1 Electrolux Cleaner. Electric Kettle, El. Toaster. ELECTRIC IRON, INLAID LINO. 1 MAG. BANKSIA BEDROOM SUITE (5ft. wardrobe, 3ft. fiin. dressing table, cheval mirror, pedestal cupboard and 4ft 6in. bedstead, with extra good spring kapok bedding). ? 1 7-DR. DROPHEAD SINGER MACHINE. 1 SUP. OAK DRESSING TABLE. 1 PENNSYLVANIA LAWNMOWER. . Cane Lounge. Deck Chairs. Mats, Seajrrass Chairs. Bridge Table. Single Bedsteads, Bedding, Tables, Chairs, Grate. Blinds, El. Standard Lamps, Superior Glassware. Crockery. 60ft Hose, ? Wringer, Iron Wheelbarrow, Canisters, Wire Netting. Timber, Iron. Tools, Alum. Kitehenware. Safe. Pot Plants and many Sundries. A very nice lot throughout and as owner is leaving the State -will be sold. WITHOUT RESERVE. Tel. 6260. H. D. PELL. Auctioneer and Valuator, 623 Hay-st.

? AUCTIONS. ? PUBLIC AUCTION ON THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 1934. At Three P.M. AT THE PALACE HOTEL, PERTH. THE WELLtKNOWN YOWERAGABBIE SHEEP STATION, MURCH1SON. 354,796 ACRES. ? 354.796 ACRES. HIGHLY IMPROVED FIRST CLASS PASTORAL COUNTRY. Y0WERAGABBD2 SIDING ON PROPERTY. Yoweragabbie Siding is situate on the Geraldton Mt. Magnet Railway, 199 miles from Ger aldton, and 465 miles from the City of Perth. Yoweragabbie Station is situate in the centre of a highly developed pastoral district, ad joining the well-known properties of Mun binia, NaIbarra, and Murrum Stations, and   is comprised in Pastoral Lease 2555/90 (Crown Lease 1390/1922). DALGETY and CO., LTD. and JOSEPH CHARLES, Auctioneers in conjunction, under instructions from the Mortgagees, The Perpetual Executors, Trustees and Agency Company (W.A.) Limited and Mr. Harry Hale, Trustees for the late Mrs. Frances Pearse's Trust, will submit to PUBLIC AUCTION, the well-known YOWERA GABBIE STATION on a walk in, -walk out basis, at the Palace Hotel, Perth, on Thursday, April 12, 1934, at 3 p.m. PARTICULARS. AREA: Approximately 354,796 acres of.highly improved first class pastoral country, including a lair area of salt bush. RENTAL: Average rental £1/8/ per thousand acres. FENCING: The whole of the property is ring fenced and subdivided into 44 paddocks includ ing mustering, holding and horse paddocks. Tlie fencing comprises approximately 332 miles of 5 and 6 wire fencing in first class order and con dition. WATER: The property is well watered by 34 fully equipped plants with windmills, tanks and troughing. There are three wells unequipped. BUILDINGS: The buildings comprise home stead of 14 rooms together with offices and two outcamps. SHEARING SHEDS: Fully equipped shearing and wool shed with yards and pens and equipped with 10 stand Wolseley shearing plant and 'STOCK: Sheep, 16,000; Horses, 21; Cattle, 19. RAINFALL: The 1933 rainfall was 1,134 points. 207 points for January. 1034. AVERAGE CARRYING CAPACITY: It is esti mated that the average carrying capacity of Yoweragabbie Station is 30,000 sheep. YOWERAGABBIE STATION is excellent wool crowing country throughout, producing one of the most attractive Murchison clips of well bred wool full of quality and style. The country is sound and uniformly first clara pastoral country with a large area of salt bush in excellent heart. . . . . The improvements have been fully maintained and are in first class condition. Yoweragabbie siding is on the property which lends itself as a dealing proposition. Further particulars from the Auctioneers or The Perpetual Executors, Trustees and Agency Co. (W.A.). Ltd.. Perth. ? TODAY (FRIDAY), MARCH 9, 1934. Eleven o'clock. IN GREGSON and MADDRENS AUCTION MART, 367-371 Murray-street In the Local Court of W.A. between L. WILSON v. L. KEYS. THE BAILIFF will cause to be SOLD by PUB LIC AUCTION at Gregson and Maddren's Auction Rooms, unless the warrant of execu tion be previously satisfied — ONE LIGHT SULKY. TERMS, CASH.. ? F. W. RICHARDSON, Bailiff. OTHERS, use Kemette Ointment for cracked nipples and baby rashes. All chemists.

? AUCTIONS. TODAY (FRIDAY) TODAY Quarter-past Two o'clock. HS. JONES and CO. will SELL in their Bar ' Tack-street Mart on account of Ownen as under: — Attractive Bedroom Suite, 8-pieee Dining Room Suites, 9-piece Drawing Room Suites. Odd Sideboards, Lino. Square 12 x 9 (good). Odd Wardrobes, Dressing Tables, Wash stand, Duchesse, Cane Table. Settee and Lounges. Kitchenette, Glass Door Dresser, Safe, Table, Chairs, Ice Chest, Linen Press. Double and Single Beds and Bedding. Toilet Ware (good). Card Tahles (folding). Crockery, E.P. Ware and Host of useful Sundries. H. S. JONES and CO., Auctioneers. 120 Barrack-st. Phone B1512. AUCTION SALE. 2.060 ACRES 2,060 AND FARMING PLANT, Kear Calingiri. ON FRIDAY. MARCH 16, 1934. At Three o'Clock. AT THE WOOL EXCHANGE, Economic Buildings, William-st, Perth. Under Instructions from the Mortgagee, /GOLDSBROUGH. MORT and COMPANY. VJT LIMITED, will OFFER for SALE at PUB LIC AUCTION as above the undermentioned mixed farming lands and machinery, viz.: — - Location. Melbourne Location 981; area, 600 acres; title reference, C/T., volume 081. folio 46. Location, Melbourne Location 982, area, 100 acres, title reference, C/T., volume 679, folio 183. L-ocation, Melbourne Location 985, area, 160 acres, title reference, C/T., volume 503, folio 91. Location, Melbourne Location 1131, area. 101 acres; title reference, C/T., volume 742. folio 12. Location, Melbourne Location 1180; area, 100 acres; title reference, C/T., volume 805, folio 71. Location, Melbourne Location 1224; area, 299 acres; title reference. Crown Lease ?5409/1911. (Grazing Lease 1403/68). Location, Melbourne Location 1225; area, 700 acres; title reference, Crown Lease 541071911. (Grazing Lease 1404/68.) Total Area. 2,060 acres. STOCK AND PLANT: 1 Spring Cart Horse, \ Pony, 6ft Harvester, Spring Cart, 4 furrow Mouldboard Plough, 6 h.p. En cine and Chaffcutter, Tip Dray, Small Quantity of Harness. The above property is situate Beven miles from Calingiri, 104 'miles from Perth, and in a 17 inch annual rainfall. Classification as supplied by the mortgagee is 1,000 acres first, 250 acres second and 810 acres third-class land, consisting of jam and York gum, white gum, sbeoak, scrub and blackboy. Area cleared, 770 acres. Permanent well and several soaks. Ring fenced six wires and subdivided into seven sheep proof paddocks. Three-room bat bouse, iron roof, wood floors, and verandah back and front Carrying capacity at present about 400 sheep. Could be largely* increased by rabbit netting the boundary. TERMS: 25 per cent cash deposit, balance in five equal annual payments at oj per cent per annum. FURTHER PARTICULARS ON APPLICATION TO THE AUCTIONEERS, GOLDSBROUGH. MORT and COMPANY, LOOTED, Perth and Northern, Or STONE, JAMES and CO.. 48 St George'B-ter., Perth, Solicitors to the Mortgagee.