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Plans are compíele in America for . building two gigantic ocean liners, 1000

feet long, speed 30 knots, designed to cross the Atlantic in four days, of 65,000 tons'burden, and 'to carry 3000 passengers and 1C03 crew. '

General Sir Henry Fane Grant, an 1884 Nile Expedition "man, agc! 71, was killed while rabbit shooting in


Rainfall for the week ending Novem- ber 15:~Pine Creely 237 points, Kather- ine 205. Week ending1 November 22, Pingl'tyçek; 2Ç2,

Darwin is one of the very few places In Australia which has, so far, escaped the influenza epidemic.

A shocking fatality occurred at Ac-   ton (England) when a boy naamed Wil- liam Netherby, aged 13, the son of a motor-omnibus conductor, was crush- ed to death in full view of hundreds of people. Ho was cycling along the main road when his machine caught in the tramway rails. Thrown under a steam haulage wagon, which was coming up behind, he was killed in- stantaneously.