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Hard Work for Coach*..

ti???J|re^1W1' Ett8t ?**** and'Swan Tlf-™ t' ^ i^^L tffwnw yesterday. There was a big attendance of players and supporters at each brmmri. on/i 4-r.**.*.

-5flv '91^*.^ optimism at each, West rerjtn with its o'd -champion* and promis ing newcomers,. East Perth with its young players of last reason far more experi enced, and; Swan Districts with all the kepnness of; a cliib aVut to make its debut in senior football. From all these players' tfte coacher have the unenviable responsi bility of gradually narrowing them down to i» serviceable training list. I' New Men for Wast Perth. 'Z. ' - ^JJthough'J.. Leonard, the West^ertb Clubs new coach, had only 25 players under his control yesterday evening, from wsm' he probably.' will select the greater. P»r* of his training list Only D. Marinfco, !*;? McDiarmid, M. Tetley,-and J. O'Con nor, 'of last year's regular players, were not practising, and they will soon strip ?or action; Of course, juniors, ' among them D. .McNaughton, who played last season xluring the absence of the carnival jmV «!£ £et *° aPPear. J. Cashinan ana 1. :.O Keilly will be men unavailable jaw year.' Cashman has gone back to his old love, Fitzroy, and I. O'Reilly is due to leave Perth during the week-end to' take up a position in the Straits Settle ments. He -was one of the keenest players yesterday , -.'»... .Notable among the men on the field were the four Eastern States players— R. Green, J. Anderson, R.; Kenna and N. Drew. Green and.Drew come from' South 1 Australia and it was stated that they had bee'n cleared by their clubs, but not yet bjr .the 'league: Anderson and Kenna are St.'.Kilda players, whose clearances have been, their club. All have com pletely '.differeat st}fl^s. Anderson, strongly ?'built, and .fast, -impressed the spectators. He kicks well with both: feet, and was de scribed- 'as the' typical go-through . Victor ian. Kenna, a nuggety type of rover who stripe much bigger than one would expect, trained hard and. fast. Green is a tall, well-built player, with the South Austra lian style written all over, him, and sugges tive of speed. Drew is on the light side, and seems a cool, heady. winger. Another whose appearance caused some comment was J. McDiarmid, the hefty follower whose knee injury last, year threatened to keep him out of the game. McDiarmid, who nas played with West Perth since 1923, stated afterwards that he would have to wait and see how his . knee stood up to the strain before he could make up' liis mind to play. He went quite well yesterday. J. Grigg, formerly of Subiaco, was training, and L. Diggins, a brother of Brighton, stripped. He has been playing ?' successfully at Bunbury. Others in training were Rainoldi, Tyson, P. and L. Walsh, McGuckin, R. Dalziell, O'Keeffe, who has filled out and has been training, for about a month.. Morgan, Ben ton, Roberts, Gregg, Thomas and Flem mini, wlp intends to keep up his prac tice throughout his enforced vacation. R. Sampson, formerly of Scotch College, was also training. , After' the . training the coach. (J, Leo nard) expressed . satisfaction with the work.. He said that he could not re strain the players, but thought it move than probable that tomorrow- there would be considerably -.'ess exuberance. He was pleased with the. newcomers, and consid ered' that a good team was there in the makings especially if all. pulled together. [,\ , Players on Perth; Oval. ? . 'Notable, absentees from. East Perth's first-, training night at the Perth Oval yesterday twere B. Ryan,. who has been transferred to Melbourne, and Jack Lalor, who. ha» been ' transferred to Narrogin and will not be 'available for' play in the ?arly part -of the season. ' W. Glew . was at the ground but did. not strip. Other members of last year's team who were not present were R. 'Bennett and, R. Lawn, both of whom are expected to appear on the training track in a few weeks. J. Guhl was not present. ,;,'' ' J.1 Dolan gave the men a fairly easy time. ; After kicking practice he kept the ' men on the move, around the oval passing the; ball and .learning the flick pass which will be in operation, this season. . Promin ent among the players was W. Grundy, who -last year played for Footscray. He has; applied for a clearance from, the Vic torian club, but' according to a 'telegram received, yesterday .by the secretary of the East Perth Club (Mr. F. P. Book) it is improbable that the. clearance will be granted. Last . year's players' who were aeen \Iast night included Cronin, Lockyer, Miller, Screaigh, M. Ryan, Dempster, Little, Baker, Oswald, Garnaut, Jim Lalor. Bharp and'Orr. . . . '?Recruits from the association team in t eluded. McAlIen, a well-built player, King. Scotti a'promising player, Bunting, Walsh, Gasion- .and' Hellick. ? G Matsnn, who played for Perth for several seasons, will plajRr for East- Perth this year. R. Crowe has Returned 'from Kalgoorlie City, and I/._ Smith' ,js a newihan from the Mornirig ttfn'Club^. Victoria.. .' ? ' , The Swan Districts Club. About .40 players trained-;' at Bassendean . Oval yesterday . when the Swan Districts Club, held ' its , 'first . practice. The club ofBcials and coach (G. Bee) were highly pleased with the attendance and the ap pearance of the players. The coach has a hard task in .front of him, having to, first 'seed the raw material and then mould a team ready to compete with experienced combination's. He is working to a definite programme and yesterday the teaming was restricted' to running, there, .being no kick ing.' As many more players are expecte*

to turn out. tomorrow, the practice was encouraging. Among those on the ground were G.. Krepp, of Midland, who last year won the medal for the fairest and best player in the WAOA He is a fine wing man. Forbes, of Northam, is a likely looking half back,- standing 6ft. 3in. in height. G. Sweetapple, the former West Perth and Goldfields rover, made a wel come appearance. M, Cousins, a big ruck man from Arrino, impressed.' In Rosich, a hefty young player, the club has another 'Fat' Ion in build and, it hopes, with some- of that great ruck man's ability. * Telfer and R. Grieve, both late of East Perth, were prominent. Of the P.S.A. team of last year Noel Hunt, G. Fitzgerald. Milward, Mosey. Burge, Daven port.J. W» Reilly and Woolcock were in ;rainuig. De Grey is a forward who comes from Latham with a good reputation.